Bad Boy zt elite lawn mower review

Doing a little video on My Bad Boy lawn mower


aux1z11 says:

I have 35hp diesel and it rides like a tank

Harold Rogers says:

I purchased this exact model in July of 2014 and I thought I had bought the best mower out there. Three weeks ago with 70 hours on the machine, I pulled the mower into my shop to change the oil and I noticed the back tires were tilted in at the top at a about a fifteen degree angle. I thought oh shit this isn’t good. Well it didn’t take long to see what had happened. Looking under the back of the machine I saw a support strap ( 1/4″ x 1″x approximately 14″ in length) now this strap is (or had) acted as a support brace between the hydraulic drive motors (rear tires are mounted to these units) this strap was being held at each end with a single 5/16″ bolt and nut. On the right side I see a the bolt was broken and now there was a space of about 1″ between the end of the strap and the hydraulic drive motor. So I jacked the rear of the machine off the floor and proceeded to crawl under it with a c-clamp I gently tried to draw it all back together. And here in lies the BIG problem.  Using a 6″ c-clamp I gently tried pulling it all back together but I immediately realized that all I was going to accomplish was bend the ear of the strap and It wasn’t even  close to being able to re-attach the strap to the hydraulic motor. And I knew if I put much force on it, I would end up busting the aluminum hydraulic motor housing. Long story short, this  piss poor design in engineering is all that keeps the rear wheels aligned vertically. If either of these single bolts holding it all together gives way you’re going to spring the entire frame work of the machine as it bounces along over your lawn. Now this piece of crap mower is sitting in Feldman’s repair shop and I’m waiting on the warranty to make it right. Note: I see on the more pricey Bad Boys they have replaced this strap with a what appears to be a 1/4″ steel plate that is 5″to6″ wide and connects to the rear wheel drive motors with 6 bolts, three on each side. Of course to get this $10 upgrade to the mower you’re going to pay out another fifteen hundred bucks.

Something 2LookAt says:

The grease fittings might be on the lower portion of the spindles. If not, they are relatively easy to install. I think I remember seeing Bad Boy at Tractor Supply. If I recall, their HOC didn’t go high enough. How high can the deck cut? I’m seeing Buena Vista in your name. Are you in Florida? Because St. Augustine has to be cut between 4-4.5 inches. The mower looks good. Seems commercial to me.

Jarhead Fishing says:

So, can you do a video of the actual mower doing some work? How fair does it do in tall grass?

Grasshopper Garden Services says:

nice looking machine. I am looking out to buy one but you don’t get much choice in the uk.

Sovrin says:

Good Review. I just got the 2017 model with some updates on it. 1.5 hours and first cut done and I really like it. Built like a tank! I remembered seeing the hydraulic tanks in the back by the engine on your video and thought that that was were they moved them in the new model and I was like did I get the right one! But then I read up on it and saw that they moved them in the 17 under the seat “so they are out of the weather” but it kinda threw me for a second, then I remembered you had the older model.

T Zwahr says:

sealed bearing!

Donald Wright says:

Spindles are sealed….One of the BEST Mowers on the market, for the price.

delruel says:

I’ve heard good things about the Bad Boy zero turn mower. Nice to see someone review it.

MisterBaseball200 says:

A friend of mine has a 60″ Bad Boy MZ Magnum. I tried it out on Sunday, really comfortable and a great ride. I’m planning on getting the 54″ model tomorrow afternoon. Can’t beat that price – $3500.

Jim Rendle says:

I have just ordered one of these. I believe the spindles are sealed and therefore designed to run without additional greasing

Et's lawn service says:

great video man I run a outlaw now if you like that one try to up grade to an outlaw i love mine man

eXterminator says:

nice mower bud.i have thought about gettn the bad boy standeri made a vid of some last year

Romero lawn service says:

nice. I just subscribed to your channel

Bob Smithereens says:

I hope you are not an illegal alien or ICE will be getting a call.

brandon murphy says:

I have a 2012 with 400 plus hours

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