Husqvarna Lawn Mower Review Model HUF625AWD & Model HU775BBC – AWD Versus RWD – April 8, 2017

This is a review on 2 lawn mowers I currently a Husqvarna Model HUF625AWD and Model HU775BBC. Got these both as moving downsizing sales the AWD most recently is showing the engine as being a 2014 the owner bought it 2015. The RWD is showing on the engine being a 2013 model the owner bought it in 2014. Both very unique engines, self propelled, grass chutes and 22″ blades.


UreaSmith says:

I bought a Toro 3 years ago. Piece of crap. I’m getting one of these bad boys. Might go with the AWD got some inclines to deal with.

Birute00 says:

Looks really nice

Blaine Mitchell says:

The two mowers have different size rear wheels… do you notice a difference between the high wheel and the smaller wheels? Thanks.

Alan Marshall says:

Really nice pair of Husqvarna mowers. I like the 775 engine better as well. but I’ve always wanted to try out an AWD mower.

Herfortz says:

They’re both great mowers Cliff.

Bill Bright says:

I don’t prefer stuff I don’t need but rather quiet powerful performance. Good cut quality, rear wheel drive, easy empty bag. I like to choke and throttle the engine my self. I don’t need electric start and one handle adjust, just more weight and cost. Don’t run ethanol and a fuel filter never hurts.

Trades46 says:

I have the HU625AWD and as my first self-propelled mower it is fine if somewhat heavy to move about. I did wish the engine was more powerful; my lawn has quite a bit of weeds & thick grass which stalled the mower 2 times, but otherwise does the job. Given I only paid ~$225 for it brand new, I think it is a decent mower, but since it has a power-sapping AWD & its weight, I would go for the bigger engine variant.

Will Backbone says:

My Husqvarna HU 800AWDH has the Honda larger engine. This mower is miles better than the RWD Toro I had. I had multiple issues with the Toro including starting it. I also have a Honda Mower not self propelled. My home yard has hills & the Hus blazed right thru my yard. So glad I got rid of that Toro.

Ellis Mowers says:

The RWD with the 775 series any day over the 625. While I don’t think the 625 is bad, that 775 is so much better. I haven’t found a 775 made after 2014, I think replaced it with the 725 with the “check & add/ never change the oil” feature. Have had both engines on Snappers and it’s a pretty big difference. But a nice comparison and two nice mowers!

William Bolhofer says:

I recently acquired a HU625AWD and it looks to me like the rear shoot rods go into two holes in the side of the handle supports. The rods have some nibs on the end to keep them in the holes only so far and keep the shoot centered on the back opening. I originally did the exact same thing as you and put the rods in the same place as the grass catcher. However, putting the rod ends in the same spot as the grass catcher bag makes the shoot too high and it looked to me like it might even be dangerous as the shoot could possibly separate during operation if there was a rock or branch impact because there’s not much really holding it down except gravity and some friction. Even with the shoot installed firmly in the side holes on the handle support, the thing is still awkward and I don’t think I would ever use it with the shoot. I do really like the AWD on it because it pulls so much harder and stays straighter than FWD. I have some decent hills and FWD is next to useless. RWD is better, but still not as good as this AWD. I don’t think the stock blade is all that great at mulching and I think I might replace it with an Oregon gator type blade.

Charlie Zellner says:

Those Husqvarna mowers are sweet man! As a matter fact, Husqvarna is making a name for themselves in general. It appears they are a step or two ahead of most other brands in general quality. I still think Honda may be the benchmark though. But, it’s SO dadgum hard to tell what you are buying nowadays. Lots of mowers are mad by MTD with various brand names on them. Your RWD machine really sounded good too.

Franco The-Boss says:

Hey cliff, great video! Hope all is well! Those are 2 really nice mowers and they run well too!

Michael Jude says:

Yeah, that 775 will be the one to keep. Rear wheel drive is bay far the best 🙂 Mine does not have the BBC, so I am a bit Jealous. Great vid as always Cliff

michael hollings says:

hi cliff,great looking mowers,i got a lawnboy lawnmower at a moving sale last fall here were i live,the mower looks like it is in great shape,it even had a bag,it has that briggs and stratton 625ex series engine,went through it and the mower will not run,got spark and oil is clean and new gas,cleaned the carb,sitll wont start,any ideas

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