John Deere D140 Riding Mower Review (Ya Get What Ya Pay For!)

This is an excellent mower. One of the most quiet and comfortable I’ve ever used! Forgot to mention it does have cruise control I haven’t used yet. Thanks for your view and hope it helps in your decision!


Jerrie Wayne says:

I bought a JD d100 and the thing disintegrated; the first thing to go was the brakes then everything else. Absolute total piece of junk.

Brian Thompson says:

cutting a wet lawn dulls your blades

Uncle Ricoh says:

I want one. Id have to get the canopy with it though for sure.

Chris Jones says:

I just bought one, mowed with it twice! Excellent mower!

John Wayne says:

Nice review GearShots. Since I’m on my 5th year with the very same mower I thought I would weigh in on some of the comments.
1. The mower should always be shut off while running wide open. Because of the way the solenoids are setup on these engines
today they can backfire when shut off at lower speeds. Backfire can be fatal to the engine when it is hot. The steel valve
seats in the engine are pressed in the aluminum block by heating the area around the seating insertion point. when a
backfire happens while hot the area is expanded already and the explosive force can blow the seat out. At the least this is a
costly repair and can even ruin the block because the valve will hit the seat when it comes out and indent it into the
aluminum block damaging the seat insertion area.
2. I’m 6’5″ tall and weigh 325. I mow 2.5 acres and some of it pretty rough. i pull a cart around quite a lot with as much as 2 or
300 Lbs of top soil tree trimmings etc. and have no problems with the transmission.

As with any product you can get a lemon from the factory. I read every forum and review on this mower I could find before purchasing and did find a few instances where the tranny had failed and a few where the crankshaft had came apart and scattered engine parts all over the yard. But you can find these instances with all mowers (expensive and cheap brands) and all the different engine makes (Briggs, Kohler, Kawasaki’s Honda’s). This happens because humans make errors at the factories and the big CNC machines that make everything can have problems (tooling wear, machine operator makes a mistake programming the tooling job and electronic failures just to mention a few). I am half way to the 10 years someone mentioned they want the mower to last and mine is just like new. Take care of the maintenance and you should also get many years from this mower!


Van Alstyne says:

Get a lot of pictures with it because in two years it will be all rust. The transmission is a Tufftorq K46. Junk. The one thing you can do to help it is to drop it out, take off the  cooling fan, and drain it. Replace the 2.3 quarts of 10W 30 with 5W 50 full synthetic. I’m not joking. If you want actual John Deere quality, Lowes isn’t the place to buy one. What you have purchased is the “consumer grade” mower. Basically, they are considered throw away mowers. BTW, who mows the grass when it’s so wet. I’ll give you credit and say you did it for the video.  Real John Deere mowers are sold at John Deere dealerships. That $10/hr “sales associate” at the box store bent you over. Good luck…

Darrin says:

John Deere needs to use metal hoods.

speedstick77 says:

JOHN DEERE D105 cratered with less than 23 hours service. Transmission is shot. Mower will not go forward or back. Warranty expired.

MrZipperhead16 says:

Any way to grease the deck spindles? Your going to love the price JD is going to charge you to rebuild those when the deck bearings go out.

silverexplosion says:

Just bought one today, used 2014 with 97 hours, $1700…just mowed 2 acres, works awesome.

Old_Ford_Trucks-FF#147 says:

We use one of these on our small farm and have had it for about 3 years and its been the best mower we have had! Just be sure to clean the grass out of the top of the deck with an air compressor or water hose because all that wet grass sitting on there will eventually rust out the deck.

Ant Man says:

I had a la 135 awesome tractor we traded it in for a x310 which is now gone but I miss that la 135 want another one of them mowers nice review and nice tractor you got

Dan Bugenhagen says:

if I get a new one probably soon it’s gonna be a old wheel horse or the like,newer jds are cheap ,you don’t get what you pay for all sealed bearings,burn up in no time

MichaelTJD60 says:

It’s a good machine for a small yard if you don’t plan on climbing hills or towing loads with it. The transmissions are cheap. But they are an entry-level machine so there’s not much you can expect from them. If you want it to last don’t shut it off at wide open throttle. Always let it idle. I had an LA150 that I sold and replaced with a 316 which is 20 years older. Plus I have an ’83 210 that I restored. They both feel like tanks compared to the LA150.

Randy Schwersenska says:

Hey Bud, If you want that to last, quit mowing sloppy wet grass and mow when it is dry. You will be the first one to complain when deck is rusted out…

Oops Oops says:

As wet as that grass is, you should mow when it is RAINING!!!

Snotnose Tom says:

Box store junk

Rude Boi says:

I came from reddit, I think your tractor is sexy

Bill Brimmer says:

Thanks for the upbeat review. It would be interesting to see a year follow up. But you did a nice job pointing out the features. Many thanks. I’m in the market and owned a more expensive JD before. The dealer wants me to spend another $1500 and get the X series. At $2K this one has exactly what I am looking for. I just want 10 years out of it.

Dan Bugenhagen says:

I’ve got the same mower,rust buckets out of the box,better hope you undercoating yearly,plan on replacing idler pulleys alot,and cheap plastic transmission pulley,the bearings wear out and they start to wobble,ruining belts in the process,if you see it smoking and hear squealing better turn off blades in a hurry,good engine,but crappy cheap parts,like built in no grease bearings,what a I’d failure, cheap cheap crap!!!

Ramy Morsy says:

What a STUD !! def the machine to go for !!!!
thanks for sharing

Riley Miller says:

Hope the piece of crap blows up

Erix7810 says:

Dude… are you seriously mowing that disaster lawn? Let it dry first and save yourself an hour of cleanup everytime.

Max Faux says:

Reddit hug!

Jason Paige says:

I have a d140 but my deck and rear tires look much wider than yours. I really like the tractor but I expected more from a 22 HP mower my old 20 HP yard machine with at 46 inch deck never bogged down. and sounded way cooler. I had a 8 HP simplicity with a 44 inch deck and that was a beast.
overall I am very pleased with the tractor. glad I went with the Deere over the others. the only thing I highly recommend is put some Amazon led bulbs in the headlights.. well worth the $9

Awkward Turtle says:

tractors r fun but i prefer zero turn mowers…… if u need a new mower soon (probably not) i would suggest looking into a Hustler Raptor sd they r dependable and nice mowers. now i am 14 and mower 10 yards in my neighborhood but i would strongly suggest looking into one if you need a new mower soon 🙂

Louise Thorpe says:


Jeff Douglas says:

you r a retard

IrishLincoln says:

i just bought one of these today at Lowes. They are delivering it tomorrow. I’m excited to finally get a good quality mower. Your video helped me make my decision. Thanks!

Oku Tasurimies says:

Awesome lanwmotor

TreeGamingHD says:

How much is the d140

Gabe Kapinus says:

don’t mow when the grass is wet

The Scribe says:

Nice review thank you. I’m thinking about buying one.

James Lindley says:


DeereMaster445 says:

Let that idle completely down before shutting it off. And wait for the grass to dry before cutting or else that deck will rust out. Also those little mowers don’t do very well pushing snow.

Dan Bugenhagen says:

rust ou like a Ford pinto

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