Hustler Raptor Zero Turn Mower review.

Hustler Raptor Zero Turn Mower review.

Do you due diligence before purchasing mower. It is smart to read consumer reports and consumer reviews on these lawn machines and there is plenty of rating information available. Exoman and Farm Girl demonstrate the easy use of their zero turn riding mower. Exoman has had nothing but problems with briggs & stratton motors/engines.

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Ray Hansen says:

whoops, a few divots….lol

Stinky Finger says:

Love watching you guys. Enjoy seeing the happiness and love in your relationship.

irateidiot says:


Georgia Airborne says:

that’s awesome, love watching, all the way from Afghanistan!! Y’all are a awesome couple!! good bless America

USA forever says:

starting to remind me of The Truman Show LOL make that money

Michael Loomis says:

How many blades do you go through. Might want to raise the blades. Plus the grass will look better and no weeds will grow. Good job learning how to use it banshee

John A Neufeld says:

nice mowing job and driveway renewal

Doug Fever says:

Looks like a pretty good stone spitter and it does a good job of jostling the boobies too.

Roger Covey says:

kiss my ass .

Idshyguy says:

I agree with the kohler motors.. like they all say to each their own.. I have ran hustler zero turns and will stick with the john deere zero turn.. was fun seeing farm girl figure it out.. their is a learning curve on zero turns…lol… enjoy your videos!! pretty much here in Idaho all the women do the mowing.. as the men are out working the farmland and crops.

Jim says:

nobody wants to hear you. show your woman.

Tony Burelle says:

you’ve had trouble with B & S engines ?, I’ve run them in different applications for over 40 years , I swear by them. I suppose everyone is different

Mark Jacobs says:

Kohler or Vanguard Engines are the way to go !

Steve Harrison says:

Wow! her body is impressive for any age!

Clive Ellis says:

Side discharge

Wayne Braun says:

honda makes a great motor to

Allen Roberts says:

Dammmm mama you are so gorgeous. Keep up with the beautiful pictures a coming to us all. Take care Farm girl.

floyd forever says:

Flip flops, I didn’t notice she was wearing flip-flops. 😉

Grand Celebration says:

Your wife’s tattas have gotten a lot smaller since I last watched one of your videos. What happened?? Have you been munching on them more that you should have, you little rascal? I bet you were dying inside when she rode over those tree roots and the gravel path a couple of times. The male side of you wanted to knock her off the mower but the mangina took over and you said nothing.

Robert Ferguson says:

Somebody works out…..

Scott Wall says:

Hey ….. over 10 percent thumbs down. Why so many?? Let me tell you why Xo dude. Viewers want to see the wifey. Not you babbling. Its almost like you want to have equal billing based upon your film-acting skills. Wont work here. Keep yourself on another channel and keep chickie-poo on the screen. She is one hundred percent of this show. Not you. Always a thumbs up from me because your wife is simply a kind human and simply wonderful to have in this world.

Stephen Barber says:

Stupid video

Charly Lucky says:

I knew it! Mowing in a bikini. She is one BAD lady! Love it!!

Joe Shopper says:

I wear flip flops too, but my bikini is chain male.

James Wright says:

friendly advice, if you engage/disengage the blades at 1/2 – 3/4 throttle, your pto will last a lot longer.

George Crutchfield says:

I wear clothes when I mow to protect my skin from the sun and dirt and thorns and other disagreeable things, like yellow jackets and mosquitoes. My mower will stop if the deck is engaged and I try to stand up. But I just don’t like those other things.

joel collins says:

Nothing like having a Beautiful women cutting your lawn and some guy with a camera following behind!  (little creepy)
Love the video’s as always! thank you for posting!

Bruce Jarrell says:

Hustler the best

Allen Roberts says:

Hustler mowers are a dammmm good mower. I up graded from the Raptor Super Duty in 2015. To the Fastrak Super Duty. And the Hustler is made right here in my home state, Kansas.

David Barrett says:

did you look at ex-mark? I have had/have 2 of them.. a 72″ and now have a 52″ love them..

Forever Metal says:

This is one cheesey video, LOL! This guy is only really attempting to show off his would be trophy wife and I’m not buying it. Sorry.

sledge hammer says:

I hear Kawasaki motors are good , idk tho

SuperPussyFinger says:

I would bury my face in that dingbat’s ass until my head smelled like a zoo.

tazmun says:

As for the Kohler engine, I’ll be interested how that works out for you long term. The older ones were like gold…back in 2005-2006 there was definitely a quality control problem with the ones being delivered to Craftsman. I worked in the Lawn and Garden repairs for Sears where we serviced them at the customers home at the time. I replaced a lot of Brigs and Kohler engines less then 6 months old under warranty….couldn;’t keep head gaskets in the Kohlers Twin cylinders and they started blowing oil badly…on tear down we’d find cylinders that were scored or even badly scratched apparently broken rings on the latter….so many of them same fault under warranty had to be some serious factory issue. I had one tractor I replaced the engine 3 times in 3 months…I think these were Command series. As I understand it the Courage series single cylinder has issues these days with cracked blocks….I’m afraid there all junk!

G Hunt says:

make sure kohler command, bro of mine got 2800 hrs on his 50 in dixon

Chris Delacroix says:

That is one fine looking lawn mower operator …wow!! 😉

dunno yolo says:

Guns are totally awesome!

Greg Braddy says:

I have a 60″ Hustler mower and I love it. I also mow in my flip flops too.

Dan Haynes says:

Ok, what other channel will have a hot, bikini clad woman on a riding mower going to town on her yard. I freakin’ love this channel.

Johnny Wishbone says:

She is hot as hell who cares how she mows grass. My GF is has a killer body too. Just like her hubby thinks, everything is better with a hot girl on it!!

ThePaully1976 says:

I’m an Aussie she is hot , mowing in thongs as we call em

nick decaro says:

face horse

godzillasballs says:

I like to bag but your property may be too big to bag. Thanks for the upload.

Fat Cajun says:

nice woman mower lol

Seth Watson says:

IMO, the most important safety gear for this machine is ear protection. After that, it’d be safety glasses. Nothing wrong with the way she’s dressed after those 2 things.

LOL, I had to laugh, the way that went down would be exactly how my wife would do it, sans the bikini. I recently bought a Kubota Kommander, and she won’t go anywhere near it.

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