Kobalt vs EGO Electric Mower Showdown!

First ever head to head comparison between Lowes and Home Depot flagship electric mowers.

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Andrew Strasburg says:

The ego is actually more powerful this video is not very helpful because my neighbor had a kolbalt and it wouldn’t mow the tall spots so they had to borrow our ego for those spots

multiplebunnies says:

Can the Kobalt be stored folded up and standing up on end like the EGO can? Would have been nice to include pictures of them in “storage mode.”

Mike M says:

Poor review. But you’ll improve as you realize you need to read the material that come with products, and actually use the products. Look for their features and use them. If you want legitimacy you need to build unbiased evaluations/comparisons.
EGO has adjusting speed range (lever on left handle). When you use the EGO it adjusts it’s rpms too match height and thickness of grass too speed set. The higher the speed control, the more the mower adjusts it’s blade speed to what is being cut. At times you will hear the torque of the electric motor increase until it is able too fall back to a “normal” cutting mode. The torque builds as necessary to ensure consistent cutting without stalling when mowing high and/or thick grass (or weeds in my case [lol]).
I’ve been using mine to cut 2 plus acres of weeds (property 2.874 acres less 7,750 sq. ft. main home; 3,750 sq. ft. guest house. Both single story homes under construction). Initial cut involved various weeds and sizes. Weeds easily as high as three feet cut without stalling, clumping, or hindrance. Dry and wet conditions. Still the battery lasts about an hour under these conditions; recharged in 40-45 minutes at most. Depending on whether I ran the battery out completely, or until the red light came on.
As far as the lights, they turn on with the flush button next to the battery indicator. They’re great as you mow at dusk. They are bright and easily light up what is ahead of you. When I’m done I hose the puppy off too dry. At 60 years of age that’s all I’m doing before putting it away.
GREAT unit.
EXTREMELY happy with mine.
As for the other unit, I have never used it and defer to those who have.

William von Rentzell says:

What you call stragglers are a function of blade and underside of the deck design (aerodynamics) and blade tip speed. As they pass over the ground in mowing, only ~ the extreme 1″ of the blade is engaged in cutting the uncut grass. The rest of the end of the blade, specifically the nature of the trailing edge of the end of the blade, in combination of the shape of the underside of the deck defines the degree of suction which defines how completely the mower sucks the blades of grass upright for consistent cut. Last I knew, the Ego blade is not a stamped rectangle of steel like the Kobalt probably is but is tapered to significantly narrower at the blade ends. That means the blade presents less aerodynamic force to the space under the deck. Those aerodynamic features will also define how well the mower keeps clippings suspended in the deck for re-cut into smaller pieces in Mulching mode! Best I can tell the Kobalt is a 3 in 1 and the Ego a 2 in 1. 3 in 1 means the design offers 3 modes of cutting, bag, mulch or side discharge. Since the Ego appears to have no side discharge port it only offers bag or mulch modes. Why does that matter? Side discharge mode is the mode that uses the least energy to operate because with a right side of deck discharge port set open, the mower relieves itself of the energy consuming load of keeping the clippings suspended and propelled within the deck beyond the end of the blade stroke across the front of the mower. It also increases the front of deck suction pulling the grass blades upright for cutting because of the relief of that load . Ideally the operator will, in side discharge mode, proceed in lines moving left to right from line to line across the lawn so that the clippings are discharged onto the yet uncut grass. That facilitates some re-cut and better driving down to soil surface of the clippings. Then there’s the benefit to the lawn of a varied array of clippings sizes deposited between the plants on the soil surface. Grass clippings, on the surface of relatively organically healthy lawn soils are beneficial as both insulation of the soil and, over time, sunlight reflective both of which protect the ideal balance of cool soil / warm air above it most desirable for healthy grass plants.

Josh Lloyd says:

Awesome review!

HalfMoon says:

This was such an awesome review!

Richard Nash says:

We have had the EGO 21″ 56V self-propelled mower over 1 year now and we absolutely love the EGO. We bag always and it actually vacuums our oak tree leaves off the lawn while cutting the grass. A note if you have a EGO blower or other equipment, the smaller amp hour batteries will fit into the mower and run the mower making a nice backup battery. We really love the EGO mower!

Steven Cochran says:

Great review !

Brandon Martin says:

Went with the kobalt, got the blower, trimmer, and chainsaw too. All take same battery and are AMAZING quality. The fact that my local Lowe’s have everything I need including replacements for the duration of the warranty was the deciding factor. Mows great with no issues on a single charge and the blower/trimmer do an amazing job as well. Kobalt has my loyalty.

Kayak Chris says:

If the Kobalt actually runs longer than it takes to recharge a battery (specs say 30 min charge time) then with 2 batteries you have unlimited run time just keep rotating them.. just sayin’.

rickcavanaugh1 says:

I have used the EGO and I can tell you it is awesome. The battery lasts a long time even when cutting high grass and I never lost power throughout the entire cutting. Also, the battery, from dead to fully charged, only took around 30 min. I honestly thought my Dad was wasting his money on an electric lawn mower when he told me he bought the EGO. I was completely wrong! I have a Troy Built Brigs and Stratton mower that eats grass for breakfast but I would be more than willing to use my Dads’ Ego on my yard instead!

Steven Garfield says:

Did you sharpen the blades or check them before use? Blade sharpness makes a significant difference in cut quality and I have found this is magnified on cordless electric mowers.


Great review. I wish he would mention that the kobalt battery of 80v can interchange with other products from kobalt.I have a 80v snowblower and a leaf blower too,kobalt also sells chainsaw,also a grass trimmer as well all from lowes.

Ross Kulma says:

I own the self propelled EGO and would not trade it for anything. Battery voltage has NOTHING to do with motor HP.

Ellen Manes-Meunier says:

Glad to read Charlie’s tutorial on power being the product of voltage and amperage…something the review never learned in high school, leading to mis-correlate cutting efficacy with voltage, when the real; difference in mulching and “strays” has to do with the two DIFFERENT blade shapes. Wonder if EGO has gone to a brushless motor? If so, it gets my vote, despite the smaller wheels.

Jeremy Steinacker says:

The Kobalt is cutting on a lower height. This could be a contributing factor in its better cut.

lilb1190 says:

This was a very good review, exactly what I was looking for. My only concern with electric mowers is that I have a lot of trees in my yard and they leave a lot of little sticks laying in the grass. I try to remove them all before I mow but if I go 2 weeks without mowing I find that a few sticks are hard to find. With my gas mower I could mow right over them and they would get mulched. Is an electric mower going to have the power to go over a few sticks without stopping or the blade getting too damaged?

see63ess says:


Rob says:

Nice review

Bill Cobb says:

Great review thank you. I have the Kobalt blower and the weed trimmer and both are just amazing now I feel pretty good about getting their mower too. I just wish Kobalt would come out with some other tools like and edger and power washer.

Rob Young says:

Nice video. Thanks

Michael Turner says:

Thanks so much for this. It was very thorough. I was about to go pick up the ego until I saw the Kobalt at Lowe’s. Didn’t know which one was better as the Ego has thousands of more reviews. But overall both are 4.5 stars. Anyway this settles it. I need the power of the Kobalt but I’m going with the self propelled model!

Allrock123 says:

Heat management with any lithium battery operated machine impacts ones overall battery cell life , it would be interesting to compare how effective each machines battery heat management is (there cell temperature after a mowing a set number of rows of grass for example to see how each design deals with this) , most battery driven electric mowers have a relatively thin low lift blade to reduce the torque requirement required for cutting this reduces current draw and also reduces uplift that makes for a less clean mulch cut in dense grass Higher battery voltage reduces the current necessary for a given amount of torque but is usually a trade off in overall battery energy density, mowers that have a design that can provide a good cut for the least amount of current use will probably always come out on top here. so its probably a war of best blade, deck and motor efficiently in there design..

James Copeland says:

voltage is no indicator of power with known current (amps).

“Generally speaking”, as you like to say… a motor designed to run AT a higher voltage will GENERALLY be more efficient (provided the two comparable motors are running at full load).

timsgta says:

My ego cut my crappy yard just fine no stragglers. Have used it on height settings 1-3 for various grow lengths of my stupid Florida yard. Back yard had taller grass for some reason…it did just fine and very happy with the money I spent on the Ego.

Greg Klein says:

I ended up buying the Greenworks 80 volt self-propelled mower.  I got a good price from Walmart though I was a little worried about it being a third party seller.   Not to worry, delivered timely and in perfect condition.  I Am Blown Away.   It is a great mower and the self propelled feature, which I dearly needed on my slopey property, is smooth and powerful enough to pull me along on the highest speed.  I got just over an hour of operation using the self-propelled engaged 95% of the time with the fast charging 80 volt 5ah battery which was included.   I think Greenworks is one and the same manufacturer as Kobalt, by the way.

jasper petersen says:

You keep bringing up price but you have to remember people who invest into these cordless lawnmowers are not just buying the lawn mower they’re buying a lawn mower to start investing into the entire system so people that buy this stuff or looking at the entire system not just the mower so in a respect price does not matter

Burgess Family says:

Great review…thanks.

Patrick Wilmes says:

I too owned both of these mowers and have noticed some discrepancies in your review. I will note that I own the self propelled 7.5 ah battery model. So first off the lights do have an on off switch. Second, there is NO comparison in the way these mowers fold up. The Ego is WAY easier folding up and adjusting handle height. Third, the Ego does change speeds depending on the type of grass your mowing. In spring mine changes speeds frequently. Also the lights are ABSOLUTELY not gimmicky. Ask anyone who owns an Ego that question and they will tell you the same. In the heat of summer I mow at night a lot. It truly is a game changer in that regard. As far as battery life, my battery cuts over a half acre on one battery. Both Kobalt batteries can’t do that combined. Yes the Kobalt does cut slightly better but that is one of the only pluses I could find. I didn’t notice a noise difference. Calling the Ego a Prius is an insult. I would compare it to a Tesla. The technology is so far beyond Kobalt they shouldn’t even be compared. Right now the price of the Ego and Kobalt self propelled are exactly the same so that can’t be a issue anymore since they cost the same. The reason Ego reviews are so positive on YouTube is simply because their technology and features are years ahead of other mowers. If you add everything up, especially the variable speed self propelled I feel that Kobalt still has a long way to go to top Ego.

C CLAY JR says:

The light switch is by the battery guage. Bought an ego, and I now LOVE to cut my lawn! Able to do a half acre on one charge, in about 45 mins. Took about 30 or less minutes to get another full charge! Got the 5.0ah and am going to invest in a 7.5ah.

tim _ says:

shouldn’t bag… well you shouldnt be mowing the grass at all.

CLCinflorida says:

I LOVE Love love my EGO 56v Lawn Mower, I love it so much that I am waiting for Home Depot to deliver my EGO Pole Saw and String Trimmer, living in Florida with all the rain and humidity it is so nice not to work with Gas, draining the tank and line, no oil or spark plug to worry about, no putting on a new Carburetor due to corrosion… and my Steel deck always rusted… EGO RULES!

David Saphra says:

The difference between this review and the one that preceded it (see below) in the autoload chain (Thanks, Youtube!) is like night and day. The other two guys were being sponsored by EGO, so there’s no mystery as to how they could afford to produce their silly little review. But I can’t help but wonder how this guy managed to get his hands on both mowers at the same time and how he was able to be so remarkably thorough. Maybe it’s just a strange passion, in which case more power to him, although I’m not sure whether we would be meting that out in volts or amps. Here’s the other review, the lame one. – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOa1t6grTC0

Nature Rules says:

Awesome review! Thanks!

Andrew Strasburg says:

The ego also has low and high

Wade Williams says:

Do you think it’s logical or doable to start a small one man lawn business with the 80v Kobalt? I’m on a very tight budget and looking to go all battery powered

C B says:

I just bought the Kobalt 80v after watching your review, I got it for $383 with tax. SO after using today I really like its heavy frame but easy to push in my yard which has lots of hills, and large ditch in front of my home that I usually get with a weed eater no weed eater today. But batteries only lasted me around 20 minutes at a time but my grass was a bit high and leaves in parts of yard kept mower on high 98% of the time. My yard 1/2 acre took about 4 full charges and less than half of fifth, and batteries charged in exactly 30 minutes each time. But I’m very happy with it, WAY WAY better than messing with my gas riding mower which I always have to pump up tires, and jump it off, and fill with gas LOL. also, one last thing this mower cut great and was a beast on everything in the yard it never bogged down in wet leaves or limbs I just ran over everything.

Todd Hower says:

thanks for the review. I have been leaning towards the EGO… One of my neighbors had bought one… At first I thought it was a bit silly to buy a battery powered mower but he showed me his in detail and I am starting to see some benefits. One of the bigger factors is I have several daughters that are close to being able to mow. I think one of these mowers but easy for them to manage (more so than a gas unit). I am most curious able how well either of these two batteries will hold up… So after 2-3 years will you still be able to mow your lawn on a single charge….. thanks

Andrea L says:

Thank you!! This is exactly what I needed to see. I really appreciate your test.

f0t0b0y says:

This came on right after another electric lawnmower comparison video. I was doing chores around the house and all I could here was Punch your mancard! Well, you had me at mancard. lol

Kyong Song says:

This is a great review. It’s pretty hard to find non-sponsored real experience comparison.
I do think EGO is great, but whenever I look around, almost every review says EGO is the best, and a lot of them were sponsored.
That made me to wonder whether it’s really great or it’s just a marketing hype.

Tracy Vaughan says:

I have a Kobalt 80 volt and it kicks butt. Best mower I’ve had yet. Destroys my old 40 volt kobalt.

Dogphlap says:

When it comes to work that can be done with the mower the Watt hours of the battery plays a major part (or you could use Joules where one Joule is one Watt second). The Ego has a 5Ah 56V battery which is 280Wh, the Kobalt is 80V 2Ah which is 160Wh so the Ego has the edge here except for the fact the Kobalt is sold with two batteries so if you ignore the need to stop and change the battery it actually has more stored energy available. Which is best, depends on what you want but at least with the Kobalt and its smaller battery you can be changing the second battery while the first is in use.

Steven T says:

when comparing battery capacity, you have to compare watt hours if you going to compare different voltages. 2AH @80v is way more power then 2AH @ 56v

In Perspective says:

Great review. I have approx. 1/2 acre of mowing area and while I prefer a battery powered, electric mower I believe I am a few years too early. I believe both power and battery run-time will increase significantly. I will get a gas-powered honda now, and revisit in a few years. ☀️☀️☀️

Rigoberto Tristan says:

Consumers report like ego over all !! I dont belive this guy?!

greg ballard says:

I have the kobalt

I also have no regrets it’s awesome

Garage Blitz TV says:

Ego 21” (52cm) mulching and stragglers issues! Great video as I got caught with the same problems as all the positive large consumer tests have been preformed on the smaller deck Ego 20” (49cm). The smaller Ego RPM is a massive 500RPM higher giving a cleaner cut and better mulching. The smaller Ego also has better height adjustment going down to 25mm then up at 35mm. It’s only the Ego steel deck 20” (50cm) that seems to maintain good cutting and mulching that consumer reports found in the plastic Ego 20” (49cm) with the same cutting height and RPM only 150RPM slower than the plastic (49cm) and all still maintaining the same cutting height plus you get the better brushless motor. It looks like EGO has pulled a sneaky design change by adding engineering restrictions to the cutting height and slower RPM in the plastic 21” so as they could use the same Power/Torque motor as the steel deck. You will find when you go up in deck size in a Honda the engine gets more powerful. Have to say I’m embarrassed that I got caught with the (52cm) Ego and its slower and not powerful enough motor!

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