Best Cordless Mowers of 2016 – Top 5

We go over 5 of the most popular Lithium Ion Lawn Mowers available in 2016. We check out: Kobalt, Greenworks, EGO, Echo and Ryobi.
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Jason Daniels says:

four plus minutes of BS…jebus…get to it.

Meri Willis says:

I purchased the Ego Self Propelled today. We are having a lot of pollen and a few dusty spots and it was filthy. What is the best way to clean it. I hate just wiping it down. It doesn’t do the job.

Broccolini Lesnario says:

Where the fuck is Makita

DMDMD says:

Ego for sure.

Scott Witkowski says:

As your shaking the Ego. It looks flimsy. Ive had old Post mtd mowers that barely ran but they were durable. I’d throw it when it wouldn’t start. If E go has the best build quality, I guess all electric mowers are shit.

anon amous says:

They are right about one thing. They are a pair of Tools. LOL

Nik Salazar says:

i got a little side discharge coming out of me

David Robinson says:

I’ve had the 21 inch double bladed Kobalt for a couple years. I liked it at first but the blade design is poor and dull it’s like a butter knife is mowing the grass. (even after installing new blades!)

1000hpVette & ScatPack says:

My fav video of these 2 stooges fighting lmao

Sher v says:

What about weight? I have to carry it uphill, to 2 separate lawns, before we start mowing terraced Garden. Also batteries, in the past mine have not lasted. You mentioned not freezing them. (They were kept in the barn) Anything else I can do to make them last?

Mike T. says:

No mention on time to charge the battery and how many batteries are included? Cobalt wins hands down with two batteries included and 30 minute charge time.

darryl handley says:

The manual for my Ego states not to wash with water or use in rain as it can stuff the electrics and motor .This could void the warranty .Stupid video dickheads

Jim McCarthy says:

This showed nothing..

Carravagio16 says:

you need to add some circus music in post production.

Kevin Holland says:

I would have the one with all four independent wheel height adjustment. Dream machine. Not for square patches, but proper rugged lawns and borders….. Different wheel height means a better cut on sloping lawns, and river banks….

Brenda Robertson says:

yardworks battery brushless lawn mower

jjtotheb says:

water your grass not your lawn mower

Eric De Loera says:

Could you guys do a review on the greenworks pro 60v

Brian Clements says:

I agree with the feelings about the Kobalt 80v mower, it works okay but it does rattle a lot, and I also agree that it doesn’t quite get all the blades of grass cut the same height if you are taking an inch or more off, the next day I notice blades that stick up higher than the rest. Just bought the same Ryobi mower featured in this video today from Home Depot, gonna give it a shot.

Trevor Bickham says:

I found this video to be very informative, I am interested in by a electric lawn mower and didn’t have a clue about them. Thank you very much.

HempAle Papi says:

The guy in black is so bitchy

James Varnes says:

I bought the EGO, not self propelled. overall okay but not all that happy about mulching, leaves grass trails, even when I am only cutting about 1/2″ off lawn

Mike Kimmen says:

Two knuckleheads….The Bell Brothers..Ding and Dong

Biggguns119 says:

Good job guys


Just bought an EGO. I freaking love this thing. Bought the blower also, and getting the weed eater next month.

Ian Burr says:

Still too expensive!

JesusG90247 says:

You guys need to go back and make a more professional video …. very disappoint
you guys were all over the place and not enough facts ….

Travis D says:

Love my Ryobi mower, leaf blower, and string trimmer. Have had them for three years, zero issues. I was an early adopter so I have the 16″ mower. I will probably upgrade to the 20″ with the headlights at some point. There have been many times where I wish I had the headlights!! The perk of the 16″ is it is super light, nimble, and small to store! I have looked at these 20/21″ models in the store. They are big mowers that take up way more space. As the guys said it all depends on your needs and preferences. It was good advice to look at the tool platform as well. I looked at kobalts trimmer and blower and was not impressed with the feel and ergonomics of them. They seemed like an after thought. That was a few years ago so they may have made progress and modifications since then.

Thomas Staab says:

Eric: Completely assumptive remark about side discharge 6:01. In fact, most people take the silly rear bagger off and side discharge due to mower deck choking. Before you make cynical comments think about the impact. Rear bagging helps in leaf pickup but wastes time in regular mowing. So side discharge very important.

KubotaManDan says:

Everything is china made crap including EGO. I have the EGO weed eater & the battery don’t last long enough to do my yard, same with the blower & running on minimal settings. I like them both but just saying. But the charger is fast on those batteries & both can be used in each other. I thought the blower tube could be longer & added a flex drain connector to the end w/duct tape & fixed that. But these tools I have are in expensive compared to the costs of those mowers. And then what happens when your battery goes belly up & they don’t make them anymore?

Icyrene says:

I luv my Ryobi

Dennis Hazel says:


Steven Ramirez says:

Home depot where I live have the echo 58 volt mowers for $279 brand new. Should I pick it up for that price?

john doe says:

Do they make a hybrid gasoline-electric model?

Michael Wolbert says:

It’s not cordless mowers….its electric mowers. Last time I checked most gas mowers are cordless as well. Also your prices were wrong. The Ryobi is $299 not $399. Also the dude in the blue shirt is never prepared for his videos

Joe Swanson says:

my 36v Makita runs longer and does just fine on a 1/3 acre lot size.  plus I got a free 5 inch angle grinder with my purchase.

Gongshow Garage says:

great job guys you both are great!!fun and information. ..I love the ego I did a review on their ego weedeater keep up the great work just subbed

etmax1 says:

got to be the most unprofessional review on the planet. Never get a subscribe that way

Daniel LeCompte says:

These guys keep talking about Amp hours without looking at volts. A 2ah 80v battery is about the same as a 4ah 40v battery. A mower running a 80v 2ah pulling 4amps will last 30 minutes. To get the same output from a 40v battery you will need to pull 8amps which means a 40v 4ah will last 30 minutes.

Jay Bailey says:

Just got a new E Go – the same one you have in the video with the 7.5ah battery and 21″ cutting deck. I had not seen this video before I bought the lawnmower so I had some doubts. I just used it to cut almost an acre of my lawn. I no longer have any doubts at all – the EGO is a great lawnmower!

Wayne Jacobs says:

Does anyone know which one of these mowers is an american company?

Les D says:

My mower is all wet…but this one sounds the best, no this one sounds the best…yatta yatta yatta. Still dumb and dumber.

Supergrover says:

4 mins on and still nothing WOW

John Hall says:

Horrible review. Painful to watch.

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