Lawn Boy #10739 AWD Mower Review

Lawn Boy sent this mower to me and asked me to give it a review. So here you go. It’s the first all wheel drive mower I’ve ever used.
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The big question is:: will this mower replace my current daily driver? Stay tuned to find out!

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jim kolkman says:


Dustin Ouellette says:

Great videos, been following for a while! I have a question I’m hoping someone here can help me with. How the heck do I get rid of Windmill Grass without killing my KBG mix?!

smoosmoo80 says:

Nice looking mower but I can’t go past the Alroh cylinder (reel) mowers better cut especially for soft leaf buffalo turf

Bill Bright says:

So true my friend, very good work on reviews. It makes mow day fun day.

Gloria Ochoa says:

Do u thatch or aerate on ur grass can u make a video

Bogus says:

One more comment, Allyn, I think you owe us a video on the status of your Bermuda grass. I’ve already read 5 comments about it. What do you say? 🙂

Tony H says:

allyn and his toys. good vid allyn.

Scott Byer says:

Would love your opinion on the Honda “micro cut” 2 blade system. I just picked up an HRX217HYA, and the cutting is excellent. No clumps yet or poor overlapping.

Randy Miller says:

So how does it compare to the Super Recycler??

Rob Luce says:

You should do more tool reviews! Very informative and entertaining!

Mow's Lawn & Iron says:

Nooooooo what’s the answer? Lol

So is it a rebadged toro AWD?? I love the look too. Almost bought a toro a few weeks back and went with another husky AWD. I’m gonna do a comparison vid soon! Thanks for the vid!

Michael Mendez says:

A little bit of subject but whats your take on attacking the dallisgrass problem.thanks

Paige Weeks says:

Questions: Maybe you don’t know or maybe you do…why do palm trees always look yellow and sickly? Is there anything that can be done? I am on the coast too.

coolwater411 says:

Where is the best place to buy lawnboy high wheel awd self- propelled?

Bogus says:

2 things: 1) I never heard of lawn boy, something I will consider whenever my current craftsman lawnmower goes out. 2) very cool to finally see your Bermuda grass. Please update us on the current state even if you plan to start over on it.

Cooper Kiichler says:

what happened to the toro

Brian Varmuza says:

I bought this mower 2 weeks ago, love the looks and performance! So far very happy with it.

joel arseneault says:

I feel the need to speak my mind but want to say I mean no disrespect and understand that there’s a lot that goes into making videos. Much respect just for getting it done.

I appreciate the honesty about this video… that being said, every time I see “review” and then watch what is clearly an advertisement something inside of me dies.

I run a small engine repair business and it sickens me to see what advertising has done to the consumer. We used to purchase things based on their ability to last 30 years… now we purchase them because it has AWD ( completely useless on a lawnmower ). They are designed to tail and have very poor technical / parts support.

Lawn boy does not exist these days and is only a name used to sell a product based on its past quality products. Some are better than others but none are “real” Lawnboy.

Your old mower, even though it has a Tecumseh engine, is not even close to the same class as this thing.

mpharr2 says:

Why not test Robotic Mowers. Comparison should include the cost difference between Lawn Service vs Robotic Mower.

b286guy says:

Nice review, and it looks like a good mower. It’s hard to beat the Toro Super Recycler though. I have one and really like the Personal Pace drive, along with the excellent mulching and cut quality. The cast aluminum deck should also last a really long time.

Ronald H says:

Nothing about the side discharge option! The specs say it has a no tool side discharge option.

Garrett Rimko says:

You should try an old 2 stroke lawn boy.

zack 801 says:

Nice cliffhanger!

Uncle Slappynuts says:

Lawnboy is made by Toro, same wheels, AWD same, personal pace- handle different and the deck is stamped out different. Want a red one, get toro, want a green one, get lawnboy. both great units.. Lawnboy $75-100 cheaper than Toro, probably because of the bag/mulch deflector on toro..

Brad Jones says:

Loved the ending.

Ace Asim says:

Dear Allyn,

What are you going to use your old Toro for now that you’ve have switched back to Lawnboy?

Sidney Mantissa says:

you like the way the lawn mower looks? what a relief! I was beginning to think I was weird or something, cause so do I!

The Horror Appraisal says:

Just got this lawnmower today for 300 bucks! Not a bad price point for what it did. My old law boy was beyond repair – at least at my skill level and it’s been raining like crazy so my grass ended up being a foot+ tall! This lawn mower chewed right on through and I didn’t have to go back over it. The adjustable front and rear traction control is awesome. It takes off and pulls you along!

David Well says:

Plastic wheels with rubber tread? All ball-bearing wheels? Costs of replacement parts ie. wheels…blade. compared to other leading brands like Toro and Honda. Nice feature with the gas filling and good review.

Anthony Guzman says:

do you do give aways?

Emerald Bren says:

great review

Brad Jones says:

Loved the ending.

pentecost66 says:

What do you think of a gas reel mower?

Kenyon Payne says:

You need an old duraforce 2 stroke!

Alan Sieja says:

What do you think about the quality/durability of the wheels being attached to the deck area with plastic instead of being bolted onto metal? I’m about to buy one of these but lots of reviews mention cutting height issues from the plastic grooves breaking.

mpharr2 says:

Why not apply bike handlebar tape to your mower?

david madera says:

i miss your old indiana lawn =(

motordar says:

I don’t like my Honda since I bag and it always leaves grass and leaves behind. I want a mower that sweeps as well as it mows.

Zach 507 says:

I have an old Lawn Boy Gold series 2 cycle mower and I love it. Since I live in a rural area, I cut mostly tall grass with it and it cuts great. Would love to own this awd mower someday, but for now I like my 2 cycle!

D S says:

Made by Toro.

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