Ego 21″ Self Propelled Mower Review | 56 Volt Ego Power

Ego Power 21″ Lawn Mower Review – This is the Self Propelled version that retails at Home Depot for $499. This video is not sponsored.

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Here is the original Ego Mower review I did back in 2014 that one was sponsored.


Funnyimps says:

Thanks for doing another one with EGO. I was in HD a month ago for an hour trying to decide between this and one of the Toro recyclers. Went with the Toro, but I’ve been trying to find an excuse to get this one as well.

Losttouchjs says:

I have a whole line of Ego products and I love them all! Especially the hedge trimmer 🙂 just not having to pull around extension cord makes the trimmer priceless.

Clyde Perrine says:

That is the perfect way to evaluate, first impression and long-term quality of cut. Nuff said.

Brent Hill says:

EGO makes a high lift blade that is much better than that stock multi all in one blade you have. Mine cuts much better with the high lift blade. Bags better as well. EGO AB2101 21″ Inch high lift blade.

Brad Christie says:

For anyone contemplating;

Second year going with EGO, and LOVE IT. Have the 21″ SP and, after you get a high-lift blade, it’s terrific. Some pros:

* No Gas — So nice not having that spring trip to the gas station or adding stabilizer to the container through winter. (and no gas hands from these new jugs)
* Lightweight — Makes walking with (and transporting it) easy. I also feel like it’s helping avoid mow grooves (wear marks) around islands/trim/etc.
* Storage — Know some people who have ’em hung on wall/ceiling. Haven’t gone that far, but converting to vertical storage is a great space-saver. (Joys of not having to worry about leaking gas).
* No Maint. — No tune-ups, worrying about ethanol, spark plugs, etc.
* Ecosystem — Have the backpack blower and handle for string trimmer/edger/saw. As mentioned, when you use the whole system it’s an amazing thing with a lot of versatility.
* Self-propel (Optional) — Enjoy that I can have it move itself without having the mower enabled. It’s also fully adj., which is terrific for anyone’s walking pace (or training for 5k on high).
* Rear-wheel drive — Didn’t see you mention, but nice to have given how many times you may be going up-hill or pushing down on bar while moving forward.
* Head-lamp – Just in case?

I know you picked it out, but the “delay”, I believe, is part of a battery saving effort. Ramp-up (over hard-drains) to a batter is a lot easier on the cells.

Cons (Honestly):

* Self-propel handle should be on both sides (or an entire bar along back side or something).
* Default blade [doesn’t] suck. Supposedly the steel frame (next model) fixes this, but you need to buy a high-lift blade if you want a prayer at mulching.
* Send-in for side-discharge (should have just shipped it). It’s free, but comes after you register.
* Difficult to clean; Gas-powered you have no hesitation spraying the fawk out of it. Not the case with these. Water-resistant, but not enough to make cleaning any easier.

ladams00 says:

Holy shit, I bought this mower a few days ago.

SimMaster says:

The mower probably becomes less stable the higher you raise it because of its center of gravity, causing it to tumble around more and getting an uneven cut.

Garrett Tribble says:

Allan, any chance of you doing a greenskeeper review? I bet you love the cut, especially with that southern lawn!

Brad Boullion says:

Do a video on nitros phos fertilizers randy lemon recommended it. I got some and don’t really know much about it yet and want to know how you would use it. So it would be greatly appreciated if you could do a video on that. Keep up the good work! 🙂


I’m a loyal LCN- have used EGO mowers for 3 years- love the way it cuts my Tennessee Fescue. (I did upgrade from the push to the new 21′ SP last year- love it)

SandW6384 says:

up to 60 mins of run time, that’s cute.

E Jenkins II says:

A little off topic, but would you rather A) Exmark Commercial 30 or B) Honda HRX217?

Mojo says:

can you talk about what you look for in a garden hose? What makes some good and others junk?

ronaldjenkees says:

LOVE this mower, but since following the LCN, my grass is so lush that the mower can’t keep up 100% and it clumps up a bit – sometimes requiring a second pass or a quick hit w/ leaf blower. I’m all in w/ Ego, though, and they’ll improve with time.

Eric Compton says:

Does the EGO list the blades RPM’s? I would guess that the gas powered machines have a higher RPM rating, which would result in a more even cut (especially at a higher cutting height).

Larry Mason Homes says:

That EGo is so light, it’s riding up on the grass.
The gas mowers are heavier, and rolling on the ground.

TheYeahsoawesome says:

Fairly new to your channel but have you ever reviewed a Husqvarna lawn mower?

Vic G says:

Your assessment is correct. At the highest setting it has an uneven cut. I cut at the next level down. I use the highest level for knocking down overgrown grass. GREAT MOWER. Cutting the lawn is no longer a weekend chore. I cut my Saint Augustine twice a week. Very quiet. It can be used at any time.The lights are great for cutting in the early morning or in the evening. No more smelling like exhaust when I’m done mowing.

Anthony Jarvis says:

I wanted to know what is the reason i see most people mowing with the side discharge open or removed? Is there a advantage to leaving the deflector open? When reading a manual, it states to never operate a mower with the deflector removed or opened. Can you elaborate?

heavymechanic2 says:

This is a Zero Emission Mower and has no maintenance for lots of people who neglect that stuff anyway. Consider CARB does not allow any 2-cycle products in California and the push for battery equipment. Electric motors typically have more torque than gas engines produce. The soft start is a safety feature to prevent jackrabbit starts. Over the past twenty years, lawnmower engines run at slower speeds for noise emissions and this whisper quiet electric mower has that advantage if you live close to fussy neighbors.. This mower would be ideal for small yards or people who are not real handy with repairs.

Watchur says:

Just found your channel. Good stuff. You remind me of a mix of Ave and Brian Glenn from cigar obsession.

As a new homeowner with no lawn care tools, I bought into the Greenworks 80v family. Very impressed so far.

Vytas Rauckis says:

Does your Saint Augustine have an occasional yellow blade? Not a lot but just one every yard or so. What is the cause for that? Also, you mention that nasty bermuda. What are your doing to control it?

A six says:

5 de mayo is not a real mexican holiday. we do not celebrate it.

Dubiel says:

Definitely a plus for early morning lawn care nut mowing and no engine maintenance. I’m still skeptical though. I love my Toro.

matt stokes says:

This is off topic but I’m having some crabgrass issues.  Been treating them with Atrazine but no luck.  I have centipede, is it safe to use quinclorac as opposed to what the directions say on Bayer Crabgrass Killer? Help

Mitch Springer says:

Love the review and videos. This spring I decided to make a lawn I can be proud of and I’ve been using your program to do it. I just have to wonder what your neighbors think, lol. “Look there’s nut video taping himself with his face in his grass again”.

81Sazerac says:

Frankly, the 21″ self propelled Ego Electric Mower is the electric mower to beat, I’ve used it for over 1 year and it still performs. I’ve got the backpack air blower, hedge trimmer and the String Trimmer and all of the units perform beyond expectation. I do find that if I let my lush and thick fescue grow to obscene heights, I do need to trade batteries on and off almost every 30-40 minutes. I have the 7.5 Ah that came with the mower and the 5.0 that came with the backpack blower. Blade cuts clean when maintained so I bought an extra one so they are always sharp. Quiet, easy to store and I frankly can cut my lawn at night because it has headlights and is quiet enough not to bother the neighbors. To me, there are significant advantages with going electric as the maintenance issues with gas are frankly not worth it when you take into account the whole line of Ego lawn care products. Thanks LCN for doing a thorough review of cut quality!

Rahul Sharma says:


j buck says:

Deffinentle have yard domination going on here

Dan Garcia says:

I had the 21″ SP version and really liked it, but I was always questioning the cut when I used the SP. It just seemed to be off and when I wasn’t using SP it looked normal. I could never put my finger on the cause, but it really irked me. I never thought about maybe the unit being too lite and having just a little bit of bounce while using SP. I eventually sold to my aunt and got the non-SP. I don’t have a terribly large lawn so it works out better. Love the vids!!

Joni English says:

REVIEW THE DEWALT ELECTRIC !!!!!!!x2 20v batteries

Rick M says:

The Lawn care nut, what do you think of slice seeders? Seems they do the work of aerating, overseeding, and topsoil in one function bu driving the seeds into the soil. Would you reccomend a slice seeder?

Sharon says:

Your right about uneven cuts. I brought the EGO mower a few weeks ago and noticed the same issue. After reading some reviews on the issue, I brought the separate high lift mower blade based. It delivers a cleaner cut than does the stock blade. The blade design causes the mower to have a deeper even cut. I observed no change in battery life in use. IMO, this should be the standard OEM blade, not an option that requires an additional purchase. Overall, I’ve used the mower only a few times but I’m pleased with the performance

Freddy Alegria says:

I have a quick question im a beginner at doing the lawn and I wanted to know what would you recommend me using on my Honda 4 cycle lawnmower regular gas or non ethanol?

Azred - Minecraft and More says:

the problem is you cut two high so blades arnt right on the grass to cut well but since the honda and time master are faster they cut better

jtoon200 says:

My Ego is my new “daily driver” I got it last year because I like to mow at 6-7am and the quiet motor is nice. I have noticed a minor difference in cut quality at higher settings, but the self propel is the biggest difference. When I don’t use the self propel, the cut quality is beautiful. So I’ve learned to only use it on uphill sections. The mower itself is very light so pushing it down a slope or on level ground isn’t a strain. It’s also easy to pick up and carry up your deck stairs and put away.
I also want to give this mower big props because I ran and mowed a large section of my lawn with it. Yes, you read that right. I ran with it as fast as I could push to finish the lawn and the results were acceptable. I got caught mowing while a rainstorm was starting up. I thought I had enough time to finish before the rain started but I didn’t. I ended up running the last 1/4 of my lawn with this mower.

Rooster says:

I made the EGO conversion a few years ago. Mower was first, the first edition which is a very light 21″ pusher. I have trimmer, hand held blower, chainsaw (WOW), and snow blower too.
Tip: slow pace of mower or quicken your walk so that you have a little push on handle, BUT make that an upward push to help front wheels stay down (no bounce). One problem mine has it that EGO provided “low lift” blades, thus it has inadequate suction to pull the grass blades upward while being cut. Keep it RAZER sharp! Keep them all RAZER sharp!

Tom Brown says:

I have a sprinkler question, I’m about to install sprinklers, will my toro 21″ striping kit damage my heads?

Marty W says:

Agree. Battery powered mowers are for small lawns only. I have a patio home with only 2k sq ft to mow and my 16″ is perfect. I can knock it out in 20 minutes and have 1/2 charge left. And for a better cut, I found I had to slow the pace a tad over a gas mower. I love that I do not have to deal with gas and oil anymore. No more carburetors clogging up. Just keep the blade sharpen and that’s about all the maintenance there is. No more gas mower for me.

icawn says:

Hey mom look at that creepy dude crawling around his yard. Is he special?

lojack816 says:

Love the videos, very informational and entertaining to watch.

Do all of your neighbors know about your youtube channel? If i were to commit like you do to videoing my mowing, especially to the level you do, my neighbors would start calling me nuts.

Josh Chapman says:

Your experience is pretty similar to what I’ve found with my Ego 21” (not self-propelled though). Because it’s lighter, the wheels don’t sink so far into the grass and it can jump sometimes if your lawn has a lot of bumps and divots. It would make sense that you’re seeing that more at the top height. I usually mow my KBG at 3.5”.

Also, I’ll echo what someone else said: try sharpening the blades. It’s a lighter, thinner blade than some gas mowers, and the cut quality responds really well to sharpening. From the factory it’s not dull, but could be sharper.

Max says:

Allen when you were talking about that mower there was like 5,000 shoes behind you dude how many shoes do you need?

Teddy Brosevelt says:

I apologize for my words in a previous post. I need your help, I have a serious question. What should I do about pets peeing in my yard. They’re making spots of dead grass. Thanks

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