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Kenz300 x says:

Old bad gas causes problems. When storing gas, a vehicle, mower or a tool it is important to use it up yearly if you added Stabil or Seafoam to it when you filled up. It is easier to run the vehicle out of fuel and put fresh in yearly than deal with the problems that bad fuel causes.  Most small engine problems are due to gas going bad and not because of ethanol. Small engines have ALWAYS had problems with stale fuel gumming up the carburetor when left in for long periods of time.
When a small engine like a lawn mower, leaf blower, chain saw, is being put up for the winter run it out of fuel before putting it away.  In the spring when filling your gas can for the first time add some Sta-Bil or Seafoam to the gas to extend its life. Gas generally starts to go bad after 30 -60 days. By adding the fuel stabilizer it will extend its life. When you put equipment away for the season run it out of fuel first. Do this and your old mower will last longer trouble free.

Michael Kuzma dutton says:

If I had to buy a new mower I wouldn’t waste a second to chose. HONDA!!!! Although they might be a little underpowered, it will last forever. I’m telling you, honda is the way to go.

Carlos Spicey Weiner says:

This video Doesn’t really help me, tell me brands and models. Not Features

Robert Shepherd says:

Who would want a mower that runs on an extension cord?

James Tyree II says:

Snappers get longevity vote. Toro Proline 21″ 3speed self propelled with blade brake clutch gets vote for commercial duty mower. Reel mowers for quality of cut and as for power, just keep up on mowing the lawn so as not to remove more than 1/3rd of height per pass. Work your way down from highest to final height of cut and the #1 rule, if the grass was green BEFORE you mowed it, it SOULD be green AFTER you mow it. If not, you are mowing too low!

Brad Smith says:

Any info on the machine called the Yard Tamer?  I found it on YouTube and would be keen to know more about it.

Vasto Lorde says:

Lawn mowers with electric cords like mine are very unpractical.

nunya beeswax says:

Have a Husvarna 7.75 mulch ,side discharge with bagger option.Refuse to get an MTD product regardless.If I get another it will be through Sears so when it breaks down they come pick it up ,repair it then return it. That is what makes sense to me.Don’t have a flat golf course lot to mow

Panah Meskin Khoda says:

It was so helpful for me. Thanks

bryanfurywins says:

Like lawn mowers and pie.

The Quickster says:

I have a craftsman push mower and lucky I have a flat lawn and the lawnmower is really easy to start



Bruno TaTa says:

You’re overthinking it.   –  Just buy a major brand (Toro, Exmark, Snapper, etc) with a good engine(Kawi, Honda, or top end Briggs), with an aluminum deck, optimized for bagging if you bag, for mulching if you mulch, but convertible for sure.  Skip the blade brake clutch (better airflow and vaccum) if you don’t bag a lot, choose rear wheel drive with a variable speed transmission, and get  the most expensive you can afford, it will last a lifetime.  These low end consumer models people pour over are all bad buys in the long run.  A $600 investment will last you 20 years or more.  A $350 one may be dead in 5 years.   LCO – 22 years in the biz.  

i like money says:


Gatewayuser200 says:

I agree with you about weedeater. I have a couple weedeater decks and those things are so thin that when you push down on the handle you can see the deck flex from the weight of its own engine.

yorkiepit says:

Run Forest, run!

jasper petersen says:

just get a scag or a Honda boom mower for life

EWITT2360 says:

dose it fly?

greg says:

lol me too i love lawn mowers and lawn tractors

mattgotsskill says:

actualy high torque will give you better cutting….. thats common sence… the faster a blade is spinning when it hits the grass , the more pounds per square inch makes contact with the grass blade… resulting in a CLEANER CUT , for instance if a samurai cuts a candle at a very slow speed , it will crumble… if they do it FAST its a smooth slash all the way through.

PoisonTester says:

Not gonna lie…kinda turned on right now

poppafixit says:

Total fucking waste of time!

Bruno TaTa says:

That guy is mowing too fast for the tall thick grass.   Raise the deck or slow down.  You can also improve cut quality with more overlap on your rows.   Mulching is improved with this method.   If grass is heavy, slow down, overlap, and don’t cut off too much at once.  This is mowing 101.  The hose cleanout thing is idiotic.  Just let it dry, grab a broom handle or whatever, and take 10 seconds and scrape it clean.  No big deal.  

LKV says:

They actually do charge the battery when running (not the Li-on) batteries.

Victoria Park Lawn Mowing says:

Helps alot of people who are prone to wasting huge amounts of money and end up spending on a lawn mower that they are not satisfied with. read up reviews, or better yet get feedback from people you know before purchasing a lawn mower, watching this video helps alot as well.

Everyday Handyman says:

Good info about buying a lawn mower. Even though video is older it still has a lot good info.

Kenz300 x says:

Many people replace mowers because they have starting and running problems with their old mowers. This is caused by bad fuel. Just because you have a 5 gallon gas can that does not mean you need to buy 5 gallons of fuel. If you only use 3 gallons of fuel during a season then only buy 3 gallons. If you have any left over at the end of the season put it in your vehicle and use it up. Do not let it sit in the garage and get old and stale. That is asking for problems. Always use fuel stabilizer when you buy fuel and at the end of the season run the tool out of fuel.

yaahme says:

Two words…GET GOATS 😉

TIKIMAN198 says:

Electric mowers environmentally friendly? Yeah right… Just like an electric car you recharge the battery using either coal, natural gas or nuclear power. Hardly friendly…. 

방탄소년단 says:

Any Phandom here?

Chris Burak says:

I think Toro and Honda are great lawn mowers for homeowners, and Scag, Exmark, and some models of Toro, John Deere, and Honda are good for professionals. I would never recommend anything bought at Lowe’s or Home Depot because they cheapen the product. And for Weed Eater, I have scissors better than those lawn mowers.

SteamKing2160 says:

Raking? Has the guy ever heard of Leaf / Grass Blowers?

breeze787 says:

How much CO2 is expelled into the atmosphere using an electric mower? None Zip Zero. How much CO2 is expelled into the atmosphere using an electric car? None Zip Zero. Yes charging an electric anything will require some fossil fuel generators and some hydro-electric generators and some wind generated power and not to be forgotten some solar generated power to recharge our electric devices. Thank you OBAMA!

TopFin says:

Lmao captions at 4:10

Denny's Lawn and Garden says:

Thank you for sharing this helpful guide with us.

10mudpuppy says:

In 1990 consumer reports rated the MTD lawnmower I bought WORST. My front yard cutting area is 30×50 and backyard is 50×100. It has lasted 24 years and was the cheapest front wheel drive you could buy at the time. Consumer reports suck !

jB Ng says:

Good for reference! About to buy one and this provided useful info.

Brooke Hardy says:


charles gibson says:

just buy a mower and forget the damn consumer reports,they only tell you what they know and that isn’t to damn much

Thunder Cat 392 says:

After watching this still don’t know which one to buy

21PilotsPlaneRide says:

us pros who cut grass for a living, gas ones are way better!

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