Ego Lawn Mower (Don’t buy it before you watch this)

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From full charge to red light, real life battery run time is about 25 minutes on this 56V, 4A battery. 45 minute run time in the advertisement might be when there is no load. For my 1/8 acre front lawn (110′ wide x 45′ deep), 25 minutes is just about enough.

Ego lawn mower can cut about 1-2 inch tip of grass. Shaving 3-4 inches off the top of lush grass is too much for this mower (unless the grass is dried and yellowed). So if your let your grass grow and fall on top of each other before you mow, you will need a professional mower.

After first week of November, the grass has stopped growing, but oak leaves have fallen. Instead of raking, I decided to mulch this year. Front lawn got almost done in one charge. But in the backyard (also about 1/8 acre) where leaves are literally ankle deep, I had to recharge 3 more times to mulch most of it. Compared to 25 trash cans worth of raking that takes a couple weekends, I was glad that Ego could just mulch it into the lawn in about 4 runs. (For the sake of longevity of the expensive battery, I mowed, waited for the battery to cool down for 10 minutes, charged, and waited another 10 minutes before mowing again, though the battery never even got warm).

It’s light, it has no gasoline smell, it stands upright to store, it charges fast. Mulching ankle deep dry leaves was a bit asking too much for this mower, but it did just fine (under such heavy load of mulching all those leaves, I expected the battery to drain in 15 minutes, but it still ran 25 minutes each time).

For the most of the year, I only mow the 1/8 acre front lawn in one go. For small lawns, it’s just about perfect.

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jiggahippo says:

I love mine! I have owned mine for the past 3 years and it still going strong. I did have an issue once with the battery but the guys at EGO said, NO PROBLEM SIR! And sent me a new one in three days, just like that! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MOWER AND THE COMPANY!

Jianfeng Zhang says:

Misleading title.

PS Fanboy says:

total trash mower. didn’t work on day one. sent for repairs at hone depot who physically damaged it to a severe extent. six months later I got it back and it worked well for 5 mows. now it doesn’t start again. cost about 600 for 5 mows of .1 acres of lawn. piece of trash.

DepressedSydePhil says:

Dude you click baited a lawn mower video? wtf is wrong with you?

Joe Framer says:

Your inference to a bad product in order to get views is a douchbag move……ego is a great brand

giggleherz says:

There is nothing like owning one of these lawnmowers to make cutting the grass fun. I love mine so much I keep watching the grass just so I can get out there.
I wish I had a pair of roller blades this machine can pull you along behind. Maybe a small cart to stand on with a roller, attach it to the back of the mower and away you go.
Also the self propelled mower comes with a more powerful motor (one thousand watts).
I really want to buy the blower because with this battery I will use it all the time.
I am wondering how fast it might push me down the road on my bike?

Danielle Oakley says:

Just to add my two cents. I purchased the Ego self propelled about a month ago. I live in Atlanta and its been raining a ton here! Almost every other day. My yard is wet and full of weeds. ( thats another project) I can still cut my yard, which totals about .79 acre, with the ego lawnmower. It was easy to get set up and also extremely easy to start! no gas and no choke. I would highly recommend.

Myron Burns says:

Myron Burns| I Love my lawns
@ TTLYTEALA. What about with you?

Jacob Selman says:

I mow my 5 acres with one of these. You should be able to cut three lawns like that on their standard battery. I never use the bag, as I’d have to stop every ten passes. It does get kind of plugged up with wet, thick grass, but you just need to use a stick, turn it on its side, and quickly scrape it out. This isn’t something that needs to be done frequently.

Mike G says:

Mine came with 5.0 Ah battery and it only uses about 25% of it to cut my lawn in a time of about 30 minutes. Lawn is roughly the same size as yours. I also have a hedge trimmer with a 2.5 Ah battery, going to try it out and see will get the job done with power to spare.

oldbuzzardtoo says:

What an idiot !! mine cuts cleaner in mulch mode than the gas lawnboy it replaced !! Plus they have host of other tools you can buy with or without batteries and charger . If like me I bought 21 inch mower and lower cost for trimmer w/o battery using mower battery.

John barfneck says:

im seeing opposing reviews on this  and other electric mowers………….some say they cut and work well and others say it has some design problems  that don’t allow the mower to run like a gas mower……..with a side chute…….enough power to cut grass 6″ + tall…………so on and so on ……..and what to do when the electric mower goes kaput…… cant work on it or swap out parts and if the battery takes a dump its a 100+dollars for a new one…….. how about listing the pros and cons after this mower is 5 years old………….my john deere riding mower is 12 years old and I have only replaced the oil+filter+spark splug+fuel pump +and two front tires………… far………..

Road to the 2 Comma Club says:

I have this exact mower, purchased it in May of 2015 and it’s still going strong, best mower I’ve ever used! Love it!

Steven Peek says:

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Ras says:

picking one up today . what setting do you have bade on

Rick says:

Very plasticky looking so I wonder about how long it will last, Looked into price,, I don’t think it justifys switching that’s for sure, and what if the battery starts failing in 2 years..I’ll stick with my Honda, add gas every other week and it runs …

fatboy19831 says:

How much was everything including the charger and Battery.

Kanari Mentos says:

really i dont understand ur video at all u say dont buy before u see this video

Prich319 says:

Had one for about 3 yrs. Mine just died in spectacular fashion today. Struck a stone in tall grass, checked the blade and shaft for damage, and let it cool down for a bit. As soon as I turned it on, a tongue of flame came out of the motor housing. I pulled the battery and noticed the housing had visibly melted. I could get my lawn cut with one charge for the most part, but I can’t say much for the durability.

In Cognito says:

so damned expensive and then you have to buy a battery and a charger and…so dammed expensive!

tvan718 says:

It leaves nice lines in the yard? Really?

alan30189 says:

It’s probably a good idea to let the battery cool off before inserting into the charger, when possible, despite the charger having a fan.

jim davidson says:

This mower would never exist if plastic wasn’t invented. LOL

Cyril says:

Nice lines? Ok

Sherry Scofield says:

I used a craftsman w Briggs N Stratton engine for many years. Every year I spent from $100.00 to $300.00 to either tune it up or replace parts. I finllly decided to buy a new one. After a month of research I settled on a Honda HRR model, $400.00 w electric start. I have 1/2 acre that is irrigated and sometimes I am mowing through really tall grass. The Honda, would not start the 2nd time I used it. Took it back to the store…they replaced it. The 2nd Honda…2nd use, would not start again…took it back, they replaced it. This weekend, I used the 3rd Honda, same model, 2nd use…would not start…I used non-ethanol gas, babied this thing and kept it in the garage between uses. The store I bought it from tried to start it, same issue. Evidently, this Honda is an auto-choke model and it has some issues. They took it back a 3rd time…Talk about exceptional customer service!!!
I was so frustrated, that I decided to try the EGO self-propelled 7.5 V model. I have to say I really like it. Yes, it is new…hoping it lasts for a long time…but it cuts really nice. I have irrigation ditches…I was able to mow along the sides at a 30 degree angle just fine because it is a lighter machine.
I’m super disappointed that the Honda had so many issues…,I hear nothing but great reviews on them. But, for me, I really like the EGO…I’m in Arizona w irrigation so my lawn grows like a weed….This machine went through it like butter. Had not been mowed for 3 weeks. 1/2 acre, handled the whole thing 1 charge. BTW: I never used the self-propelled feature because it pushes so easily…I do not have any hills though.

Mike Bridges says:

curious how it will hold up in 5 years. I have a Briggs over 10 years old still going strong, no need to replace it yet. this mower does look interesting but I have a feeling it won’t last. make another video in 5 years w the same mower. also I don’t believe the battery would last long enough to cut my yard. normally takes over an hour.

jackosmeister says:

Absolute pile of crap. Not because its electric, it just sucks as a lawnmower. One of the most frustrating heaps ive ever bought. Hitting a blade of grass longer than an inch results in it conking out, simple because the exhaust chute sucks and blocks up every 10 seconds. DO NOT BUY. Id burn mine if I didnt need to finish the lawn.

mark buller says:

The loudest gas mower on the market for noise comparison. The grass didn’t even need cutting. Large yard for a battery mower regardless. Would have liked to see how it did on some challenging length grass or some St. Augustine. Also with a grass catcher. The price of these mowers is outrageous as well. Hope you paid cash or you’ll pay off the house before the mower.

Granville Bennet says:

I live in England and have just bought one of these really impressed i have to say ,The dealer i bought it off said a lot of Gardening and landscaping contractors were now buying these as an alternative to petrol , if i did ever purchase a petrol it would be a Honda due to there reliability ,i have a Honda Tiller and a Fort meadow Grass cutter with a Honda engine , i did have a Hayter Condor before the Honda brilliant mowers but the Kohler engine was a right bastard to start

DeepN2Music says:

I’ll give you a HUGE reason not to buy these.. I bought the mower, the string trimmer and the blower.. all are great when they work… mower stopped working, Home Depot is the “repair” place. They can’t fix them in the store like they can a gas mower so they send it Georgia repair facility.. goodbye for 4-6 weeks… No what the actual F*** am I supposed to do in the meantime?!? in Florida, in the summer when we have to cut sometimes twice per week.. Well Home Depot to the rescue, they will rent me a gas mower. FFS. Had I known they wouldn’t even give me a free rental.. The Ego support guy had the nerve to say this is common with all technology and liken it to a Tesla.. I quickly told him that my local Tesla dealer would be able to fix it on site and they would sure as F*** give me a loaner in the meantime…

Zero 0 says:

Ego is Home Depot. The owner, Arthur Blenk, took a knee with his NFL team for our anthem.

Randy Simpson says:

But your down too 20 in compared too 32 more passes

oldbuzzardtoo says:

You have the 20 inch 4 ah battery if you would have gotten the 21 inch with 5 ah battery you would have the 40 mins run time I have mine for a year and a half plus the larger string trimmer and love them both !!

Raymond Moran says:

Nice review. The only thing you did wrong was put the battery in the charger after use. The best thing to do is leave it in its partially discharged state until the next mowing cycle. According to the manufacturer, the optimal storage capacity is something like 30-70% of max capacity, IIRC. EGO actually has technology built into the battery to self discharge to optimum capacity after prolonged non-use, i.e. winter, which is like 3 months or so.

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