GreenWorks lawnmower review model 25302 Twin Force rechargeable mower.

My initial review of the Greenworks model 25302 Twin Force 40 v lithium ion battery powered lawnmower. This was my first time using the model from Lowes-retails $399. Shot and edited on Iphone only.I will give a follow up review in a few weeks.


Jeff Tirrell says:

I hope it holds up better than the first green works that came out with the acid filled batteries, i bought new batteries every year for 3 years and gave up. tried everything to make them live, never let them get run down, kept them in my basement and charged them every couple of weeks, still crapped out, Would be waiting a couple of years to see how many of these hit the dump before spending all that money on a mower. 

John Crenshaw says:

That will be the true test-will do-thanks for watching…

Brian Nichols says:

Good review. Hows cleanup? I like the water hose attachment on the newer gas mowers, but hosing down an electric mower probably isn’t the best idea.

Shooter123 says:

I will come and tickle you and your children in greenville South Carolina your children got to league academy

John Crenshaw says:

FIrst time I took it out that happened to me and for me it was painfully simple after overthinking.

On a gas mower you clamp the handle lever then hit start and on this one you hit start and then clamp the handle lever. The start switch wont work if you are holding the handle lever clamped, you hit the button first then clamp the handle. It’s backwards from a normal mower and I almost never got mine cranked the first time. That may not have been your issue but it about drove me bonkers.

Vang Vang says:

Can you run it with one battery

ajaopify says:


John Crenshaw says:

There is a “fat” 4 amp battery and a “skinnier” 2 amp battery that came with the mower. The batteries are both lithium ion of different capacities. They came that way and they both fit on the same charger (not at the same time)

jedispork1 says:

I want one but they don’t sell replacement blades so I’m hesitant to invest in this mower.

augi3 says:

Yes, I question the design of the battery compartments: spring hinges would eventually lose their spring; lids could crack. and I’d be really ticked in my mower wouldn;t work because of some dirt or clippings got in it. Comment?

Kick Gas Lawn Care says:

I use these mowers for my business and they are work horses. I used them for an entire season last summer without a single problem.

dan Hamakua says:

I like these battery mowers because they are easy to start. No multiple pulls on a cord or need to prime the carb and no need to go to the station to fill up the can and refill. Just put the battery in its charger and its charged pretty fast.

Ward oo says:

I bought my 20″ G-Max Twin Force 40 volt mower last year from Lowes, which no longer sells it, at least mine doesn’t. I have had no problems with it or the 2 lithium-ion batteries. I can cut my front and back yard on one charge (2 batteries; one 40V MAX DC 146Wh and one 40V MAX DC 73Wh battery). NOTE: When the first battery light comes on you can remove the battery, put it on the charger if you want, and run the mower on the second battery.You can’t clean it up with a hose, but it doesn’t get dirty, except underneath, where the grass has to be scraped out just as with a gas mower. Spring covers haven’t cracked and springs are as good as ever, latches still good;; battery seating still good. A little grass gets inside the battery wells, but easy to blow out, and hasn’t caused any problems. It’s lightweight and easy to push. GreenWorks does have replaceable blades in the parts list. This is a replacement for a heavy Craftsman mower that had a permanently mounted rechargeable battery that lasted 1 year before I replaced it. The replacement lasted 1 year, then I gave it to my neighbor.

John Crenshaw says:

Battery compartments are covered but clippings and dirt still getting in there-hard to get them out of there without blowing and having it shoot back in your face-not sure if that could become an issue with battery seating if it doesn’t stay clean. I will have to see if that is an issue. I too wouldn’t feel comfortable taking a hose to the whole machine, probably just wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Carl Downey says:

Lids over the batteries have a latch. Not just spring loaded. (remains to be seen how durable that is).Mulching plug not intended to stay in place when bagging.Manual says to remove it. (page 14, find the document at the greenworks tools website )
My mower has lost 5 of the plastic ‘teeth’ underneath. If it appears to affect the cut, I may need to get a warranty ticket at the end of the season. Those teeth will get more brittle with age.

Ray Brooks says:

This has proven to be the BEST little mower I have ever owned…..Probably NOT the best for “Weed overgrowth or BRUSH   (Always re-charge lithium batteries NEVER store them dis-charged)  I actually like to mow more often and the MULCH is so fine it is MUCH better than “BAGGING”…..No problems in two almost seasons now

PracticalGadgets says:

Nice review, thanks. Please do an updated “long term” review, say mid summer or end-of-season as to pros/cons you experience.

Will Ralphs says:

Thanks for the video!  If you get a chance to update the video, I was interested to see the yard with a cut through the leaves so we could see how well it picked them up, vs. seeing the front of the mower as they’re driven over.

John Crenshaw says:

Looks like buildup could cause it to seat improperly, it’s only light dry material that can fly in there. 2 seconds with a wand attachment on a vacuum would fix it after mowing. Wish they had a better gasket to prevent the clippings entering-easy fix for Greenworks

Mike Goss says:

How does this mower compare to the Ego electric mower

Lou Peters says:

So John, how’s it holding up? I’m thinking of getting one.

relentlessmadman says:

me want tiller and chain also

The Art Of Review says:

Great video, I personally think that Greenworks makes some of the best electric lawn mowers.

augi3 says:

John, I bit the the bullet and bought the 19″ 40 v mower. Guess what? It wouldn’t even start. I took it back to Lowes. How’s your mower hold up now?

François says:

What’s the max power rating on this? Can’t find info on this anywhere.

Ward oo says:

I bought this mower, model 25302, 2 years ago, on April 27, 2013. Last week I called the toll free helpline and ordered a new starter cable; the old cable having given me problems from the start. Since the mower was about 2 years old, the part didn’t cost me anything nor were there any shipping charges. I received the part in less than a week and installed it. The instruction video shows 2 Torx bits ( I already had a 5-bit set); a T25 bit, and I believe, a T15 bit, pliers, a #1 Philips bit, and a knife. I followed the directions in the video and had no problems with the installation.

Frefind says:

i wish they would sell it in europe…

Shooter123 says:

I will come and tickle you

Coolzombi says:

Tht’s odd.. here in Canada the mower come with two identical 4amps battery.. but the price is 579.99$..

Felix Mangina says:

Thanks for the post. I was scheptical on electric mowers until I saw this. Fantastic price too.

hlamart1 says:

All I want is to find directions to replace starter assembly for twin blade twin 40 V lithium battery mower. WHERE?? An hour in and still I cannot find it.

dahur says:

Can you remove the grass catcher if you don’t need it..?

John Crenshaw says:

Lasted about an hour,on the second cutting with it this weekend I did the yard on the bigger battery only…it is plenty for me to get it all done.

SSJChar says:

after three years, how is this mower working for you?

Guilio McEwan's Space says:

I love it i want one. I am looking for a new mower and thinking about a battery one.

ricerust says:

lol stil loud

Raydean13 says:

That’s not grass. Those are weeds. I wonder how it does with nice grass.

1956chip says:

Thanks for the review, I am presently considering one of these.  

PandawdyBob says:

Is the deck plastic?

Kim Dra says:

wooow look very cool;)

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