Best and Worst lawn Mowers of the Season- The Good, the bad and the Ugly

We review the best and worst lawnmowers , zero turn , push mowers, cub cadet, toro, lawn tractors. If your looking for a new machine this year- check this out first. More info Here :


DaCook29 says:

i’d like to see a review of SCAG mowers. I’ve used them the most, specially turf tiger is a tank with torque for hilly lawns in new england, and i’m leaning to them heavy over xmark, but it looks like in Minnesota you guys don’t use either brand. respect your honest opinion whenever u can give it, if at all. your channel is great brother!

Matt Wagner says:

you’re right I work for a company that runs Toro I hate the turfmaster completely useless I can get my dad’s Craftsman and do the same amount of yard in the short amount of time it takes me use that stupid thing the other complaint I have about Toro as we have two grandstands but if you Justin the same you can see a novice height different like the one Toro we set at 3.5 and my other one I had to set a 3.0 and we get the same height

Live Fromthe412 says:

600 hours??? do you even cut grass bro hahahaha

ESS-7 says:

Wright stander 1

Andrew Foster says:

I would not by a walker because I have to replace the engine every time I get one

imowslc says:

I have an exmark 30 and I love that thing!!  it goes up hill with no problem!  Bag, Mulch, discharge, wet, tall, it does a great job for me!

71husqvarna says:

I almost bought that Toro 30 last week. So glad I did my homework first. Dealer wanted $2k. Good video Stan.

Keith B says:

Honda HRX217HYA…..World’s best walk behind hands down.

Nissaw Ysf says:

Awesome vedio editing. 🙂

ndgo says:

Damn I need one of those little cub cadets

LCmcpherson says:

what cub was that?

chris austin says:

Love all your video’s, Love the content and your humor.

the idiots that play games says:

i also have a African grey hes amazing

Ruairi Coghlan says:

Johnson Deere x950r

Steven Corbett says:

I like the Toro 2 cycle mowers I own two of them

Alvie Armes says:

hustler super z or hustler x one love them both

Robert Swift says:

i use huskqvarna and have had no issues in 2 seasons so far,,i was a big fan of toro in the older days

Stephen Farynaz says:

lol, when he starts the race, the whole back end of toro drops, LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!

BenB says:

i have had great luck with the Scag v-ride and love it

ron334 says:

Yeah, it’s a physical workout to use that Toro TurfMaster… but it does a hell of good job cutting grass. I’d like to see front caster wheels added, I think that would solve a lot of the usability issues.

Marquis Monroe says:

Id like to see you demo a industrial Dixie chopper 74″

Carl Pine says:

I’m glad you showed off that cub cadet, it looks really cool.

That Makita blower was really interesting. I would love to see a comparison of battery products from different companies.

Joeri Langejan says:

You can wаtch Thе Good, the Bad and thee Ugly hеreeee

Jorge Morales says:

Never buy again a push mower gravely xd3. Bad, bad, machine For me

slowrider30 says:

Yeh bro 600 hours is like new for a commercial machine.

Nate Eller says:

i found a toro with the deck rusted on the side of the road last year. fixed it with some sheet metal and gave it to my neighbours when theirs quit thing never skipped it a beat. the old owners used it so long the tires are completely bald and it still runs like a top

RobertYZF says:

My dads been in gardening for over 30 years, I run his gardening side of his business while he runs the landscaping side, we use snapper bodies with Honda engines (; it’s a nice hybrid and very light. We are considering getting Honda lawnmowers with transmission

Misha LeBlanc says:

I have a 1991 JD GS-25 36″ mower that is still and always been in commercial service. It is wearing but as long as I replace the parts as they wear-out it is an excellent and as a plus it is powered by a Kawasaki 12.5 that has as much power as the day it was made.I am the third owner and I have likely put 10,000 hours or more. I have also owned a Toro Recycler 44″ YUKKY crap machine (it ate jack-shafts for lunch far too often, and the Kohler 14 was difficult to start), and a Snapper variable speed 36″ powdered by a B&S 12IC which I scrapped after it blew the rod but regretted that move it was just so simple and fool proof, I should have re-powered the Snapper! I just bought an immaculate 2004 JD GS-30 for $500 with 30 hours on it, it is powered by a Kohler 13, it has a damaged dipstick/oil fill, but was stored in a dry spot, but if the engine is no good it will get a new engine, fingers crossed

Andrew Gusching says:


996TwinTurbo911 says:

I tell you what I love my Toro TimeMaster for residential use. No its not as commercial grade as your TurfMaster but the self pace system works fine for me even on hills. I have no issues maneuvering the TimeMaster in the tighter spaces but it also weighs 35lbs less than the TurfMaster.

Jerry Foulk says:

Jerry PA lawn care nut, 70 and 30 yrs. exp., Lawn Boy Gold 1996 self propelled. Bags, mulches, and side discharges great.

Matt Hitchcock says:

I agree wholeheartedly with you the absolute worst walk behind mower I’ve ever used was a Toro turfmaster. My favorite mower is a John Deere jx75. when they were built they were built to last it’s got the speed it’s got the suction for bagging as well as mulching. LAST but not least it’s got a nice blade brake, mixed with a powerful Kawasaki engine.

Mr Motivateme says:

a dog in a lawn mower video = perfect video.i love dogs

Ryan Horomanski says:

Toro recycler or Troy built residential mowers work great and I tired I Honda my neighbor bought it … it cuts great too

oscar santos says:

turfmaster is for tuff men…. been mowing since 8 years old, I am 35, its a great mower.

HeY LisTeN says:

how wide is that cub cadet?

Love2boat92 says:

Glad to see someone make a push mower that charges the electric start. FINALLY!!!

Pinnacle Building Maintenance Ltd says:

Nice way to do some dusting!

Mountain Mowers says:

Okay. I have to chime in. The toro turf master that we have run for a season and a half has replaced our xmark 21 mowers. The cut quality is superior in every way. I still have to use my xmarks for tiny ass little gates and when I look at what the 30 does compared to the 21s I would have a hard time arguing with a client firing me where I use the 21s because of the cut quality. I have yet to have a break down. I have run hondas and even the hustler 21s that were very similar to each other. Their cut quality was superior to the xmarks. But we went with the xmarks because of exactly what you say is the downfall of the cub. The toro has melded the two like no other walk behind I have found. I get the unmanuverabily of the toro 30. That is a big point. Every time I run it it is a beast to move. But it makes it up when compared to comparable commercial 21s that we have run just because of the ergonomics of it and the cut quality. You can turn and release the drive and then go again. The drive and blades being tied on one lever is the stupidest thing any engineer who hasn’t mowed 20lawns a day ever came up with. Love your vids. That Wright is a beast. Saw some of your instagram footage. Don’t like standers but that thing is close to changing my mind.

Janet Diaz says:

what the model # on the cub cadet? i want it…….

Freckles says:

I’ve had bad experiences with the stand up toros.

Ed James says:

Toro personal pace

Zach Zimmerman says:

I would buy a honda because i like all the features it has. Exmark should change the handle bar like Honda.

Andrew Foster says:

I would by a john Deere never have any problems with one

Randy Pullman says:

1992 3.5bs Lowes mower with the big rear wheels…mowed the lawn last weekend with it.

Shaun Egan says:

my favorite push mowers are the old staggered wheel 2 cycle Lawn-boy’s

Ian Oliver says:


Ryan Horomanski says:

Never owned a Stand on mower or zero turn I did demo a walker mower not to bad … just expensive …. any advice on which one to use in northwestern pa

Chris Hanselman says:

My favorite mower is my John Deere JS46 push mower. It last my first push mower with personal pace. It stripes really well. Only had minor issues

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