Ego Electric Lawn Mower Review

Welcome to our latest Now You Know review! Today, we review the Ego Electric Lawn mower! We test it out to see if it is worth your time!

You can find the Ego Electric Lawn mower here:

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wegetiteasy says:

I use the Bosch Rotak 37 LI for years. Why use a gas mower or a cablemower? Never again.

Dan Sanger says:

I wish there were some type of standardization for battery packs. That applies to lawn mowers, garden equipment, power tools, and EVs.

Patrick Wilmes says:

I will never go back to a gas lawn mower

McKinley Jameson says:

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jjmac60 says:

i have been running ego products for years, i have never had an issue, i love them. the chainsaw is also impressive.

Michael Bouley says:

The bag attachment never received the grass instead all the cut grass went to the lawn. Then I put on a new mower blade and now it kicks the grass into the bag like it should. Also the grass shoot the sends grass out to the right. When I turn the mower to the right that grass shoot falls off.

Chris Sparks says:

How much acreage does it mow. What is the price point

Matthew Bird says:

Love my EGO! Best lawnmower I have ever owned!

jkenny1 says:

How would I go about trying to get a ban on gas landscaping equipment passed in my city? I’ve already found some data on how much they contribute to the overall pollution and I’m sure I could get some approval from residents who would love to see this. Coupling this with cost savings vs gas over time would even make this a smart move for the landscaping companies after the initial investment.

Cory Grimm says:

I opted for the Greenworks Pro 80V model and love not having to deal with gas and oil any longer. The ego, however, sounds like one of those kid’s powerwheels as a self propelled model. Just sayin”.

Robert A says:

My only issue with Ego is that if you do have a (rare) problem with one of their devices, you have to go through Home Depot for triage/repair. I had to do so and it was no fun working with Home Depot repair process.

Kevin Smith says:

I have a 40v greenworks gmax mower and I LOVE IT.. never again with a gas mower. That said, the only issue I saw with the video is you said if you don’t finish, just toss it on the charger and in 45 minutes you’re good to go, but the battery will be hot after being drained and you don’t want to charge it before it cools. On my mower it won’t even allow you to do it until it’s cooled off, so in those rare cases where I let it grow too long and the mower can’t finish the yard, it’s a couple hours at least before I can finish the job, but it usually waits for the next day weather permitting.

saborguerito says:

Ok, a little extreme with the mask. Really

Parvinder Singh says:

Read Reviews about Electric lawn mower before purchasing here –

Jean Paul Azzurro says:

This will be my next choice for sure….

Going ALL Electric says:

Got this mower and love it! Finally a great electric ⚡️ lawn mower with no compromises! I’ve had mine now for about 6 months and here you can see how it’s holding up:

D Bean says:

Great review!

dAz B says:

I bought the same mower without the self-propelled motor, it replaced a Honda self-propelled, this mower is so much lighter than the Honda it’s not funny, has the same cut 21″, quiet, easy to maneuver, my lawn has flat sections and steep slopes parts, I also bought the multitool with a line trimmer, lawn edger, pole saw and brush cutter Metal Blade, and I also have the blower which is as powerful as any petrol blower I’ve used, I usually do the edges, mow the front and back and clean up with the blower in under an hour ago all on the same battery, I don’t need ear protection and I don’t get tingling hands from the vibrations the petrol tools used to give me. Quiet, no petrol, oil(except for chain lube) or fumes smell, and the tools are always ready to go.

Gregory Cropper says:

Most people don’t know how much a gas mower pollutes. An hour pushing a gas mower is equivalent to 100 miles in an ICE car.

zezizarjaars says:

That was nearly two years ago

Road to the 2 Comma Club says:

I have the previous version of this mower that I purchased in 2015, and it’s still going strong and I LOVE it. I had an electric mower before this one (a Toro I believe) and it was so much heavier probably at least twice as heavy, and the battery took 6-7 hours to charge. Mine only takes 30 minutes to charge and the mower is lighter, just as quiet, and much more powerful. And the headlights are a great feature! I truly enjoy cutting the grass with this mower, even not being self-propelled I can still easily push it with one hand while picking up sticks with the other as I cut the grass. 🙂

Kuth70 says:

Tad pricey for a lawn mower. I’d def buy this if it was even just $200 less. I think $545 is a little out of my range.

Trevor Shiffermiller says:

I have had the Kobalt 40 volt lithium yard tools for about 4 years. I am very happy with them. No maintenance except charging batteries, cleaning, sharpening blades, refilling laser line… ok yeah there is still maintenance. But there isn’t any motor maintenance which is the biggest pain.

I will never go back to a gas powered version. I know my parents will go electric when their Honda self propelled eventually dies. 20 years and still going strong.

Simme Rocky says:

I seanse a Oscar coming!

John Egan says:

As mentioned other posts, it would be really cool so see you guys interview Joe from Mean Green Products The have a whole line of lithium electric yard products…get on that! Cheers, John 😉

Lounge lizard says:

Or just get a pygmy goat! (Go ahead, ask me)

Steve M says:

I bought one of these Ego mowers this summer to replace my gas mower I owned for 3 seasons.  Going into this, the gas mower’s 4th season, it would not start.  This was the second time it had this problem.  I was so fed up, I went for the EGO system, and also bought the weed wacker and blower.  I have not used the blower but the mower and wacker both work excellent.  I highly recommend.

Bmac 814 says:

This would be perfect for our yard which is rather small, I used the greenest of the green lawn mowers for a long time but I cracked down and bought a gas mower. I’m more interested in a weekwacker though, every one I’ve ever had has been a pain to start at some point and mixing gas is a bit of a hassle. My only concern is those expensive battery packs sitting dormant for the winter months, I’d say there’s a bit of preparation needed to safely store them.

axlaxl7 says:

I actually canceled the lawn service and bought this one and I am enjoying it… (tip for buyers: buy the lawn mover with this big battery and buy the trimmer and blower without the battery (cheaper) and use just the one battery for all 3 tools – I can make my t 4k sq feet lawn without recharging)

Shawn Holder says:

Guys take a look at this company:

JP Morin says:

I can’t get a Tesla so I got an Ego lawnmower, weed trimmer, and leaf blower this summer. They all work amazing and they’re very convenient!

Lovejazz01 says:

I have an older version of the same mower, I love it! Charge it up put the battery in the mower , mow the grass , put the mower back up, that’s it! You should have shown the battery and how you charge it too, really easy! When I first got it, I didn’t finish the backyard because the battery went out, so I thought I had to wait till the next day for it to charge. My dad eventually told me that it will charge it up in 30 minutes, so like you said you can have a tea or do something else like edge, and then finish the yard, kinda like a Tesla Supercharger lol! Even my neighbor who was kinda skeptical of a battery mower at first said he’s going to get him one! The part that my dad told me that sold me was the fact that the power doesn’t go down with the battery, it will be at full power and then just shut off, that’s why I fully recommend it!

Scott Z says:

I have been using this mower since May. It is the wonderful to use. Like you stated I now enjoy being outside cutting the grass. Two things I would like to add. This this is so light you really do not need the self propel option unless you are having a very lazy day. Also I have recorded how much electricity it takes to charge the battery from empty and calculated how often I have to mow in a year. This thing will cost me about $1.35 in electricity to use for the entire grass season.

David Hronowski says:

Make sure you buy the Ego leaf blower, you’re gonna love it.

Brendan Bellingham says:

Love these reviews

eugene strawberry says:

Wait, Zach is Jessie dad?

zezizarjaars says:

This is a bit like advertising a flashlight to hang up in your living room and then say, look it’s better as an oil lamp!

sidejobs6 says:

Yo zak and jess here’s one more reason to go EV this past week with the Hurricane in Houston the gas station ran out of gas so in some way EV’s are disaster proof because it means you can get to safely 200 more miles away while every one else is stuck because there is no gas it sounds like a selfish reason but nonetheless one can’t argue it is still a legit reason what are your thoughts keep doing what your doing thanks

Tyler Hilliard says:

I like the ‘porch test’ – would have liked to see the same thing with the gas mower for comparison. Autonomous mower review next?!

Patrick Wilmes says:

great video, LOVE my self propelled Ego mower

Gavin Matthews says:

Is it good for commercial use ?

Tom Mueller says:

First mower I’ve owned where I’m able to here my cellphone ring while mowing.

juancgaona says:

You guys forgot the best thing! Some places give you rebates to get rid of you gas powered mowers. I bought one and got a rebate for my old one. Here is where I got my rebate.

Michael Davis says:

Hi everyone, great job on the review! I’ve had the 20 inch Ego lawnmower for over a year now and love it! It is the non-self-propelled version and honestly they are so light weight that it’s super easy to push. So you could save some money by getting the push version. I also have the Ego weed eater and Ego hedge trimmer and love them all. The battery packs are all interchangeable, so as long as you have two batteries you can just keep going. When one battery runs out, stick it on the charger and use the other battery to keep working. The first battery will be charged up again before the second one runs out. Also, as long as you have two batteries, you can purchase subsequent Ego lawn equipment without the battery for a much lower cost. I have a lot of experience using these over the past two summers so let me know if you have any question!

HairlessHare says:

That lawn mower secretly loves weeds
56 volts X 7.5 amp hour = *420 Wh*

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