Bosch Rotak 37-36 Li Ergo Cordless Lawnmower Real Life Review

Petrol mower is getting harder and harder to start…so time for a change! Enter the Bosch Rotak 37-36 Li Ergo Cordless (only one of the Bosch range to collect same day and local)

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Dyson collector 2000 says:

the Bosch cordless mower looks cool good deal

Saqib Taj says:

What’s the battery run time after a full charge ?

na nad says:

It’s a great product, but just so you know the batteries if you ever need to replace it which you will eventually are about £150each. So basically when it gets to that point you will be looking at getting a new machine. I know this because they are the same batteries they use in their power tools drill ect which I used to sell for a living.

The charger has a built in fan if you leave it on charge and it’s full the fan will kick in. Again if you ever need to replace the charger that’s about another £150.

Betina Kragh Jensen says:

You put the handle on wrong – it’s upside down 🙂

GrumpyMan's REVIEWS says:

Great video I just bought and reviewed the 40-17 on my channel might go for this next

Judi Hancock says:

What is the difference between 37-36 LI this one and the 37 LI only?

Mohamad Khalil Hamieh says:

thanks for posting ,thumbs up .

KingEliTheSalopian7 says:

The handle is supposed to face up not dow


I really like your videos, so well done. I purchased the Echo dot and WD cloud after your honest no bulls**t reviews. You’re good presenter to. You should go on the gadget show, ur better than them!

Mark Forrest says:

We bought one today, cheers

strange exchange says:

what height did you have it set on


good stuff,cant figure out why you don’t have more subs?

Mark Forrest says:

Thanks for this, we’re looking at these mowers and can’t decide on a £120 Ryobi or £400 Bosch. Have you tried the cheapo ones? Cheers

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