Is 18 Volts Enough? Ryobi 18V ONE+ Lawn Mower Review

Having a mower that uses the same batteries as all my tools, and no gas seems like a good idea. But are those batteries powerful enough? It depends on your yard.

Join me for 90 seconds while I tell you about my experience with the Ryobi 18V ONE+ Electric Lawn Mower.

Product details from Ryobi:

Also, see my review of the Ryobi 40V 20″ mower:


Moon Pie says:

The mower should shut down if over heating. 16″ cut with 18v would work on a very small yard that is mowed regularly. 1/2 acre? no way. But it has a place for those little yards if it holds up over time.

Tony D says:

Thank you, great review. Subbed

vince King says:

For tall grass I guess that you put on a high hight for the first pass, or use a strimmer. Hand mowers are fine in smaller gardens just get a decent one and don’t let the grass grow too long, and keep it sharp and well adjusted.

Andrew Oeffinger says:

great tag line for your video run time. good review. thanks for your service.

whisperthis says:

Approximately 1/2 acre took eight changes of batteries? Sixteen batteries were used to do about 1/2 acre?

vince King says:

You are obviously pushing it through deep grass on too big a yard

George Taus says:

18 volts is enough for what I needed. Most of my 3 acre yard gets done with a riding mower, but this small 19 inch mower gets into the areas where I can’t use the rider. I have not had any problems with the battery terminals melting. I have many Ryobi 18 volt tools and batteries, so I decided to get the 18 volt mower over the 40 volt mower. I get about 30 minutes run time on this mower using 2 P108 4A batteries. All depends on how tall the grass is and how hard you have to work the mower. I filled up the bagger 5 times before the batteries ran out of juice. I thought that was pretty good and it was more than I expected. My gas push mower is retired to the shed.

AfroMyrdal says:

Wow, im so glad i watched this! i do some lawn care stuff around where i live and im looking to cut costs, (i have a rider to do the main work so looking to get rid of the old dinky walkbehind) and electric power would do that no problem. But it seems i have to pay a bit more and get the bigger one i guess. Thanks man!

joe hall says:

I hate this mower you have to squeeze the handle as hard as you can to keep the thing going and if u do manage to keep it going it will only last for about 15 mins, then if u want to keep going after TWO battery’s die you have to plug it in and deal with a long extension cable. I rate this mower 3/10


Wow what a piece of junk lol

TRY to HELP you says:

cut out the fat and get it done, i like it. Thanks for posting. Keep this up and you may find yourself with a hobby that pays some bills!

NorthernWheelies says:

Best 90 second opinion I’ve seen [yet]

Miles Cheifetz says:

Thanks, that was short, but informative. I’m mowing the lawns on my new house for the first time tomorrow; the front is small but thick – about 30 sq metres/yards, rear yard is larger at around 60 sq m/yards – I hope I don’t have to recharge too many times! Thanks again

Jael Reyna says:

I have small back and front yards. This this mower does great with only 1 battery change. They last probably about a good 30mins with short to medium grass. About 20 with really tall grass… I do have about 6 large and 4small batteries since I do own a lot of ryobi tools… so I’m 100% happy with the product. I haven’t seen any damage on my batteries btw…

Rob Plotts says:

Nice job on the no nonsense vid short to the point i like it . You should keep doin ryobi test pro con vids all the time

StarWars MicroMachinesGuy says:

This is funny man – my 24V battery failed on my old battery powered mower, I was angry, so I hacked and installed the 18V battery into my mower and it works! HAHA

OM G says:

How many minutes does it last? And I think it is overloaded the batteries that they are melting.

zaggaona says:

cant be damaging batteries and get a good review. TOTAL FAIL. GREAT VID SHORT AND SWEET.

J Orsborn says:

Great review

Bob Thenob says:

Thanks for this
I bought the edge trimmer and hedge cutter which really give a very professional looking finish to my garden and I’m also able to do the whole job on one charge of a 5Ah battery so was considering getting the mower.
But by the sounds of the amount of battery changes I think I’ll just stick to the old petrol mower

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