Honda HRR216 Lawn Mower Long Term Review and maintenance commentary

Honda HRR216 Lawn Mower Heavy Use Long Term Review and maintenance commentary after 2.5 years… discuss changing the wheels, blade, oil, and air filter.


geofftech says:

I know this video is going on a year old but you bought the wrong blade set for that mower. I have the same model. You want part number 08720-VLO-S00 instead of 08720-VE2-001 that you have in the video.

Daniel Lopez says:

Great review!!! Lots of real feedback for the d.i.y’er!

Tony's Lawn Care says:

great video!

dan smith says:

Great job ! Really great how thorough this vid is

Jeff Worrell says:

I have had this mower for about 6 months now and love it great review I am so happy I spent a little extra money and got this instead of some of cheaper companies

Don Zelmer says:

Good video. I have the same mower, but it is about five years old and wow, your mower is beat up. It’s a good mower for sure. My Honda does not like cold Milwaukee weather in late Fall. No manual choke and runs very slow until it warms up sometimes taking 15-20 minutes.

Raymond Johnson says:

I just bought this mower and what I love about it is it flat out moves. It will actually pop wheelies if you push down on the paddles too hard. Saves me plenty of mowing time.

water2wine1 says:

So spending the extra hundred for the electric start is probably not necessary? I am 62. I don’t want to have trouble starting it.

Official Tou Cha says:

Great review/update! Planning on getting myself one now!

Tee Hotice says:

*This lawnmower has been great!>>>**** It’s lightweight and easy to move around the yard. I bought a 100ft 14 gauge outdoor extension cord as suggested by other reviews and have not had any issues!*

Clyde Perrine says:

Good review. I bought my HRR216 from HD in 2012 when it was on sale for less than $400. Mine uses a plastic plug to handle the mulching chores on my St Augustine turf in N FL. I The recoil spring got weak this year, so I replaced it. It still starts on the first pull every time. I would prefer the drive being activated by pulling a lever instead of pushing with my thumbs. The wheel height adjusters are susceptible to being moved by shrubs so I use wire to keep them locked in place. I only burn non-ethanol gas and I use fuel preservative year round to keep the carb happy. This is the best self-propelled mower I have ever owned.

displayfireworks1 says:

2.5 years old? You really are hard on a lawn mower. That think looks beat.

Ryan Rye says:

Honda needs to give you a free cord for swaying my purchase to the honda!

Kong Ung says:

Hi my name is Harrison I just got the hrr216vyua lawnmower and I got stuck with the clutch and it could not pull the cable to start it again and this mower is brand new and I only get started once for about 5 minuets and I turn it off and then I tried to start it again and it stuck. I took to the lawn mower service and they all got different but they wanted it to fix overnight or two.

Superior Lawn Care says:

Wow. That’s what you call a review. Good job. Very informative

Jack White says:

Your old blade was great. Just needed sharpening.
Many replacement blades don’t come pre-sharpened anyway, and would need to be sharpened. I guess Honda’s do.

Honda needs to use rubber tires with more tread.

Jason Brown says:

Great honest feedback. Thanks!

Rob Mitchell says:

Extreme use of the word ‘extreme ‘ lol

Reality Check says:

Would this be acceptable for a beginner starting up a small residential mowing business or would it be best to get a chimerical model?

J.J. S. says:

Great video. Simple and to the point.

Superior Lawn Care says:

Thank you for your review. I just bought this Honda . But I actually got lucky when I opened the box. I got the new model. Hrr216k10vka. Dark grey color deck. Different wheels. Again thank you. You helped me choose this lawn mower

Austin Hartzler says:

disconnect the spark plug homie, save your fingers!

Joseph Nichols says:

Greatest mower I have ever bought. I had it 4 years and all I did was change the oil, air filter, blades, and plug every year and it never failed to start. I put a new drive belt on it last year and was going to put new rear drive wheels on it this year. The wheels were getting too smooth. Unfortunately I left it under my open carport one night. Some POS stole it. The first day of Spring is in a few days and I have to buy another mower. Having to decide between another Honda HRR216 or a Husqvarna HU800 for just 50 dollars more. The Husqvarna is AWD, has a 190cc Honda engine, and is a 22 inch deck. The HU800 looks every bit as rugged as the Honda and has the reliable Honda engine. Leaning toward the HU800.

MrBulletpoints says:

Nice review. You hit all the high spots and answered all the questions.

dayone54 says:

hi thanx for ur review. i also have hill in front of my yard. what gear do i use when i mow down it and then back up the hill?
thank you in advance. debbie

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