Best & Worst lawn Mower of the Year- Husqvarna, Toro Grandstand or Wright stander z

The best & worst lawnmowers, Including the Newest Husqvarna V554 stander, & compare to the Toro Grandstand & Wright Stander z. If your looking for a new machine this year- check this out first.
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The4014Gamer ForTheWin says:

the blades on this thing dont spin fast enough. they should get pointers from Wright and have them build a mower for the hq name brand

Steven Gandt says:

Husqvarna folks, if you’re watching this and reading the comments, this is exactly the kind of feedback you need for a machine that clearly needs a rethink. Brian and Stan do an excellent job here. If you improve on the areas they point out, you’ll be a lot closer to running with the established industry names.

In terms of what you do with their feedback: I suggest watching Kent Harlan’s review of the Exmark Spreader Sprayer. It’s about 3 years old, and it’s for a completely different product, but the point is to hear Kent’s description of how Exmark responded to critical feedback. He had close and repeated interaction with Exmark engineers, and how Exmark responded is, I think, an excellent tutorial on how companies should solicit feedback and dedicate resources to improving the user experience. I can’t recommend that review strongly enough, as it incorporates direct product use experience with engineering process and redesign to make a more useful, reliable and profitable machine.

The4014Gamer ForTheWin says:


Mabel lin says:

Great movie!

Organist2020 says:

I prefer my old 1985 Cub Cadet 1541 or 1997 Agco Allis 1614VH, both have very similar controls, and both were very cheap, $600 for the 1541, $400 for the 1614VH, both are hydrostatic with the lever system instead of the pedals, I’m used tot he levers and can use them easily, but no one wants to borrow these tractors because of their layout, but as long as I can use them, I don’t care.

Steven Osmond says:

A good thing those engineers don’t cut hair.

beth98362 R says:

You like the compartment for cell phones and stuff…BUY A PURSE!

usernamenaw says:

To the people that say this isn’t a fair test, what happens if you get a neglected yard? Bring a tractor? If a finsh mower can’t make that that field look decent it is a nearly worthless machine. It’s a perfect test, not everyone lives in a climate where things barely grow.

In the future bring a good mower and show us a actual side by side. The Lazer z’s we used would have cut better but that’s almost apples to oranges.

Joe Scheller says:

husvarna screwed up big time when they bought out dixon and then discontinued it. they should have discontinued their line and kept the dixon going

David Hess says:

Its a mower not a brush hog

W&W Lawn Care says:

Have ever tried a Bradley stander?

GetaDigger says:

Cool video! but what I really wanna know is .. what brand are your sunglasses man?? I want some!

219 816 says:

Toro turbo force duck write john deer. Scags is gay too. Exmark better than that terd

beth98362 R says:

Love your reviews…length doesn’t matter!

Steven Conroy says:

Have you reviewed a Hustler Raptor 52″ with the 23 HP Kawasaki engine, curious because I bought a brand new one ??

Noel Hohberger says:

This was a great one

Keith Sullivan says:

Im not a fan of standers but i have a husqarvana but its the i think its mz552 but i could be wrong its 52 in 25h kohler i use it for jus my yard ive used it commercial use a few years ago an it was like 8000 brand new and i like it we have a lawncare service but rightnow we have a 61 snapper pro with 37h vanguard tht i dnt like at all and we have a 61 in scag freedom z with 25h kalawaski and the scag is my favorite but my husky does just as good none of them are going to cut fields perfect

Andrew Slabaugh says:

If it ain’t green it ain’t no machine

Jessica Adams says:

It’s “Husk Varna”…not “Hus koo varna”. There’s no extra syllable. Not to be picky…but if you are going to do a review…. Trust me…I’m from Sweden. And common…get to the point! Its a 25 video that should be 10 tops. And 20 minutes on HV, but only 5 on the the other two? FAILURE. Oh, and these Toro and HV mowers are kids toys…

casy casy says:

nice review

Thaenatos says:

Being the owner of a 2016 Husqvarna Garden Tractor Ill say that I love and hate mine. For just cutting sure go for it, but why spend nearly 4000 for just cutting??? I bought mine to be tougher and be able to work and well its always coming up short. I will be going for a John Deere or Kubota SCUT next time and not messing with “garden tractors” anymore. I personally wont recommend the brand anymore….

219 816 says:

That machine is amazing if you are not trying to mow grass

Hava says:

kawasaki motor… not husqvarnas design of the motor

The4014Gamer ForTheWin says:

Why buy a Husqavarna WHEN YOU GOT THE WRIGHT STANLEY ZK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ian Taylor says:

You need a beer assistant and to shout “WOOOO” a lot.

Dale3887 says:

I work for a husqvarna and scag dealer. Absolutely hate these things. They are probably the worst mower I have driven yet. Especially compared to the scag v-ride

Logan Charles says:

LOLOLO!!! “Who’s kavarna” lol!! It’s pronounced Hus kavarna. Lolol!! Hilarious

beth98362 R says:

The village idiot designed that lawn mower!

The4014Gamer ForTheWin says:

that stander cuts like our trailmower, and our trailmower barely cuts AT ALL, we also weren’t told it was a finish mower.

scarface matt says:

Husqvarna sucks, i bought one as I have 2 lots. the damn thing brakes every time I use it first 6 months i went through 2 head gaskets and had to rebuild the deck multiple times and found a flaw in their replacement parts the belt pully has no lip at the spindle like the original which causes it to strip the pully immediately upon blade engagement. 5 pulleys later i found the flaw so i put a washer on top and it seems to have fixed that problem I was mowing last week and as im crossing the driveway the spindle housing pops a mounting bolt then blows apart. i drilled out the bolt holes from another spindle housing i had that was striped and insted of using the small crap they sell i used 5/8 nut and bolt

my 25-year-old push mower I paid $20 for 4 years ago have done 0 maintenance to still runs and cuts like a champ starts first pull every time

Tool Craze says:

exmark stand ons are very good but the gravely mower’s have the Same safety but the brake is in the other side of the machine

Kyle Pettyjohn says:


vburke1 says:

Man, who mows a foot plus of hayfield with anything defined as a lawnmower? Get out the tractor with the 6-7 foot sicklebar or a bush hog. Sheesh.

canamcrazyman says:

8:28 what was going in background

Brian Eastman says:

Keep up the good work guys

beth98362 R says:

I have an old push non electric lawn mower that does a 100% better job than that piece of S!
Oh….you can even stand up while using it!

Dan Dew says:

Wow, Husqvarna really dropped the ball on that design.

Jttv says:

The best is a Ventrac and will continue to be.

breeze787 says:

The toro wasn’t really a whole lot better than the Husquavarna. Both Toro & the Husquavarna are unacceptable cuts. And a lawn mower business is all about cut.

The4014Gamer ForTheWin says:

Husqvarna should add blade RPMs, also, why not add lights with a switch, they’ve got the holes pre-made.

Chevrasaki says:

Please include the name of the manufacturer for the engine (Kawasaki, Kohler, B&S, Honda etc) and the manufacturer of the transmissions (Tuff Torq, Parker, Hydro Gear, Peerless Gear, General Transmission, etc) That information would be useful. Keep up the great work!

Troy Simon says:

10-12 years ago I was one of a couple field service engineers in Florida For JD when they rolled out a new line of commercial ZTR mowers. Man, the landscaping employees beat on the equipment, full speed down the median of I-75 or FL turnpike and hit concrete culverts! No wonder the 5/16 deck chains were breaking, later upgraded to 3/8. Guess their testing facility in Farquay – Varina NC doesn’t test for that. Sealed transmissions with no internal parts available. Some problems with thin powder coat, easily resolved. One good thing I did learn was using spray foot powder to find oil leaks on the Kawasaki engines. Interesting experience.

Shawn Fox says:

What’s going on under the deck that it’s not cutting the grass right the first time to what your Toro did better the first time or even better yet the yellow mower did in the first swap cut bam next row of grass bam cut next row that husky mower you’ll be cutting all day on on swap I’d not spend a dime on that mower.

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