Greenworks Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review

Review of the Greenworks MO40L410 cordless electric lawnmower.

20 inch mower with 1 battery & charger
21 inch mower with 2 batteries
Extra 4Ah battery
Extra 4AH battery on Amazon
Extra 2Ah battery
Extra charger
Ryobi weed eater

Pros and Cons:
Lightweight even easier to push than my self propelled husqvarna
Quiet. So quiet you could probably mow at night
No exhaust
Battery only half way used to mow my smaller lawn see aerial shot in video.
Helpful indicator lights on battery to show how much charge is available.
Great power. I was not expecting it to be this powerful. As good asn my 6.5PH gas mower cutting high lawn.

I wish power cord could be directly plugged into the mower without taking the battery out to charge
Wish the battery was a little easier to pull out.
Even though I didn’t need a second battery I wish second battery could power mower without having to switch slots.

Final thoughts:
Overall I’m extremely happy happy with the Greenworks mower and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I think I will go battery powered from now on.


Nisco Racing says:

Stinkie it is indeed. YAAY for electric technology!!

Richard smith says:

I went battery powered 5 years ago, never will go back to gas. Just sharpen the blades and replace the battery every 5 years, easy.

Opu Ofbengal says:

This is a really compelling product to me. In terms of actually run time how long does it last? How long does it take to recharge the battery? My yard is very large, so I’m hesitant to buy a electric mower but this one seems promising.

Anthony Skylanderking says:

It’s not electric it’s battery operated

abghere says:

How much run time you get with one charge?
Do you charge it up each time before you use it?

alupihan says:

>All my other subrcribed tech youtube channels are unboxing the Ryzen Threadripper right now
>Rivers just chillin here and reviewing his new lawnmower

aaaaawwww yeah!

Eyad Isa says:

Thumbs up

acordxtc says:

Rereview this when you need a new battery and the battery cost just as much as a new mower lol

Cactus Tweeter says:

Cool mower.

ShenZhen Magicsee Technology Co.,Ltd says:

First of all,i need a lawn

Joel Silverman says:

His is pretty cool. Wish I would have bought that ryoubi weed trimmer. Mine sucks.

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