Before You Buy! Ego 21″ Self Propelled Electric Mower Review

First impressions of after using the EGO 21″ Self Propelled Electric Mower.


Randy says:

Looks like mote dirt than grass.

Something 2LookAt says:

Looks pretty good actually. Curious to see it in thicker yards.

Bruce Lee says:

I think greenworks is better…has dual action blades whch is good for mulching when ur like me who doesn’t use a bag so u wont see the clippings…also senses when the grass is high and adjusts…don’t think ego has these features

smarzig says:

Where is this currently on sale?

MrSGL21 says:

where in SWFL? I live in NFM

doctorxring says:

Outstanding ! Looking at reviews because I’m considering this mower. You sold me. I always take the word of another fisherman !

t34bravo says:

Great video, man. Thanks for posting!

Tony R says:

does this have regen braking

giggleherz says:

Most people recommend the power drive because you get a thousand watt motor. Also at the end of the video you mentioned hanging the machine but you can also stand it up like a vacuum cleaner.

MrSGL21 says:

cape coral right?

Petronius Jablonski says:

If Bruce Springsteen wrote a song about a lawnmower, it would be this one. If I write a novel about a grass-cutting superhero, he will use this mower.

Chad Walker says:

Hey thanks for the quick reply! After extensive research and very positive reviews, I’m convinced this is the best battery mower on the market. I’m going to have to invest in one.

giggleherz says:

The funny thing about these mowers is that you can take off the blade for safety drop a chair on top and drive it around like a go cart. I can easily see people hacking this system to have some fun with it. The drive motor is powerful enough to pull you along behind if you were wearing in-lines.

Georgie says:

Are you using a GoPro? That yard looks like it’ll take forever to mow with a 21inch. I ask if you are using a GoPro because GoPro has rep of having bad depth perception.

Leon M. says:

YOU SHOULD NEVER LET YOUR CHILD NEAR A RUNNING LAWN MOWER. You roll over one loose stone and it could blind her. It doesn’t matter if its electric or gas. You are unsafe allowing your child near the mower.

Bud Wiser says:

This mower is probably great if you have a little patch of grass to mow in the city but the country yards will eat this plastic toy up.

Cacti88 says:

best part was ur daughter, great review. my grass is 4 inch high so that high speed might be needed

Chad Walker says:

Really good video and demonstration! How has the mower held up? Still highly recommend? Thanks for any feedback.

Gerald Menson says:

Thanks for the video and demo.

Mike C says:

Tried this out last year not the self propelled. Problem I had was the mower idles down when you want to blow grass off the side walk or if the grass is patchy I had to ease into the grass again or it would bog down. I would have kept the mower if it had a turbo button like most blowers of weed eaters.

Jesse Love says:

I wanna see the blades can you add gator blades to it or is it not interchangeable

Nawnya Bell says:

sounds annoying

Bill Dingo says:

Great review, I use there products professionally in my business, I love them great stuff, except the line trimmer I’m wondering if I can replace the bump head to a different style like a speed feed?

USNVA says:

No beer holder! I’m not sold.

EGO POWER+ says:

Thank you for sharing your experience in this video! We are happy to see that you love the mower as much as we do.

fasignal says:

Paid review alert !!!   Bullshit review

Chris OB says:

Had my Ego for 3 years now ( not the self propelled ) and still going strong , battery still holds enough charge for me to mow my yards no problem. we have solar so operating for $0. One of my better buys.

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