EGO Power+ Cordless Battery Powered Lawn Mower Unboxing and Review

This is an unboxing and a review of the EGO Power+ Self Driven Cordless Battery Powered Lawn Mower! We love this electric lawn mower and highly recommend it! It’s the one with the best reviews on google, therefore we bought it and can see why!

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Chris Motz says:

That mower is nifty, might have to look into getting one, I have small yard so this would be awesome and I wouldnt have to worry about my wife knocking over gas cans everytime she opens her car door in our garage!

s1seifert says:

As a DJI pilot myself and a recent convert to the EGO cordless power tool line (trimmer and leaf blower), I love this video. Great job to both of you. And I agree, the EGO cordless power tools are great. You convinced me to get the self-propelled mower next…then the snow blower.

Paul B says:

Fuckin sold us! We went out to buy this alien technology from the future and came back to try it out on our lawn…ahem, I mean weeds and it is as easy as spreading butter on hot toast. This bitch is like an x-box on wheels. We love it!!!

Phi Vu says:

Damn. This is the best product review. Eco company, you might want to hire these people to advertise. Great job! 😀

thomas heath says:

hey johnny you need to give your wife a spa day for her thank you gift,,,she will love being pampered

Anthony Barton says:

You have a salad bar for a lawn. Your going to have a high electric bill charging all your junk then the land fill won’t take your junk. Your making someone Rich off of your Stupidity. Go buy a Honda Battery operated Lawn mower or a Stihl.

Erik Stepelton says:

You guys are stacked with some awesome Ego lawn gadgets!! Time to get that lawn looking pristine!

Stephen Ducar says:

You can also point out on your blog is that the mower is light enough to carry down stairs! That shows how light it is 🙂

Darrin Smiddy says:

Great review today I’m going to check one out at Home Depot. Thanks

lareno04 says:

Best mower on the market. We no longer use our gas mowers. I definitely recommend it too.

Zypr says:

Hows the mower+weed wacker holding up?

Paul B says:

X-box with a built in lawn mower blade!

Thomas James says:

Nice video, good to see a LOT of positive reviews on EGO stuff

Damn Yankee Rider says:

I bought two

DMDMD says:

The way this mower folds is worth my consideration for buying it.

EGO POWER+ says:

We love the video Johnny & Tessa! Awesome drone footage!

sectoo says:

Great video! I agree with everything you said about this incredible mower. Your review is spot on! I’ve always used gas mowers so I was a little skeptical at first. I went to my local Home Depot today and bought one of these beauties and I was thoroughly impressed with how light it is and easy to use. It only took 30 minutes to fully charge the battery and I inserted it in the mower and off I went. Since I work long hours I often end up mowing my lawn late in the evening. The Ego is so quiet I don’t have to worry about disturbing my neighbors anymore.

Bob from Wisconsin says:

I bought the same self-propelled Ego this year, and love it, it’s so clean and user-friendly. I agree with everything you said about it, and enjoyed your entertaining video. Thanks!

DMDMD says:

I have been using this trimmer. Darn, this is the best, much better than Dewalt.

Mark F says:

Fantastic video review. I have the non self propelled version. Bought it back in 2015. The battery just died. Not sure if 2 seasons is a good life span for a townhouse yard. I think the drones were actually loader than the mower.
Oh, I’ve seen corn fields that were shorter than that back yard grass. 😉

Ross Kulma says:

Its a great mower however you can’t get it wet to clean it. If you do bad things happen.

DragonsREpic says:

…I wish I had a gf

Dave Glo says:

I’ve been very happy with my new EGO self-propelled mower. It does a great job. Good review.

Damn Yankee Rider says:

I also bought the blower and the snowblower along with four batteries

thomas heath says:

nice video guys,,,cute,,,ego has so many yard tools,,,,looks like you love your ego tools as much as I do three years later

tgdtown says:


Sarah Hohmann says:

I think the shaft on the trimmer needs to be tightend. It looks like it’s bent slightly?

Randalf999 says:

Veterans can buy this at Home Depot with 10% discount (bring your DD-214) It needs to be in stock an DON’T order online.  The non-self propelled version is on sale for $449 (5/14/17).  I LOVE this mower.  What model drone do you have?

MeatlessMark says:

I’ve never seen such entertaining and good editing of mowing a lawn! You took something mundane and made it cool! haha I really would like to have one of these electric/eco friendly mowers!

Ninja Sprawiedliwy says:

like a suitcase ?? 33 Kilos!!

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