Ego Power+ Battery Powered Lawn Mower Review

This Ego Power Plus Lawn Mower Review is sponsored by The Home Depot. Which means they sent this to me to try out and review. Of course, these are my opinions of this mower.
You can find the Ego here

Here is some legal stuff written by lawyers who probably have crappy lawns too:::
“The Home Depot partnered with bloggers such as me for their EGO blogger program. As part of this program, I received compensation for my time. They did not tell me what to purchase or what to say about any product mentioned in these posts. The Home Depot believes that consumers and bloggers are free to form their own opinions and share them in their own words. The Home Depot’s policies align with WOMMA Ethics Code, FTC guidelines and social media engagement recommendations.”


Luis Saavedra says:

This review heavily influenced my purchase of this lawn mower but I must say I’m not liking it very much. IT DOES NOT MULCH PROPERLY. It leaves the unmulched clippings entirely on top of the mowed area which is my biggest complaint. This is very noticeable on the video at 4:18 . It even looks like it’s clumping in a nice tire-mark trail, just like at that point in the video. Then it dries in a couple days and the lawn just has brown clippings everywhere on top of the green. Yes, the grass was dry and not wet.

It also seems like it pushes the grass blades and doesn’t cut every single one so there’s quite a few stragglers that are very noticeable when the wind blows. I like that it’s light and easy to start though. Also, I’m not sure if I got a newer version, Allyn, but mine can go up to 4″. It even says so on the manual and I’ve confirmed this after mowing as well.

I’m going to buy a higher quality mulching blade (since people have complained about this on EGO’s website) and sharpen the crap out of it and try it out again this weekend. If it doesn’t mulch better it will go back to Home Depot. I had such had hopes for this.

EDIT: After looking through Ego’s forum/community site it looks like there’s A LOT of people with this issue. This is not looking good for this mower….

Ryan Valizan says:

I love my ego! I can mow stripes with my lawn on one battery. it performs great, has very little maintenance, and is super quiet.

OutdoorsUnlimited 101 says:

I live in Michigan and I cut my yard at about 2 3/4- 3 inches lol

lil rainbow not that guy says:

love it 4 cases of beer

fasignal says:

What kind of bullshit review is this ?  your supposed to buy the mower so your not the manufactures BITCH

David Bronicki says:

dude, you were only taking half cuts grass not full cuts, come on we’re not blind.

Dan ut2 says:

Tesla has the infrastructure to build a badass lawnmower

John Strauss says:

Thumbs up for the Tesla Reference 🙂

Bob D. says:

Hi Allyn. Do you remember the model number of this mower? Have you looked at their latest mower, the model 2102-SP ?I  believe it has additional cutting heights and is self-propelled plus a 1000 watt motor and 7.5 AH battery.

Dave White says:

typical “review” never anything negative, so sad that YouTube has turned into paid commercials instead of pros and cons and real reviews..

logoster says:

just a pro-tip: lithium ion batteries are something that when possible you really don’t want to run low, the way they get designed it shortens the life of it to allow it to get low, so i’d recommend charging the battery after each mow

TheTruthHurts Salazar says:

I just bought mine! I love it, best money spent!

Jacob Koehler says:

The reason the battery stays at full power is because it’s a lithium ion battery. They work at 100% power until they’re discharged. They’re what they put in phones. I refuse to buy any battery operated products that don’t use lithium ion batteries for that reason. My favorite is my dual foil face trimmers, because they never lose power. Good review!

Minoru Mineta says:

i don’t give a shit what my lawn looks like

stitch16261 says:

It looks like it has a light does it or is that for looks?

949surferdude says:

Nice vid and review. How long does the battery life last before you have to replace it? Does it come with a bag to catch the grass?

Thomas Jacques says:

I just bought a 21″ SP model. Kept my John Deer JS35 just in case. After mulching my lawn for the first time, I sold my JD to a neighbor. This thing is the real deal. USAF Retired

TJ Davis says:

you know what you do with this mower when you buy it? throw in the trash! the handle bars never stay locked. I’m constantly stopping to fix them and after a year the battery is not charging. this thing is trash!!!! I’ll take a gas power mower any day

Hendrik Jürgens says:

Lithium batteries have got no increasing inner resistance when the battery gets low. Thus they can deliver high current i.e. power right till the end, when the internal management system shuts the power down to prevent damage.

Erix7810 says:

You’re cutting 12″ at a time and leaving blades laying everywhere not mulched. Not to mention all the tall blades left standing, blowing in the wind. If I left a customer’s lawn looking like how yours looked after using this thing, they would fire me.

Flossin1987 says:

Love mine.

Slobodan Draca says:

ego my Lego ego my lawn love my ego.

Lee W says:

Id like to see tall st augustine


Thanks for the nice review. I just bought mine awhile ago after seeing your review. I bought the self propelled model.

Ted Nugent says:

do full width cut on your lawn this thing sucks..he’s doin half to less than half….not cool

Sam Evans says:

I’m a professional , and in my opinion, his definition of “thick turf” is somewhat of an exaggeration, plus he was only using half the deck on most of his passes. So I must conclude that the mower is underpowered.

lushfauna says:

everything is going electric it seems

tenortrouble says:

I love my EGO Mower!!!

John Mizgalski says:

I have this mower. And I love it. Light, ergonomic in the way the handle adjusts and is easy to push. Cuts great as well. No gas, no oil, no mess. Folds down for easy storage as well. Plus the battery can be used in other Ego products like leaf blowers and chain saws.

MRROLO150 says:

I ended up buying this lawn mower and love it. I just had a question, can you confirm when & why we should use the 3 different settings (i.e.: bag, mulch and I forget the third type). What’s the difference between bagging, mulching and the 3rd option?

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