Detailed Review of the Troy Bilt TB 360 RWD Self Propelled 21 inch Lawn Mower. To watch THIS Troy Bilt Lawn Mower perform 100 + Lawn Cutting Jobs over a 2 week period – Click This Link https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZKQKrwEGP-Da3r84IPr2SW_VlnQDL-fI Please continue donating to the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital: http://heroes.stjude.org/dansdailyvlog and Click the SHOW MORE button to see all my cool links!

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great review. it is a great mower. I love mine ,no trouble with it yet, knock on wood. be safe.

armando landa says:

Locktite on those bolts?

David Brown says:

Hi Dan! Quick question looking buying this mower, does this have a reverse option or free spinning to pull back. I have a small yard which has some tight spaces which requires some backing up. Thanks!

Al Gorel says:

What is the hours on this mower? I have one and I figure I use it 25 hours/yr. in the NE.
Your front wheels are bald, I bet you have 500- 1000 hours on it, or maybe more.
Awesome video by the way!

Ken Long says:

New subscriber here.
Thanks for this video.



TBear 360 says:


crw7539 says:

I have the same mower for the last 2 years and I like that is lightweight and has an eager engine that rarely bogs down. It is a replacement for a very nice Honda HRX, but it weighed like 100 lbs and it mysteriously threw a rod, which is very rare. However, this mower is very cheaply made and the part where the engine mounts to the deck developed a crack and with use, the crack enlarged and the engine started to vibrate. The vibration took out the muffler where I lost a bolt somewhere in the yard and the remaining bolt broke off on removal. I have had to replace the blade adapter several times because the star erodes easily and the blade starts to loosen. Also the gas tank is very flimsy to the point where the cap will not stay on, there are no threads to the cap, just a couple of slots in the tank neck and tabs on the cap, so I have had to tie it down. Yesterday I easily replaced the engine with a Predator 172cc engine. I was leery about the 7/8 inch shaft and how the original blade adapter would fit. But it fit fine and the mower is back in business, but I can tell the 172cc engine is not as robust, although it is more solidly made, if that is possible. The old engine actually worked fine, but the base was too thin for durability.

Sergio Sánchez says:

just weld the bolt

Randy Wheeler says:

troy built sucks. 1 month wont start

manjunk427 says:

Have this exact machine for 6 years…….runs perfectly……why cause I use non Ethanol.
And its used in Florida 2x a week on heavy St Augustine grass…..love this machine.

Andrew Baggett says:

Rebuild , film it and get another year out of it! And give us a video of it, I bought this same mower, love your videos!

greenstx says:

yo dan. im pissed. lowes no longer has this model. they changed it to fwd. cant find a STORE that sells the TB360 RWD anywhere(NEW).  DAMN IT, WTF, HOLY CRAP!!!! what would be your 2nd choice. in the same price range

greenstx says:

stuck with your advise and yesterday I picked up the “190cc” Husq awd with a Honda motor. I guess today ill see how it goes because as I was leaving lowes with it, it started rainin. what the hell, lol. oh and I picked up a Stihl FS70.

TBear 360 says:

im a lawn mower

Sergio Sánchez says:

i just use a zip tie to fix it and and take tha sparplug cap of and thats way i turn it off

greenstx says:

btw , the one spec I was able to find on the TQ value of the 190cc Honda motor said it was rated at 8.3, I looked everywhere and had to research the motor itself

Dandy Lawn and Maintenance says:

So glad to see this review. I have been asking ever since you bought it hows it doing cause every time I go to Lows I want to buy one. The last time I went they had one left in a smashed box. I would have bought it. I had also seen others speaking of the throttle cable breaking but like you I do my own mechanical work on them. I have been buying residential Toro/Honda mowers since I started because its so easy to get parts and they are lightweight. Great review I am pretty sure I am going to get one.

0Myles0 says:

Hah. You hit that last HUGE PRO near the end, almost thought you would forget to mention:
1 lever height adjustment. <--- THAT IS HUGE! I have this mower too. It is excellent!


Hey man thanks I have a Troy Bilt and  love that mower…cut and bags like a dream

Ken Long says:

Where do YOU order those mower parts from?

Tony's Lawn care says:

where did you order parts for this machine?

armando landa says:

Is there a way tor swap the bushings for some bearings?

Norman Banks says:

Rebuild it and run it until it’s dead. Just an FYI there is a ticking noise on the audio of your video. Don’t know if it’s you or YouTube but kinda annoying.

Daniel Lee says:

HI Dan, dan here…Thank you for your vids, great stuff!!!! I really appreciate your vids and input! I own a FWD Troy and love it……I use it as a trim mower and have lots of trees, hills and such. If you would please make a vid explaining how FWD is superior to RWD when it comes to trim mowers I would love that….I sooo dont get why most cant get basic physics and how a FWD is soooo much easier to maneuver than a RWD. I get it that many use RWD as a prime mower, but as a trim mower it makes no—sense. I have a big lawn and have a rider, I use the push/FWD to hit the areas I cant get with the rider. FWD IS far better for this hands down!……..Peace all!

Ed Yager says:

hey Dan is it possible to drill out them bottom bolts all the way through the plastic and use a longer nut bolt and washer . Then you could clamp the plastic in between and use loc-tite

Malcolm Tyner says:

I purchased this mover August 5 2016, I had to take this mover back to lowes because it would not start. I hate this mover, as you can see haven’t had a year and off to the repair shop. I had to pull out my old bolens push mover had for appox. 6 years to get the job done.

Sergio Sánchez says:

thats way i dont buy a mower with plastic ends

Pablo Leal says:

Dan informative as usual, keep it up

Tommy lee Pate says:

i had one for ten years.it is now rushing out by the engine.I’m.now looking for a heavy duty thick deck.

Caleb Geddens says:

Just bought one today at Lowe’s. I know that discontinued it but my Lowe’s has had one in the back. They said it was used but it doesnt even have a spec of dirt under the deck.

Tommy lee Pate says:

I still love my old school commercial Honda self propelled mower. that mower will pull the dirt off the ground.

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