Dewalt 2x20v Lawn Mower Review

Just giving my average user thoughts and opinions about the new Dewalt 2×20 lawn mower.


Kyong Song says:

I am pretty interested in this mower, so I’d love to see this in action.
Not sure how this would compare against other known cordless mowers, but at least, I think power should be a non-issue. There are tons of 40V mowers with brushed motor that works fine, so with brushless motor, things should be at least somewhat better.

But who knows what kind of problem this has…

DeWalt Fanatic Are Us says:

It’s like the chop saw
You need to run the 60 volt plateform to
Get the best results 9 amp hour
Would perform best

Stephen Baker says:

Sir, thank you so much for doing a review on this mower. I’ve ordered mine (it’s on backorder) and I’ve seen a lot of negative reviews. I’m glad to see that someone who has a yard size similar to mine recommends it. I wait for it excitedly.

Mark Keeler says:

My comments have nothing to do with the battery system. I have owned Black & Decker electric (corded) mowers for many years and have enjoyed the lack of fumes, oil, gas, and noise. I have even gotten good at dealing with dragging a cord around; one of my two current mowers is a discontinued flip handle mower and is a breeze to use. One great feature that has been carried over to these DeWalt mowers (B&D owns DeWalt) is the one lever adjustment for the wheel height. I love it since I do change the height for various places in my yards. The only thing you should be aware of prior to purchase concerning that feature is that since the rods for raising every wheel extends out toward the front of the mower, you cannot push the mower right up to something and expect to cut grass. When the front of the mower is touching something immovable, the blade is back about 5 inches. You can usually overcome this by turning the mower sideways to mow but in the cases where you can’t, it is a bit of a pain. Another problem with electric or cordless mowers is that you will find that you need to mow more often. They just don’t have the power of a gasoline engine; they will not power through taller or wet grass. I normally have to mow every 3-4 days here in Ohio during the rains of spring and the fast growing grass. If I wait too long, I will struggle to mow. Lastly, I like my plastic decks that the B&D mowers have. Those mowers are nowhere near 75 lbs. For any of you older folks thinking that these cordless mowers are “light”, you might want to go for a test drive. I have bad legs (PAD) and sometimes pushing the lightweight B&D electric mowers can be troublesome.

Peaches Monroe says:


athletejmv says:

I have the mower as well. It’s awesome. However, the packaging isn’t that great. Mine showed up with a bent wheel and dent in the side. I ordered it through Home Depot.

PD12 says:

You’re right. You are the first to make a review. Would like to see it in action as I’m on the fence in getting one. As for the battery issue I’m a contractor so I have lots of 20’s and 60’s so I’m really interested in seeing the real world run times. You may have an idea on how long in minutes rather than square footage. But as I said I have 60’s (9.0ah) so that may be a non issue in my case.

Nyall says:

I’m liking mine a lot but I got a dcb112 charger. Which is what dewalt’s site lists, not the faster 115 in your video.

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