2 Pushmower options for lawn care businesses or homeowners -review

This video is a review of two pushmowers. One is made by Husqvarna. The other is a Troy-Bilt. This video gives my thoughts on these mowers and how to use them in a lawn care business.


David Denson says:

I wish you had given the models of each mower. I’m in the market for a decent self propelled and I’m just getting started in my lawn business.

Cameron Crane says:

hey I have a question on the husqvarnas transmission,they have a mower they consider professional and it has a gsv190 honda and all the bells and whistles I guess you could say but they say the transmission changed from 2 to 4 wheel drive automatically to pull itself and reduce turf damage etc etc but that makes me feel like that’s 1 more thing to mess up,have you ever tried it? I can send you the mower number if you don’t know what I’m talking about so you can see and give your interpretation

chuckccfd9 says:

I run a husky hu700 homeowner with a Honda this. Season will be. Season 5. I mow 15 to 20 yards a week with it. So far it’s held up well I’ve only. Had one belt replaced on it. Last year. 2 rear wheels I ask a lot of. It. So replacing 2 rear wheels after that many years of service it’s more than paid its way. I will however be replacing it this season and it will go to a back up mower

Mikes Lawn Care says:

Great video man! An important tool in a lawn care business is a 21″ mower.

Mow's Lawn & Iron says:

I have the husky AWD and it hauls the mail..

1EVILZ06 says:

I have a Husky with a Honda and its on its 8th yr mission! Its Bomb proof!

johnny t says:

Good vid. What cc are those? Thanks. I have a 140cc for just a small lawn but it just doesn’t move the blade fast enough when I walk quickly, very aggravating. I was wondering if a 160 or 190 would be that much better.

Mark Freeman says:

I have the Husqvarna and worked great for my first year in business. I’m sure I can easily get a other year out of it also

Jeffrey Beyer says:

Just bought the Hüsqvarna AWD Briggs 3-in-1 with the blade brake clutch. Going to give it a hard test run when mowing about a half acre of tall grass. Am expecting it to hold up well as I’m not doing it as a lawn service. Which brings up the question, how well has your Hüsqvarna held up?

skittles bug says:

I have a question ?could I use a small riding lawn mower for slopes”? I’m thinking about buying one


A year or two? Really? Your wrong? You don’t have to have the most expensive mowers to have quality work and longevity! Troy built is just as good as a toro or Honda commercial mower! I really don’t care about having it easy to get up a hill. Just drive it up carefully. Maintain your Troy Bilts they can last up to 10 YEARS! Spending 300 dollars for a mower that last only a year is ridiculous! I can get a used mower at the fle market for 30 dollars that can last 3 years. Its just ridiculous.

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