Honda Lawn Mower HRR216 Unboxing and Review.

Just a man opening his mower and some thoughts.


goldtopsrock says:

I’ve had two of these. After awhile the back wheels won’t roll backward. They lock up Solid.

Grayce Mmmkay says:

This is the best in boxing video I’ve ever seen

dragon Warrior says:

i just got one and it’s still in the box. i’m so pumped to unbox it after watching this.

Clyde Vee says:

Good review. I love my Honda mower. The 160 engine is going on it 8 years now and I’m waiting for it to blow up so I can get another new one but this one keeps on going with an oil change every year….. what the hell!!!. Mind you I did have to replace the air cleaner and the little spring that controls the governor last year but that is ALL I HAVE DONE!!!!! Help me!!

Dave Novak Vlogs says:

wow. honda even makes lawn mowers look cool.


You should be a professional lawnmower salesman. I’m sold.

Carter Chapman says:


Superior Lawn Care says:

I just got one. I got the new Honda hrr216k10vka. Dark wheels. Different wheels. Dark grey color deck. It’s the new model

DFDalton1962 says:

I sort of wish I had caught you before you opened it up so you could return it. By now, you must realize how incredibly stupid and hard to control the variable speed drive mechanism is, how poorly balanced the mower is (engage the drive too quickly and the mower “pops a wheelie”) and how idiotic it was for Honda to design a clippings bag with a rigid opening that’s too large to fit into a standard paper lawn refuse bag for easy emptying.

Oh, how I wish I could return mine, but once you put the gas in, no store allows you to return it. Now I’ve got to deal with these stupid design flaws for 15 years.

Anyone else who’s reading this and HASN’T purchased one yet: Don’t assume that just because it’s a Honda means it was thoughtfully designed. My 17 year old Craftsman was much easier to use and started on the first or second pull even after winter storage all the way until the end. Pretty much any mower will start on the 1st or 2nd pull – that’s not a good benchmark. If ease of use is a primary concern, LOOK ELSEWHERE. This Honda mower SUCKS!

redbull2392 says:

Been watching videos for this mower to see if this is the one for me and this review made me laugh and lean more towards it. Nice review.

Paul Scolpini says:

When I have it set to mulch the grass clumps up on the wheels. Basically every pass I make there are clipping rows outlining each pass. Is there a way to solve this?

Alesha Allred says:


Alesha Allred says:

This was sooooo helpful. Im totes going out to get one ASAP.

Kent Löfgren says:

Hm… shouldn’t it be Unboxing and _then_ Review? 🙂

TheRedskin33 says:

That’s too legit to quit.

Demon Hellcat says:

You should do a video on fixing the alignment of the wheels

Brad Hawks says:

Almost 15,000 views! Impressive!

Ryan Robb says:

Prolly the best unboxing I’ve ever seen.

Jordan Weiss says:

found it

Rey Gonzalez says:

Enjoyed your commentary. Good review and I’m buying one. Thanks

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