EGO Self-Propelled Lawn Mower | 6 MONTHS IN… WILL IT LAST?? | *Newest Model*

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After using Home Depot’s EGO electric lawn mower for about 6 months I wanted to do a quick review that shows how this mower looks after a season of cutting.

Hope you liked this video and it was helpful to you! If you have questions, ask me in the comments.

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Dodge Hemi says:

ball bearing wheels vs Ryobi


Thank you.  You helped me locate the mulching attachment…I didn’t realize it was already in the mower.

andrew hickam says:

Nice video! I like how detailed you were. Thanks!

Darrin Ray says:

Hello, thank you for the video, definitely giving this one a go !
No more smelly petrol fumes in the garage where it’s stored too ?

Steven Joe says:

I wouldn’t recommend storing the battery in a non-climate controlled area as elevated heat can damage it and reduce the lifespan.

Kue Man says:

Great review. You covered everything very well that I wanted to see, especially the under-deck area and no cleaning of it.

Todd Carpenter says:

Thank you! I’m thinking of buying this.

Insight says:

I just bought an Ego. I love it! No strings to pull, primers, spark plugs, oil, filters, and it’s much quieter than your regular mower. If you buy one you won’t regret it.

Duff's Wildlife says:

Do you have roots in your yard? If so how well does this mower handle them?

Jay says:

Just got HD to price match off a questionable site so I got the mower for $399. I only have a 5,000 sq ft lawn, 1/8 acre. Do you think its overkill? You mentioned the 40v ryobi but you ended up returning it. How large is your lawn? If you had a lawn my size would you lean towards the cheaper Ryobi?

whsdefence says:

Great review. Can you please do a video on how fast the quick charger charges your 7.5 amp hr battery?

4cClubT says:

someone was saying snapper cordless was better, at what ? def not the telescopic folding handle

Jason says:

Looks like that battery is about $360. How often would someone guess that would need replaced?

perfectdiversion says:

You cant really compare this to a ryobi because its 2 different classes. Ive had my eye on ego for a while. Just recently my 1 of 2 batteries in my 80v victa (australia, Kobalt in USA) has stopped working and its a discontinued range

David Grove says:

No problems with my Ryobi mower. Ryobi has two batteries @ 5AH. That’s 10AH to you. Great mower.

Thomas Jacques says:

I’m going on my second season with my 21″SP mower. It’s everything I wanted/needed in a mower. Neighbor just bought one after borrowing mine when his gas mower died and local repair shop quoted $250 to repair. He and his wife wonder what took so long

shadowdance4666 says:

Good video. I was wondering how the side discharge works

Kip B says:

Can you take a hose and water to rinse it off? Thanks for the review.

MegF says:

Love ours. On my 2nd year and use on over an acre. I just do in stages and use as walking exercise. I enjoy mowing after dark with the headlight and wearing a headlamp. Very quiet and much nicer than mowing in hot summer sun.

Dave Glo says:

Good review. I’m on my third season with this mower. Very satisfied. But the trailing shield has broken. I almost always use the mulching function.

teccec says:

After researching about a month I bought what I hope is the newest model today, though in copying down the serial numbers for registration I saw it was manufactured Nov 2016, so hopefully you aren’t referencing something newer than that. Mine didn’t come with the side discharge, by registering it they’ll mail it to me. My previous mowers were smaller, perhaps not even 20″ (don’t recall since past 4-years I’d had a lawn service, but as of next weekend I won’t). The mower is larger than I’d expected it to be, but as you show it is designed to store vertically (has “feet” to give it a stable sitting position). It wasn’t cheap, but so far I’m confident I’ll be happy with the purchase, and definitely will appreciate it’s 21″ cutting width when doing the lawn.

bando v'real says:

I bought my ego 21″ self propelled mower in October of 2016, the mower works great, I cannot say the same about customer service. I e-mailed them a few times from the first day I bought the mower requesting the side discharge chute, to no avail. Still waiting to this day two years and counting. Why not include it in the box of you will not honor giving it upon request? Big fail in Ego’s part

Robert Trujillo says:

you wearing socks only?

814chappy says:

Hey how well does it mulch?

kiwi potato says:

It’s quite too, well the blade make sound sooooo….. kinda quite

Iron Goose says:

Have you noticed any battery degradation yet?

Craig M says:

I have heard of issues cutting tall. I usually cut at 4 inches. Waiting for them to make a striping kit before I get one too.

Rusty Lee says:

is the deck plastic or steel?

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