Honest Review: Honda HRX217 VKA Self Propelled Lawn Mower

Honda mower owners hands down love this mower. Rather than show you how the wheels spin around or how the handles work, I’m going to show you a few clips on how easy it is to start and how it mulches super tall weeds into nothing.

Seriously, unless you are mowing acres of land this is the lawn mower for the average homeowner. You can’t beat the Honda HRX217 power and cut quality. 😉 Want to watch more lawn care videos with lawn care tips like these? Subscribe to Grass Daddy today!



Michael Amurgis says:

How do the adjustment tabs hold up over time?

Anthony Barton says:

That is a Military grade engine with a timing chain that is the best lawn mower. Everyone else is years behind them. There snow blowers are awesome. Padula Brothers is the best place for sales and service.

dalesworld says:

I have rough hilly terrain and buying a Honda was a mistake for me. Variable drive speed is a pain in the butt and the wheels are too small for rough ground. I went back to my old Snapper where I can just pick one speed and not have to run behind the mower, plus it has large back wheels. Also, why is the discharge on a Honda out the back – ALL OVER YOUR FEET?

Melonheadinbed says:

i have a 4 year old hrr217vka. i like the thumb drive. problem is my mower leaves strips of uncut grass. the deck is different than the resin hrx series. has anyone had this issue of uncut strips on their hrx? and before you ask my mower is completely set up sharp and level. it’s not user error.

Superior Lawn Care says:

how does the transmission work for you. do you feel like you have to push or does it engage right away?

Superior Lawn Care says:

grass daddy. how is your honda hrx 217vka working for you. an update

David Post says:

I bought this lawn mower and I got it with all the Bells and whistles including the Hydro Drive system and immediately had to get rid of it. Honda would not let me return it and I wound up selling it for $150 less than I paid for it. The serious problem was the mower was constantly getting grass stuck under the deck and I had to clean it out after every cut. $750 for the lawn mower and after using it one time I went back to my old lawn mower. I hates this Honda Mower, I felt lucky to sell it for $600 and when I tried getting ahold of Honda about the mower instead of helping me return it they tried taking away the residential warranty because I mentioned how their is no way you could cut more than one lawn and the mower is considered a semi pro mower which is bull crap. I love my old Honda Harmony 215 but I hated this piece of crap.

Grass Daddy says:

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dcareyHQvideos2 says:

Is this a front drive self-propelled or rear drive?

lambert1702 says:

This is why I prefer a manual choke. Wax? wtf!

wisconsin49er says:

Did you move the governor spring to the hole on the right?

nnram1 says:

Good review. Can you link the vid on adjusting the mulcher? No luck finding one.

John Cilyo says:

Good review. I have the same mower and I love it. This thing will last forever. After 5 years or so, I find I need to replace the cord starter head. It takes awhile to go back in after you pull it. Make sure that you lubricate the mulch / bagger adjustment as well as the wheel adjustments. It’s the only lawnmower that I have owned that has had no real issues – in fact, it’s a non – issue.


I just got this mower today its great. I did notice the throttle lever can go past the rabbit icon. Do you run yours at the rabit (fast)detent standard or do you push lever all the way forward?
Aparently honda removed the manual choke and updated to the auto choke but didnt update the throttle control lever they just removed the choke sticker. The
Lever can go all the way forward still.
With the governor spring mod you did on your other vid it would be interesting to see what rpm would be at with lever pushed all the way forward and govener spring at 2nd hole. Can you test it and put a vid up.

POPUP says:

Great review! Been hearing a lot of good things about these mowers. Honda has always been known for it’s quality & dependability.
2 blades must really mulch it up! Was doing a video on buying local & why & I see you already made mention. I’ll show you my reason in my video. I think I’ll be getting a Honda walk behind next year. Thanks!!

Del's Lawn Care says:

Great info. I have seen you use it on that tall grass. The wax is first time i found about that today.

Phil Christmas says:

Can you show the tach location on mower? What brand of tach did you go with? Is it a tach/hour meter combo unit? Thx, great video sir!

myc7z51 says:

I suspect that the auto choke system is purposely disabled by Honda in order to pass EPA regulations – mine was the same way

John Bailey says:

Where did you buy it at?

mowerman says:

i subscribed to your channel please subscribe to mine thx

steelman46 says:

i have one and i cant get the stupid knob for the clip director to move otherwise not bad

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