Ferris Lawn Mower review- High speed Cut quality, Mowing tall & short grass, & pulling it apart

Brian and Ed were not Nice testing this Ferris mower. We looked at Top speed cut quality, long & short grass mowing & pulling apart the little details about this mower.

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Zack Anthony says:

Farris is the best mower no comparison you really let me down because you brought a owner of another mower company to bash someone else’s work to boost there product

Jason Dow says:

Ferris handles hills so much better than a wright who cares about bolstered sides. Ferris is hands down better I have both a wright ZK and the Ferris Z2. You will see after you demo them all I bet you will agree


Everyone has an opinion but I have a fact- 90% of these brands are “good”. It comes down to the user and how well they take care of their equipment AND their dealer support!!!

Extreme Lawns says:

I’ve been running ferris for 13years plus this very reliable and best ride on the market

zebulun docallas says:

Looks fun and satisfying to mow grass. Never mowed grass with a lawnmover in my life.

Lower Lawns says:

ive been using the Z2 with the 28hp vanguard and the concern about hills is 10000000% false. This mower takes the worst hills like cake and I know they made further improvements with their z3 models. The only time ive had issues on hills is when I do a full turn on the steepest part of the hill and its been raining. As long as its dry you can do full turn around on most hills that ive attempted it on. Also, there isn’t really any need to lean on this mower, I do it out of habit more than anything.

My only major issue with the Z2 is the brake placement. Imagine the day you push the mower to its limits on a hill and start sliding down they really expect someone to be able to reach that thing by going allllll the way over the top? Ill probably be abandoning ship if that ever happens to me haha.

In my opinion Ferris is the only close competition to Wright in terms of build quality. I have not used wright’s customer service but if they are more reliable than Ferris in that department then they might edge out a win. I went a month without my mower this season because a spindle pulley was on back order and there were no dealers that had a similar mower in stock in our STATE. I finally had to call Ferris directly because my dealer wouldn’t put in the work and after calling them over and over for days I FINALLY found the one person at Ferris who would get up and go find a mower there with the pulley I needed. It was there all along and no one would put the effort in. Lost a lot money that month. Those pulleys should be laying around everywhere at every dealer and customers should not have to put in the work to source parts for a 10,000 machine that is under warranty.

Real Talk says:

Probably not gonna see the CEO of scab, Ferris, exmark, John Deere anytime soon out in the hot summer heat demoing there mowers. Ed is the man

Richard Minnich says:

Stan, I would have been more worried if that when you raised your legged to explain mowing on hills with the ferris that you accidentally showed off your panty hose and high heels lol

James Janes says:

Ask any Ferris owner if he would abandon ship and the answer 99% of the time is “No way”! This is is the best machine I have ever owned! Not saying bad things about other brands (Wright) but there is no need for anything else when you know you have the best money can buy!

Pierce Baugh says:

Hooskavarnaaa! Come on bud!

Raymond Wanner says:

Great video! I own a Ferris 61″
I love it. Put over 100 hours on it. Cuts great! If you are mowing around a lot of flower beds it’s great in that it doesn’t discharge the grass very far and yet distributes it evenly because of its wide discharge opening.

Bababooey 126 says:

I got my ball sac stuck on the gas tank fill and I fell backwards off it the Ferris and it stretched my sac like a flyin squirrel

Jay B says:

“I can’t get my hands in there”
Meanwhile he has his hands in there just fine

NateTheGamer Bomb says:

This is my type of asmr

jase brown says:

Hooska who?

Shawn Khrusch says:

No Scag. Until the wheelie challenge at their booth next year, screw Scag.

Richard Blood says:

Ferris Z1 Owner here. Z3X is next! These mowers are bad ass. You had the owner of another mower company help you nit pick a ferris and even mentioned the fact that you guys thought there was a fan club for ferris…too funny! That Ed was SHOOOOOOK yo! hahahaha

uTubed007 says:

Hide those sickly white legs man! 😉

Brandon Richter says:

Maybe I’m just that fat guy but it seems to me a stand on mower would be hell on the knees…. sure I’m a little sore after 3 hours on my husqvarna cheap rider but that bouncing on straight knees looks like torture

Will Robinson says:

Bitch ass nitpicking.

Garry Farmer says:

You obviously don’t test Kubota mowers

Timothy Davis says:

The thing I have been thinking about for the longest time is which mower works best on slight inclines/hills? Zero turn? Stand on? Walk behind? I have a Exmark Walk behind 36′ and I will eventually need a 2nd mower


Noticeably absent in the comments is ninja Nick. IJS

Extreme Lawns says:

That’s a field not a lawn

Dave Allen says:

Stan… as sole proprietor I mow 65 lawns weekly here in MN. I run Ferris zero turns. Throughout any normal mowing season I maybe mow grass that tall (about 2ft) for about 10 minutes total, for the whole season. It means nothing! Any finish mower is going to have to make several passes over that kind of tall crap to get it knocked down and cleaned up. So… why all the minutes wasted showing these mowers mowing those tall weeds? Lets see curb climbing ability, and abilities to feather the decks up and down on the fly over rough areas or roots, and the ease of maintenance (and the required schedules) and etc. Thanks

Mason's Mowing says:

Ed is an idiot!

Bad Santa says:

Unsub, thanks for the content.

Larry A says:

Have you ever noticed that in these type of videos you never see any Ferris Rep’s – That’s because their mowers do the talking for them – As I type I own (Wright Stander X) and it sits – Why? – Because I’m busy making money on my Ferris SRS Z2 – When wrights patent expired it opened everything up for great mowers to finally be developed – Wrights are built like tanks and besides their Aero core deck they are not bad machines – But now we realize that wright relied so much on their patents that now other companies are leaving them behind and you can certainty see it on Ed’s face – You don’t need to be a engineer to make a informative good and bad video on these machines – I appreciate the video, but would like to see a more in depth video without any Mgf present – Thx

Texas Veteran Power Outdoors says:

I agree Lawn enforcement – there’s nothing wrong with Ferris mowers and if you can’t read the fuel gauge or can’t turn the key then you shouldn’t be on a mower to began with. Um who cares that you can’t see the hour meter while you are using it, that doesn’t even matter lol. I run hills every week on my commercial and residential Properties, I have no problem putting my foot on the side fender well and leaning into the hill for stability, I have no issues getting to belts or oil changes, my Z1 is a monster and I have mowed 5′ tall grass before and super thick 4′ grass. I have had, Scag, toro, encore, John Deere, gravely, Kubota, cub cadet, and I’ll tell you what, FERRIS is the best that I have used for so many reasons. I also just bought a IS700 52″ and that thing is a monster as well. For sure not far to have Ed there to judge other mowers, in my opinion you have of had a rep there from each brand talking about their brand and comparing the difference.

Here’s an idea, put some one in your videos and using the lawn equipment that doesn’t have any experience and doesn’t know anything about any brand. That would be pretty neat experience and observation :). They wouldn’t have a brand loyalty or favorite, curious to see what they find about different brands

Jonah Schlenk says:

#1 the bolstered sides do not make it a problem to swing your leg out onto the fender on hills.
#2 The stitching on the leg pad hasn’t caused any issues with me. I’ve used the pressure washer on it and the mower has been used in the rain.
#3 the amount of staples on the back… if he is using 100 staples.. just I don’t know. If the material comes loose hopefully all of us are capable of using a staple gun.
#4 The wood backing board not being treated. I could see where this could potentially become a problem BUT the mower should never stay in conditions to cause rot. Take care of your machine. Or put a sealant on it to prevent any issues.
#5 The key situation. With your right hand on the control paddle use your middle finger and thumb to turn the key. I don’t have any problem with reaching the key to turn it. Now if you have small hands then I could see where this could become a problem.
#6 The glory hole. Haha haha. The gas gauge is pretty silly. Maybe Ferris put it down there to prevent the plastic from oxidizing? I know that was a pretty common thing on the vantage.
#7 the speed. Yes. This mower is FAST. That’s why there is the speed adjustment which is PHENOMENAL compared to exmark (I don’t know how it is on the wright stander) but it is much easier. If you have to blow while riding or travel to a near by house, that extra speed is nice. Be the professional and know the speed to cut the grass the best. When it comes to your employees, be the boss and give them orders. If they don’t follow the orders then you warn them, write them up, or something of the sort. There are ways to mark that pin that adjusts the speed. Just try to have trust worthy employees though! All in all Ferris, Exmark, Scag, whatever mower it may be (excluding husquarvarna or however you spell it) tend to be really good mowers. I made the switch from exmark to Ferris and I absolutely love it. Minus the fuel gauge.

Texas Veteran Power Outdoors says:

Ferris all the way

Just Another Aviator says:

Ferris has the best warranty.

Midtown Lawn Care says:

great video!!!

d hamby says:

Where’s the link to Brian’s channel?

Murphy's Lawn & Landscape says:

Absolutely love my Ferris. Purchasing a Z3X this spring! I took a long detailed look at Wright ZK, but it just wasn’ta fit for me at the end of the day.

James Ledesma says:

Right you know your Market you know your man you know what you want with the most of you don’t care if they’re standing or sitting if they’re comfortable if they’re not you’re not doing that work sets of work you’re getting away from your physically not doing that stuff anymore so you don’t care what kind of a machine you got for your employee giving him something that he can he’s got a busted stand up looking long-term about his health conditions is hearing protection is back of that stuff you guys were the body production of your body those guys working their asses out to please you and they’re doing everything they can to put out as much physical ability they have to do everyday to make you happy does it mean you’re doing the right thing to the body right kind of work environment are they making enough money are they going to have a pension I get it Frankie’s out Frankie’s you know he’s made you a lot of money thank you work for you that man puts Thirty or forty dollars in your pocket every hour he works he’s under pay

Magic Tune says:

Oh oh Stan, its like you said something negative about a Harley…. got some damn loyal Ferris folks out there!! LOL

Todd Harris says:

Like when someone mows through high grass that they blow into the tall high grass. No you blow it opening so your mower can have space under the deck to mow not mulch.

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