Ferris Z2 Stander Review , Drone Shots , Best Lawn Mower

This Video Is Long Over Due. We Have Had Many Request To Do A Review On Our Ferris Z2 Stander. Hope You All Enjoy.

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1998 Chevy Silverado C3500hd (454) Dump (7.5’ Meyer Snow Plow/E60 Pumps)
2000 Chevy Silverado K2500 (454) (7.5’ Meyer Snow Plow/E60 Pumps)
7’x14’ Rice Dump Trailer (Fall Leaf Trailer)
7’x18’ Mac Lander Flatbed Trailer
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2006 Bobcat T180 (Tooth|Bucket|Pallet|Forks|Custom Snow Plow)
2007 Bobcat MT52 (Smooth Bucket|Tooth|Bucket|Pallet|Forks)
2016 52” Ferris FW35 28hp Briggs and Stratton EFI
2016 52” Ferris SRS Z2 25hp Kawasaki
2011 36” Ferris Dual Hydro 15hp Kawasaki
Lesco Leaf Loader 16hp Briggs and Stratton 10” Hose
JRCO Leaf Plow
Stihl FS94R
Stihl BR700
Stihl BR600
Stihl MS170
Stihl MS180
Stihl MS 250
Stihl HT101
Stihl HS46C

Film Equipment:
Canon 70D
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GoPro Hero (3)
iPhone 6s
iPhone 7 Plus

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Quality_cuts_lawncare !! says:

What was your honest opinion on the cut compared to the scag in the wet grass ???

Mike Gipp says:

who made the beat

Lower Lawns says:

I just bought the SRS with the Vanguard 28hp engine and its such a great mower. Its such a massive time saver.

jaybrown29 says:

It’s 10mph. I have one It’s awesome

Grass Daddy says:

looks great!

Neusa C says:

Very nice video. Thanks for that demonstration on the mower, also glad you keep your equipment clean.

Shawn Henry says:

Nice video! Watching your videos almost had me ready to go grab a Ferris! I’m sure a test drive is in the future! lol You guys do that brand well!

Larry A says:

Hi – are you still using the Ferris oem blades? or did you go to aftermarket one’s? also did you adjust the striping flap at all ? it has two positions – I enjoy your videos – Thank’s for posting them – God Bless

Grass Trees Landscaping says:

Does the Ferris have the sealed bearings. I had a vride loved it but have having to grease the spindles lol

Jaz & Keli says:

I’m just starting out I have 5 lawns in the neighborhood I have a Toro AWD 22 inch echo 225 trimmer, edger and a echo blower. At what point did you upgrade to a stand on or a rider? With those five lawns if I get a cleanup during the week it takes me so long and it so hard on the equipment I have.

John Bailey says:

I have the wright 32hydro walk behind and we love it but have been looking at stand on mowers. Been looking at the ferris and the gravely. I would have bought another wright but had such a bad wright dealer rep im not going back there.

Matt Reynolds says:

awesome looking mower. thinking about trying a stand on mower for tight spots. this thing looks nice. Do you plan on getting abother to replace the walk behind or do you like to keep a walk behind too?


Just purchased one yesterday. Z2 wirh Vanguard. May i ask where you purchased grass flap from? Is it aftermarket or from Ferris?

M Murph says:

what kind of the blades are you running on this? I’m searching for some blades to put on my ICD deck so I’m seeing what other people are using. thanks!

Aaron Allred says:

How much does a model like this run? I want this exact model, but I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg.

RM Lawn and Landscape says:

How do you like your Ferris Zero Turn? I have the F60z and I’m a bit skeptical about it. My deck won’t stay level at all.

william kittridge says:

rider er hard and put away wet

A-Veteran Lawn Care says:

what brand trash bags are on it?

buffalostate1 says:

how does it compare to the walk behind on hills and tuff spots?

Matt Hitchcock says:

Very informative review on the Ferris ZRZ!
Question where did you get your grass flap? Are they crazy expensive? I was trying to find your video on your installation but I couldn’t find it.

Tucker Willms says:

Awesome mower, I have one in the 61″. I thought I should let you know that the Z2 does not go 12 or 13 mph, they are rated for 10mph.

David Farmer says:

Good review!!

Rod Mascotto says:

like your video….from derek

Dillon DeClue says:

im gonna get that same model. I got to use one last weekend as a loaner and loved every second of it. it was fast as hell for sure

Jonboy's Lawn Service says:

I have seen these at my local dealer they are sweet rides for sure

D Clif10 says:

Good to speak to you at the Home Depot. Come out to Smithton Fri-Sat and we will hook you up with some kettle corn!

Daniel f says:

Stripes don’t equal a good cut… knocked over grass is not cut qualit

Ryan Gallegos says:

Love the ferris brand! Got the fw25 36 inch. Love it

Lawn Commander says:

you killing it man, nice stripes from the drone. does it look as good at ground level.

Chris Wilson says:

I’m considering purchasing this exact mower, but what are your thoughts of a 6’4″, 330 pound rider on this mower? I haven’t seen anything on any kind of weight limit, but it seems like the front may want to raise up easily. Could you see it not being comfortable to operate being taller? Curious to get your thoughts.

Supreme Services Lawn Care says:

great video buddy

Mark vaars says:

I absolutely love where they put the deck height set point hand lever!!!

Richard's Property maintenance says:

looks bitchin guys. great video on the Ferris

John Bailey says:

Nice mower but why is everybody so afraid is see that you were afraid also not sure why everyone is so afraid you know everyone is going to ask why your so afraid to post the PRICE ? Im sure you paid for it? Maybe not ?

one man show lawn care says:

good video man i have a z1 36 with a vanguard 23hp inch loving it.

Bryan B says:

what do u use for editing your videos?

Turf Ryders says:

I just bought one this year..best mower I’ve ever owned! Great video

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