GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp Corded 20 Inch Lawn Mower Review

Hi Guys, today I’m reviewing the GreenWorks 25022 12 Amp Corded 20-Inch Lawn Mower. LINK to GreenWorks Mower:
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It’s a 12 amp 20 inch mower that is corded. The deck or body of the mower is durable steel. It’s a 3 in 1 mower meaning it can mulch, there’s side discharge and rear collection with the included grass catcher. The 20 inch wide cutting path is best for mid sized lawns. You can adjust the cutting height from 1.5 inches up to 3.75 inches. There are 7 positions and it is easy to adjust cutting height by moving the lever. Moving the lever sets all wheels to the same position. The front wheels are 7 inches and the rear 10 inches.

The mower weighs 56 pounds so if you can’t lift it out of the box, cut the sides of the box and roll it out. It comes as one large piece. There are no tools needed to assemble it which is awesome, you don’t even need a screwdriver. You can barely call it assembly as there is so little to do.
First align the upper and lower handle holes, insert the included cam locks and tighten them with the wing nuts. Secure the lower handle to the bracket by tightening the knob on each side. There’s a cam lock handle for easy fold down and storage.

There is a cord lock which actually prevents cord disconnect. Loop your cord through the cord retainer. I haven’t had the cord disconnect on me so far. The grass bag catcher hooks onto a rod under the chute cover. The discharge chute attaches to the side of the mower.

To start the mower, hold the power button and pull the bail switch up to the handlebar and hold. To stop the mower, release the bail switch.

Going up hill on my lawn is a little difficult but not bad. With this corded mower, I find it’s best to mow horizontally away from the cord. You shouldn’t mow up and down at angles higher than 15 degrees, go across the lawn. This also gives you the best chance of not running over the cord, you can throw it over your shoulder if you’d like. I’m using a 100 foot 14 gauge 3 wire cord that worked fine with this mower.

The grass catcher works well, nothing spills except when you forget to empty the catcher like I did. So, check the catcher once in awhile and make sure it’s not full. I dump the grass right into my compost pile.

To clean, wipe the mower down with a dry cloth and remove any buildup from the underside of the mower deck. It’s best to do this each time after mowing to prevent rust and corrosion. Don’t use water to clean.

So far, I am happy with how easily the mower cuts grass. The grass also looks even. It isn’t hard to maneuver even into tight spaces. The cord is the only annoying part of this mower. There is a cordless version but it costs a lot more. If you hate cords and want the convenience, spend more and get the cordless. If you’re on a budget, I would suggest this corded version. It works really well and for me, it was a good purchase. If you want to try out this mower, I’ll put links to it in the description below.

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Jim McCarthy says:

Good video!


Got this mower recently from Amazon this mower is worthless for cutting thick carpet like grass like Zoysia grass that I have on my yard. Also blades are extremely dull – need to be frequently sharpened. Again, it may work for very thin grass but in my case it was waste of money.

Dave Dee says:

corded will last you longer, cordless batteries die out completely eventually

GG50 GG50 says:

Nice review. Just bought and will be using tomorrow.

cabmex says:

I wish we could’ve heard how it sounds

silliaek says:

I’ve had a lot of trouble getting my mower to mulch properly- the grass all clumps on the bottom of the mower and then drops on the yard in big unsightly clumps. I’m going to try to mow it high and then mow it again to try to get the mulching setting to work. Otherwise I’ll have to bag it all 🙁

M AD says:

I’m not sold on the mower but I like your review style. Very “to the point” as it were. Well done.

naga pradeep kumar says:

how to set this into mulching?

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