Honda HRX217 Review | 21″ Self Propelled Mower

Best lawn mower for the money? Watch my Honda HRX217 review and see how I like it vs some of Toro’s best features.

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Adventure Outdoors says:

I thought your bangs in this video were sexy AF!

Scott Haswell says:

Huh, so thats where the sidewalk ends.

Brian Hellwig says:

Just skookum? Or skookum as frig?

Michael G says:

and that’s just it…. 10/10 mower but it comes down to hyndai and audi as you perfectly summarized. I totally agree…. sold HRR216 this season cause the finger paddles were not my thing and been test driving the HRX hyc cause that’s what we got in Canada. ended up going with the super recycler. You really gotta try walking with them… felt like the Honda was pulling me…… running around with an impact sprinkler in my parka after throwing down pre-m then it starts snowing… it was that moment that I knew I’v crossed over to the nutty side…. thanks! I’m free!

Eshelman Lawn Care says:

I started mowing with my Honda when I was in middle school. I still have the same Honda and it’s used now commercially. Now, I am approaching 40 and have several crews that mow for my company. They STILL use the same Honda to mow. The controls are different but the deck and basic platform seems to be the same. The price was expensive back then as it is today but it comes down to you get what you pay for. Truthfully, I wish Honda would come over to the commercial market to compete. If you look at the products that Honda puts out (whether its cars, generators, mowers or equipment that uses their engines) they are always at the top of the reviews received.

QuestionMan says:

Just bought one of these two weeks back. Absolutely the best cut I’ve ever got from a mower… and I’ve been mowing our yards oh, 50 years. You get down after the job, look across the yard and not ONE blade of grass is standing solo. Great mower.

Yo2slick says:

I just purchased a HRX217HYA. After 27 years my Toro Commercial Recycler is being retired. Parts are hard to find and expensive when you do find them. It has the Suzuki 2 stroke engine and 3 speed transmission. I believe I got my moneys worth!

Fayette Mowing says:

Great review! I own these mowers and couldn’t agree more! The Toro’s are definitely more comfortable but the Honda’s performance is what keeps me buying them.

Shannon K says:

puts new meaning to thow er down….

T H says:

It hasn’t been 60 degrees here in MN since last November…. we just got dumped on with a foot of snow last wknd. We start lost daylight in 68 days which means winter will be back before long! HeLp!!!!! I need to see my lawn and then see it become green again!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca says:

I choose the Toro. Want to sponsor me??!

Howard Mora says:

I bought the top of the line Honda electric start, self propelled mower…I love the thing. I think I paid like 900 bucks for it. It has a 5 year warranty. What I like about it…is you you can let off the blade and the throttle…and the motor keeps running…And with electric start…the wife can fire it up and the mower too!

Luis Morales says:

Nice vid. Horrible mower.. specially when mulching. Took it back to the store the first week!

Ernesto Vega says:

0:30 king kai mowing his lawn

Eminiscalperpro says:

Get a Snapper from the 80’s or 90’s and you will have one of the best cutting machines of all time! Also, easy to maneuver around For around 100$ you will have a mower that will last a Long time The time master is nice, but it or any other toro, will make you lawn look as nice as a what a snapper will. The honda is a nice machine. The mid 90’s Lawn boy’s and the Snapper pretty much are some of the greatest machines ever built. I have 3 snappers from 1983-85 and they really make your lawn look beautiful. Keep up the good work Lawn Care Nut!

coffeemaddan says:

Bonus points for the AvE reference. Definitely worthy of a SUB. A discerning YouTuber you are, my friend 🙂

Greenpea says:

The easy pace system strips the rear wheels. The gear spindles are metal and the wheel sprockets are plastic. I have been through two sets of wheel on my Toro easy pace. Drives me nuts.

Fred Koebrick says:

I own this model Honda mower. Has anyone that has this model tried mulching with it? When I mulch, the clippings end up in the discharge. I have to leave the bag on and I still end up emptying it two to three times when I mow. I’m mowing about 11000 sq ft. lawn. I took it back to the Honda dealer, who adjusted on it and the Honda rep looked at it. They told to leave the bag on it. But that defeats part of the reason I mulch. I follow all the cutting instructions. I never had this problem with the Toro Super Recycler which lasted me 15 years.

nfavor says:

Honda 30″ mower would be amazing. I had an HRX and the only reason why I changed was for the 30″ deck.

David Szakacs says:

My Toro Personal Pace is beginning it’s 15th season, with two wheels, a carburetor and a blade replaced is all. My Commercial zero-turn Toro is starting it’s 10th season, a throttle cable and new blades replaced.

Luke Camilleri says:

Does the Honda go up to 4 inches on a cut?

iminsane84 says:

the sticker said from what i can remeber from my honda hrx217 honda GVC190 i believe

Tata 600 says:

that’s almost what i paid for top model 15 yrs ago, engine still going strong with minimum maintenance

alex flores says:

These lawn mowers are powerful. Cut 3 feet tall grass the other day and even though it lost power about 15 times it got the job done.

Galileo7of9 says:

The best mower ever – someone other than myself.

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