Fiskars Reel Mower Review, The Good and The Bad

well being a yard fanatic sometimes you just want to try new things. a lot of you guys wanted to see a review on this Fiskars reel mower. now they went a different direction when designing this mower. some of you want to know if you should buy one and how is the cut quality?this video will answer a lot of those questions.


rob sticca says:

Can u please show how it cuts at 3/12 to 4 inch settings? 2 inch to 2 1/2 way to low for some of us. I live in upstate NY and I’m seriously thinking about this unit (I’m becoming “green “ in my 50’s). I grow lawn tall and cut to mowers highest setting. Very curious how it cuts on tall setting. New subscriber and love your channel. Take care.

Wayne Essar says:

This is not a fair trial.
The less blades a reel has the better it cuts tall grass.
The three blade McLane does good work.
Cutting low and often the more blades the smoother the cut.

Pakovia says:

Thank you, nice review

Greg Kosinski says:

thanks for the review. I could kind of think of not cutting weeds as a positive- you cut your grass and then you can see weeds and pull them.

Methodical2 says:

The more things change, the more they remain the same. Old school cutting. I can see the benefit for someone with a very small lawn, like a townhouse. Additionally, it leaves too many clipping behind, but to be expected on tall grass. The owner will have to be cutting often to get the benefit of this mower. I hope they know this before purchasing.

Btw, I like to see those lawns cut really low and tight with this grass type. There are some lawns in my area that have the warm season grasses and when it’s done right it looks sweeeet. I’m in the DMV area and have TTTF so I’m up at 4″.

Andre Harris says:

I love the Fiskars mower but then again, I mow my yard every 4-5 days and I don’t have many weeds. My yard isn’t level so the lowest i can cut is on the 2nd notch. I believe its 1.25 cutting height. Good review!

Alonso Favela says:

Thanks for the nice honest review Mr BYD. #delsym #robitussin

PPP719 says:

I bought one of these last year. It’s perfect for starting new seeds to keep the weight of a mower off the baby grass with turning and all that. I keep my Kentucky blue at 4 inches and it cuts nicely. But I agree with you on trying to take 2 + inches off, its not worth it at all. I only have a 1,000 sq ft lawn front yard that I use this on so it’s perfect, anything bigger I break out the gas mower in a heartbeat..

lsturbointeg says:

what a crappy mower!

ThePlanBPill says:

Any reason why you reviewed the old version, verse the new one?

Tom N says:

Thanks for your thorough review. You answered all the questions that I had been thinking about, in regards to this mower. Great video! 🙂

Rola al-morabet says:

*_I am still very happy with my Mower.>>>_****_  It just does its job with very little fuss. The yard looks amazing, like it was mowed just yesterday!_*

Keith Koch says:

This will be great for who spend too much playing game.

Peter Melnikov says:

What about noise?

Sean Gribbon says:

HAHAHA, I totally took a picture of this when I first got mine and posted it on Facebook saying it looked like the Tumbler Batmobile. great minds think alike…

Gorilla Toyz says:

Basically …wait for another redesign lol

John K. Harris says:

I got mine in 2011. I used it a lot on my new bermuda lawn. Now I just use it to help with mulching. Like you stated, you can not be lazy and use this mower. It takes time and effort.

leunamsti says:

Tall, thick grass will always get stuck. Also, the walking pace has to be faster for better results.

Osprey Flyer says:

Good review. I would like to try a reel mower, but I don’t like the “mess” it leaves.

Charles James says:

I HATE to break the news to you but on this video you REALLY think that the front bar is the cutting platform. Sorry to break he news but the front bar is ONLY the lift bar. Why in the world would you make a video not knowing where the cutting blades meet?

Al Credeur says:

@6:00 What you’re talking about is a characteristic of almost all reel mowers, in general. Most reel mowers won’t cut more than about 2″ off the grass blades. In other words, if your grass is over grown and up to 6″ tall in some areas, then you have to set the height of the cut at 4″ in order for it to cut the 6″ tall grass. If you set it any lower, it likely won’t cut it. If you mow often, then you won’t be cutting much off the blades, and you won’t have the problem with missed blades. I have one of these Fiskars reel mowers for my Bermuda grass. Right now in the summer months, I’m mowing at least twice a week, sometimes three times. I never cut more than about 1/2″ to 3/4″ off in one cutting.

Kellz 9 says:

It needs a grass catcher

D. Bailey & Associates Realty says:

You’re in my backyard, BYD! #DBaileyAndAssociatesRealty

GB H says:

Good review bro. I think I’ll try one as long as the return policy is good.

J Fos says:

I’ve used mine for the last couple of years. I like it a lot.

Oysterman says:

Good review. The big plus is, I guess, no need for gas and oil. Cheers

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