Honda HRX 217 mower review

The video pretty much says it all. The best mower I’ve ever used!! I go over the features and demonstrate how to use my Honda HRX mower. I also give my thoughts on how it performs.


Larry Atnip says:

I had the HRR216 model for 3 years, with mostly satisfactory results. Blade hit a stump, bent the shaft and the deck housing. That mower had some poor design that gave me grief.: the drive belt clogging, trail of clippings on left side, fair mulching quality, speed adjustment with “thumb drive” was unfriendly. The HRX217 is much improved. The deck housing of HRX217 has better swirl design to keep the grass in the blades for fine mulching, does not building up on one side and leave a trail of clippings. More coverage of the belt drive to avoid clogging when heavy mowing or small twigs are encountered. Speed control is easiest to use of all brands. I never bag, so I cannot comment on that. Still skeptical about the synthetic deck material, time will tell. Note this mower is longer than the HRR216 and somewhat ungainly. Overall, very satisfied.

JaArRyi FleshBlood says:

Are ohc engines more powerful?

raymond palermo says:

I was at home depot wally world and lowes and was amazed at how many mowers have plastic wheels and tires .How the heck does a plastic tire get traction?.My 22 year old murry has rubber tires and does spin a little but its better than plastic.I noticed the honda has rubber which is good.

raymond palermo says:

How does the super recycler compare to the honda ?.I hear they really mulch up the grass well and are good units.

Brandon Blair says:

great mower, i own two

Tardisius says:

I’ve had a self propelled Honda for 2 seasons, it’s the Best mower I’ve owned.

nashguy207 says:

I have used Honda mowers for years. best push mowers I have ever used. Must correct you on one thing. The HRX217 is belt drive to the hydrostatic transmission. The HRC commercial mower is a shaft drive. But the HRX217 is a belt drive but I will say Mine was made the year before they went to the auto choke and I have never replaced the belt and mine is used daily in my landscaping business.

Turbofg6 says:

Great review!! I went out today to buy the same model here in Australia , cost me $1299 , on order !! Didn’t want to spend that much but I suppose cutting my lawn should be more enjoyable

raymond palermo says:

saw that mower at home depot a day ago .Its a nice mower but 700.00 is alt of money and you dont see mowers that you can control the throttle on which is nice .

Jacob Ditmer says:

I want the Honda hrx 217hya

Heinzkitz Velvet says:

My grandmother had a Honda push mower for what seems like 20 years. It was probably less, but she only had two push mowers my whole life that I can remember and I’m 45. A lawn boy that she ran forever, and then the Honda. That thing was a frikken CHAMPION! She had it serviced every season, but I don’t remember it ever breaking down, failing, or causing trouble. I suspect it was top of the line at the time. She always bought quality and never lived to regret it. I share those values. I’m going for the top of the line, electric start, self propelled, wash the dishes, tuck the kids in at night model. Only the best for me.

Jim Horst says:

Great review on this model,one of the main reasons that I traded in my old HHR model that still ran pretty well after 5 seasons on one of these.The new one is in the box still,waiting for Spring!! Seems to be a significant upgrade,and a nice piece of equipment.Worth the investment to me.

beri232 says:

Do you notice that if the bag is completely filled the front tires come up due to bag weight and the fact the deck is nexite vs the heavier metal deck?


Sounds noisy as hell. My dad had one about 2 decades ago, it had the composite deck, but was not self propelled. I found it to be very heavy. I’ve been using a 24V cordless electric for 12 years. Time for a new battery but I much prefer it to gas. Very quiet (unlike this Honda), no gas used, no oil to change, instant start at all times. Of course it has its drawbacks, like it doesn’t cut wet heavy grass, and I can’t finish my yard on one charge anymore, but I can’t see myself going back to gas after listening to this Honda. Thanks for the good review.

Xavier Sepeda says:

Great video. This spring will be my second season with my new lawn service and last season I was using a Toro. I’ll definitely be getting one of these asap.

Sheila Kirkup says:

HI I HAD ONE -now i don,t took it back . it has problems .1 leaves long stalks of grass somtimes ? 2. tends to be BACK heavy (feel as if u have to lift up all the time.).. lifting the front when part/full ,this gives u an up and down cut.3.if on uneven ground u move to fast it BOUNCES ALL OVER THE PLACE making again an uneven cut.4. does not mulch damp even short grass.?LEAVES CLUMPS OF GRASS BEHIND sometimes having to go over 2 -3 times to pick up.5 very heavy- i like to pull back wards on the edge of the lawn -it will rip up !-6 no wash hose con. 6. grass does stick to the under body if damp.7 small rear wheels. 8 mulch door blocks up. 8. handle spring are to hard to keep depressed for long periods. Great mower for home use on flat ground, 3xs! weekly cut short and dry will mulch. bud who,s got the time .And this is very a very expensive mower.well there u go . mike.

littleteethkeith says:

It mows hands?

Paolo C says:

I will be buying one tomorrow

Topgearstig 1 says:

These Honda mowers last forever, we have the top of the line one from 15 years ago and it still works perfectly!

Wayne Essar says:

There is a guard kit, if you mow next to pavers or sidewalks. It’s called guard kit HRX #06761-VH7-000AH.
Two stainless steel strips bolt on the outside edges of the deck and keep the bulge of the deck from getting scratched up.
Maybe not something you need but I really needed it on mine.

Daniel Lopez says:

Good video. I want one soooo bad!!!

Neil Bradley says:

What an awesome video! My old Mountfield purchased in 1998 has suddenly started misbehaving, revving high then low also a very smokey. I think the choke is stuck on but I’ve got no idea how to repair it. Always wanted a Honda Lawnmower and so I think now is the time to invest. I’d got my eye on a HRX series, but your video was so informative it helped me tremendously with my decision. I’m very grateful, thank you. Best regards.

Steve Stephan says:

I mulch with mine, and like others have said, my deck loads up with grass so bad it stalls the motor when a huge clump of grass decides to fall off. I’m not cutting crazy high grass either. Grass builds up to where it’s rubbing against the blades and I clean the deck after each mowing, so it’s not months of stuff building up under there. Other than that it’s a great mower, but the grass build up is enough of a problem I’m considering switching to a different brand.

tom jones says:

Honda has not changed this mower design in years

JaArRyi FleshBlood says:

Is over head cam better?

Grass Daddy says:

Hands down the best mower. Even years later it start’s first pull even on lazy pulls!

ryeguy01 says:

What does the honda do better than your super recycler? I’m deciding between the two.

Rick Lund says:

I have had a number of Honda mowers and they’re great. This one is the top-of-the-line, but the first one with problems with the self-propel function. It works fantastic–for about 10 minutes! After that, it becomes progressively less powerful until about 20 minutes into mowing, it becomes essentially a manual hand mower. I’ve had it in the shop twice, but its not fixed. Without the self propel, it is a heavy, piece of reliable crap.

Iman Axbert says:

I bought the same mower minus the throttle control. I agree with the OP, that this is a great mower. Historically, I replace my mowers when the deck starts to rust. Then nexite deck prompted me to buy this machine.

Hondeere says:

I bought a brand new HRX217 in 2011 for around $800.00. It has worked flawless since day one. I change oil in it regularly and just this year I decided to adjust the valves as after mowing with it for 5 years the valve clearance was getting a bit noisy. My HRX still has the manual choke of which I am happy to have rather than the auto-choke that they went to in 2012. If my HRX were to get destroyed somehow I would buy another one in a heartbeat. I also run my clip director right in the middle as I find that to be the perfect balance of bagging/mulching.

Madison and cola Mean and green lawn care says:

I want The same Mower but with the electric start

Al Gorel says:

Now all you need is a good lawn to mow. LOL just kidding.

Jose Sevilla says:

I bought my for around $450 new at Home Depot in 2008 and still running smooth ( added MotorKote to oil ) just ordered air filter cover which will crack after 3rd year.

Tom Sommer says:

Great video nice mower. Did that one come with the Self-propelled, hydrostatic Cruise Control transmission? Mine is coming today. I am replacing a 8 year old Honda HRX that was still working. I just wanted a new one..LOL Itthe HRX217HYA.

Horace Grado says:

Thank you

moekakke says:

5:36 ?? Does it not have a timing CHAIN ???

bcing75 says:

Grew up using Honda mowers and have owned one for 12 years with no issues. Just routine maintenance. The roto-blade stop/clutch is beyond convenient. I’ll never own a mower other than a Honda.

ramtuff2007 says:

honda is number 1 # i have 3 honda lawn mowers one that is old one Hra 215 and 2 hrr 216 now i am getting the honda Hrx 217 with the eletric start and recoil

Bruce Arnold says:

WoW!..If you have given that much I want at least 300.00 for mine..Come and get it anyone in wake forest N.C..
This one I have is a HRX217 Will sale pretty quick Im guessing.

John Nasr says:

would lifting this onto a truck bed be a problem? thinking of using this mower to start my mowing business

raymond palermo says:

I have heard of people having probelms with the wheels locking up at times when you try to back up .Do you ever have that happen to you?.

theevilmeister says:

Good review

raymond palermo says:

Where you a little nervous buying a lawn mower online?.



Lawn Care Evolution. says:

In Australia the HRX217 is what they call a premium residential mower. I know quite a few of my fellow commercial operators use the HRX217 and are very happy with them. I run the HRU216M2 which is the top of the range but next replacement will be a HRX217.
You should get 10 or more years out of your machine if you service it regularly. I run hour meters on all my equipment. They cost A$8 on ebay (most likely $5 in the US) and are very simple to install. Makes it easier to schedule servicing.
Oh wow I just looked at your publishing date. lol
Cheers man.

Ian laconia nh says:

I have a the Honda commercial  mower the mower has the Honda gxv 190 Honda enigne

drmax says:

3 yrs later and you can buy them for 599 all day long….hope it is still working well for you. Anything negative to report?

Sky1 says:

I cannot figure out why a Made in China plastic mower assembled by communist children should cost so much.

Topgearstig 1 says:

These Honda mowers last forever, we have the top of the line one from 15 years ago and it still works perfectly!

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