DeWALT 20V 20″ Lithium Ion Lawn Mower Review

We take a look at the long awaited DeWALT 20V 20″ Lithium Ion Lawn Mower. The quality and this unit is awesome but there is one thing we didn’t like. Visit our website –
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MasterQuack14 says:

The #1 thing that people NEED to know about this mower is that it is intended for someone who already has other large DeWalt tools like myself. I have 6 of the 9ah Flex Volts and regularly use the impacts, saws-all, angle grinder, skill-saw, and drills for home mechanic work and wood working. This mower is designed for light duty home use and having the ability to rotate several sets of batteries from the mower to the chargers. This is why the mower was designed with power output in mind instead of battery conservation.

If you take any single tool in ANY cordless brand and only had 1 battery pack available you will have rune time issues. From day 1 of using cordless drills and saws everyone knows you need 3 sets of batteries for continuous use by rotating from the tool to the chargers. I don’t know why anyone would expect that one set of batteries for such a large continuous use case such as this mower would be enough.

The fact that they don’t offer a ‘tool only’ option and force you to pay extra for the inadequate 5ah batteries not only dissuades customers, but also hurts their brand reputation. I would have also liked it if they made the battery compartment larger to fit 4 batteries. Being able to draw from 4 batteries will not only double your run time (higher actually, if you know about how Lithium Ion battery chemistry works) but would let the batteries run cooler due to less current draw per cell.

Personally, I just use the 5ah for my smaller tools like my 1/4″ impact or light and use my 9ah packs for the mower. I have been using the DeWalt weed eater for a couple years now and that think was worth every single penny! I have been waiting for DeWalt to finally put out a mower as well so I can completely ditch gas all together!

T!.!.!T says:

First two battery bars are 25% each and the last bar is 50%

Jaskanwar Randhawa says:

i bought a kobalt 16 inch mower that better 1 battery 4amps 40v . same power

Wolfhound says:

take off the electric crap and put a gas powered engine and it will be a good mower

nick v says:

Just get the Brigg’s and Stratton 82v

Mark Keeler says:

I have used electric mowers for years. You have to remember, you HAVE to cut the grass when it is shorter. You can’t expect to wait as long as you normally would with a gas mower and expect great run time from the batteries. Tall and damp/wet grass are a literal drag on the power and the batteries drain quickly. Even my corded mowers will not power through what you did and mulch properly. You have to change your mowing mindset with battery mowers. They are for small areas, they have the convenience of no gas or oil needed, they are much quieter and no need to drag an extension cord around. You cannot expect the same out of them as a gasoline engine mower.

EOSJOE says:

Wonder why you guys never mentioned that DeWalt sells a near identical push mower that uses (1) 40V battery and costs the same as this 20V version?

Chris Crawford says:

I’ve owned this mower for 2 months. Agree with the review, very happy with the build quality, great cut, very quiet, all the benefits of electric. Run time in s disappointing, but how much you cut and how low you cut make a big difference. I started on 2 now I mow taller at 4 and have much better luck. I bought a set of generic spare 5ah batteries from Amazon for 70 that work great. Very happy with entire 20v dewalt line for my 1/4 acre lot. Have the mower, trimmer, blower, and chainsaw and love them all. Thrilled to be done with gas!

Wal Ter says:

Those batteries are likely to perform much better after a few cycles. It would be interesting if you could repeat the test on the same yard (with similar grass height, temperature, humidity) after the batteries have been cycled a few times and report back. I would be surprised if you don’t observe a tangible increase in runtime.

Chase Owens says:

Let that guy run over the mower! Then we will see about quality.

Wolfhound says:

i don’t think the batteries with this thing can handle someone forcing it to do work if you use it till dead charge the batteries right after hot off the charger go again i think the batteries are going to burn up

Antony Lopez says:

you said dewalt quality idk if that’s a good thing or not.

mman454 says:

For that price I got a really nice toro personal pace…

Mark Bartlett says:

Hey guys, i need some advice please. Looking at buying the Dewalt DCD796 combi drill. I’ve got 2 prices – £140 with 2x 4AH batteries or £185 with 2x 5AH. Should i pay an extra £45 for the 2 bigger batteries (1ah difference) just for DIY. What u think?

Built Tough Tool Talk says:

I’m a huge Dewalt fan. I’m happy with my EGO tho.

jeremy s says:

no dewalt for me ….they are trying to do too many products.

The GTA Father says:

U can put flexvolt batteries in this…….even in ur video the flexvolt logo is under the hood

Joni English says:

do a SIDE TO SIDE of the 20V VS 40V dewalt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Larry MacDonald says:

Batteries need a few cycles to get full capacity, 5 to 10 cycles, we use Li-ion batteries in ebike battery packs, I’m kinda surprised you guys dont know this……
As Mr. Spock would say ” your logic is flawed “.

Johny Harbinger says:

Fuck push mowers, I want a riding lawnmower, or better yet move into the Blue Bonnet Towers in Baton Rouge that sinner Jimmy Swaggart built. Utilities included and you don’t have t cut any fuckn grass!

Rocky Cadieux says:

Just needs a nice Briggs or Tecumseh.

James Holbrook says:

Dang 10 min to go thru 5 amp hours that’s brutal on batteries I bet you could destroy like 1.5ah battery

Adam N says:

Can’t beat the horrible noise and beautiful fumes of an Australian made 4 stroke.

Ronald Martens says:

I watched this video and the statistics on the use of 2 5 amp hour batteries which almost cut a fairly large front yard.
I would prefer if a bigger single battery with high amp hour was used. This way there will be less variance in the amps of batteries.
I don’t know why tool manufacturers are going for twin 18 volts or 20 volts depending on models.
In Europe they have the 230mm 9 inch metabo cordless grinder with one 36 volt 6 amp hour battery. This same model came out in Australia with twin 18 volt batteries.
I have asked reps what they thought the difference between having a larger
Battery opposed to the twin system.
One answer I received is motors may not like a difference amperage going into the machine. Perhaps there may not be any issues. There will be times you have 2 batteries with one battery having less amperage. You may not have access to power or you are limited to time for whatever
Reason or circumstance.
For me, I’d rather see the bigger batteries brought on and I suspect it is marketing and sales which pushes for the twin battery setup.
Ego do the 56 volt system with either 5 amp hour or 7.5 self walking in Australia. I haven’t checked if higher amp hour are available.

Armando Gonzalez says:

Nah I’ll stick to my gas Honda mower I will never buy DeWalt they have the worst battery platform

Ed Liberatore says:

Why have a 20″ deck when you can have a 20′ deck!! lol

yourfast07 says:

I would love electric lawn mower but only if it can do 6000 sq ft on battery, otherwise it’s gas it’s better. Put gas and run with no problem 5 years, and to be running for new batteries and recharging nah. What you guys think about snapper.

Chuy Vargas says:

Try kobalt brushless 40max with 5amp lithium battery has good runtime or brushless 40max rwd is too but less runtime

tkittlitz says:

I bought this mower. I can do my front and rear yard on 1/3 of a battery charge. I live in the city though.

athletejmv says:

In regards to the battery status bars… there are three lights, but act as four indicators. The mower continues to mow when no battery bars are lit… this is your “4th indicator.” So, when you loose one bar, you are about 25% through your batteries, loose two bars, you are at 50%, when you loose the third bar, 25%, no bars, you are at 25% and mow until the mower is out of juice.

radar 211 says:

I like gas engines.

RD Noller says:

I’ve had the Worx 36V mower for eight years. I hesitated when originally buying it, but couldn’t be happier. I have just over a third of an acre and can mow three times with a little charge still left. After six years, I had to buy another battery and at $180, I was grousing about it at first, but then realized that was only $30 a year. I’d have spent more than that on gas/oil, etc. I’m on two years on the second battery and have no issues. The only thing to know is that I do seem to have to make sure the blade is a little sharper than I did with the old gas mower, especially if the grass is a little wet or too tall. Of course, a sharper blade also means a better looking cut. I love Worx equipment – but their customer service isn’t up to par.

Adam Petten says:

My poor greenworks is 4ah 40v and lasts longer than that.

S Maltais says:

Got this mower about a month ago and i love it but…..
My 4 complaints are
1: the battery cover is not closing tight enough and rattles all the time.
2: the height adjust lever is slack in the position comb and makes clunky noise
3: the paint is cheap and the deck bottom chipped at several places.
4: you must lift if off the grass so the blade can pickup speed or it wont start.

Would I buy it again? Yes because I already have the dewalt 20V ecosystem for all my other tools and I can do my lawn with 2 x 5Ah 20V with no problem, but it gets 7/10 because we expect a mower of this price to be flawless.

jjjjentges says:

Nothing like “going green” by buying an electric mower, then purchasing 3 F150s…

Kermit says:

Man you guys just need to start blanket banning negative comments, anything not polite, or clearly retarded. You guys aren’t hiding anything, there’s no reason to waste time wondering if your lying about something, there’s clearly things you don’t know, just like the rest of us. Conspiracy claims about this channel are 100% a waste of comment space and time.

MrClean417 says:

Just buy some more batteries, at 110 bucks for 2 and a multiple charge station because why would they send one with an overpriced electric lawnmower anyways? Bet they just send the charge one battery at a time, 20 dollar charger that they charge 70 dollars for or the dual unit that costs 100 and all that extra money to mow half a dinky sized lawn (where do you guys live to consider such a small mowing area a lawn?). I think I’ll go buy a couple bucks of gas and mow for 3 hours. They still haven’t updated that grid by the way, the one we all had to go to curly que, environmentally hazardous light bulbs for. Now they want us to run cars and lawnmowers and everything else off of it?
Peeca Garbage.

Chris K says:

I’ve got the Ego 56 (the older one) which works great with a 5.0. I really wanted to get this one, I have a lot of Dewalt batteries and this looks like a great unit but the battery run time would be an issue. I wish the Ego had a metal deck, it’s a pain in the bottom to clean stuck on grass. All I’ve heard about the Dewalt is quality, low run time. Too bad!

Ben Forster says:

You guys should definitely review the Snapper XD 82V cordless 21″ mower/ trimmer/ blower. I bought them and couldn’t be happier run time of 30-45 min and charge in 30 best cordless mower on the market hands down.

Johny Harbinger says:

Battery powered lawnmower is a piece of shit. Just like the mulching mowers on the shelf for $399 plus tax, won’t even cut knee high grass. Rear discharge is the stupidest idea ever. Like the woman who owned a 1974 Pontiac Catalina, she failed to read the starting instructions on the sun visor! Buy a gasoline mower, buy real non ethanol gas, and read the fucking instructions. Yes they sell non ethanol gasoline, they even have a website on where to buy it! Idiots with a credit card will buy junk, don’t be an idiot.

Steven Beasley says:

Awesome can i try it with flex volt

breeze787 says:

In other words this is the DeWalt electric mower 1.0. Runtime 10 minutes is totally unacceptable. Everyone should wait for Dewalt electric mower 2.0.

Kermit says:

It shouldn’t be unthinkable with these bigger tools now to expect to do a (30 second) battery swap mid job. If not great but it shouldn’t be such a big point of contention. I think anyone that invests into these serious cordless tool brand machines are going to own at least 5-10 batteries already anyway. If anything, all the pressure on these tool companies should be on super minimal high speed multi chargers, Dewalts 4 charger is as big as this mower, its such a sick joke, personal embarrassment is a legitimate factor to consider when buying one. Imo.

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