EGO VS RYOBI – Best Cordless Battery Powered Lawn Mower Review

Best comparison of the 2 most popular cordless mowers – Run time, Charge time, & Features – MUST WATCH BEFORE PURCHASE!


J-F C says:

Great review Andrew!! Funny thing, today I was telling my wife how durable those 5.0AH Ego batteries were. Today I used my Ego power head with the edger attachement, then the trimmer attachement, then mowed my lawn and then used my ego 575 CFM blower to finish the job. I did all this on one charge of my 5.0Ah battery. Ego is definatly the Tesla of OPE.

Question, did the mowers have the mulch adaptor on?

Cheezy Dee says:

Now use them for a year so we’ll have a dependability study. I know the Ryobi will fall on it’s face if the cells in the battery are sourced from the same place as their power tools. They last about 6 months then fail to charge making you pay another $40 for a new one. Apparently, the charge circuit checks each cell to make sure it’s OK, if it’s 0V, it shows defective. Unfortunately, this circuit doesn’t care if you totally drain one cell, so if you run it till it stops, there’s a 1 in 6 chance the battery will show up defective when you plug it in the charger.

PaulBodyBuilder says:

Nice rapping
Philadelphia PA suburbs

String Trimmer Mower says:

CHeck out how I converted this trimmer to a small mower:

Craig Ephraim says:

Awesome review!

Donnie Norman says:

I’m not a Ryobi fan. The Ryobi power tools are crap.

Barbara Eberhardt says:

Very helpful

PaulBodyBuilder says:


zzz Z says:

Always great reviews….unusual YT name

flamepeace says:

this guy is funny
but soccer (brazilian futebol) is not your way


bigcml says:

What grass did you cut?????The grass was already to the ground, so all you proved was that the battery lasted longer on one than the other cutting air!

Skim Squad says:

Bro ur channels doing great

Kelly Vaughn says:

Do these e-mowers mulch? Or do you have to bag your clippings?

Kyong Song says:

To be honest, I am not sure whether I should be impressed by the fact that EGO outperformed “RYOBI”…

Jesus H Medrano says:

wow, i like ryobis tools i have a lot a d ive had them for a long time, glad i went with ego on this, i have the older model but am sure even would beat this ryobi.

Kevin Elliott says:

This is a useless review, go do a review of mowers with the same voltage and amperage of batteries. Not two mowers that are so far apart in power.

Joe says:

Nice rap by the way :} loved the review keep up the good work

Mixmasterz pro says:

Yes this machine is off the hook I love this machine ego make some of the best products can’t wait to see what else they will come up with

Tydon Reynolds says:

the blade of the machines is clearly stated on the mower. The mower deck is larger than what the cut is.

Bob's Lawn Service & Plowing says:

cool video, check out some of mine. I subed you, sub me if you like

Ja son says:

no echo???

Faded NCS says:

Awesome vidd! If you need any free music for your videos, come glance through the playlist’s i have, i think they would really imrpove your videos!


And what is that price differential again?? The EGO is +200.00 more than the Ryobi that is almost double its price.

They Live says:

Ego is the leader in outdoor battery technology.  Heat is the enemy of batteries all the others are basic blocks.

DMDMD says:

Seriously, why does Ryobi even bother commercialize their product? Bad design.

Pontus Jacobson says:

hers the deal.. if your lawn is small enough to move the whole thing with one charge with the ryobi, save the 150 dollar and get that.

theres a loot off guessing in this revju. “I guess a tree branch can brake the cable” and so on..

how after are you going to cut your lawn then charge the battery and be back on in in 50 minutes??

maybe just save money and by 2 batteries for the ryobi??

uTubed007 says:

You’re good tempered jeff because I would be so pissed reviewing that shitty Ryobi. It’s just shit through & through. I don’t understand that company putting out that product on the market and management saying yeah lets get this out. It a crazy waste of energy, resource, material and a fraud to the consumers. The Ego is so vastly superior for 50% more of the cost of the Shytobi. Thank you for your review, your time and dedication.

Michael M says:


Brent Hill says:

Ryobi always seems to be 3 steps behind. Love my EGO mower.

2snipe1 says:

Now all that’s left is to test it on my lawn! =)

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