What Can You Do With a Jigsaw? A Lot! | WOODWORKING BASICS

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A lot of people think that they need a lot of big, expensive stationary tools for woodworking. If you don’t have a lot of space or money, a jigsaw is an amazing tool that can make almost all the cuts you need. Full article► http://woodworkingformeremortals.com/how-to-use-a-jigsaw-woodworking-basics/
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Miguel Lozano says:

Is there a backstory to all of his “Micro Jig” intros?

Donna Karo says:

Thank you so much. I learned so much. I am going to buy a ‘jig saw’ with T-Shank blades. Very informative!!!

Moon Microbe says:

Thanks for posting this very clear video, I enjoyed watching it!

Veronica Williams says:

I got one ot these to I just need to slow down.but I love it.

Jay New Deen Zee Dan says:

i love technology, and you sir.. like a walking manual.

Mike Broster says:

I have a Makita jig saw. It always cuts in a non vertical cut ie at an angle, which is very frustrating. Why is this?

dinesh kulkarni says:


A Kel says:

Can I use the jig saw to cut a wood plank or wood top in half to make a shelf?

Broken Wave says:

Can’t cut really thick lumber?
Bosch’s 10″ jig saw blade might disagree with you on that.

Also 6″ or so jigsaw blades are common.

Crisostomo Ibarra says:

ok I change my mind, I won’t sell my jigsaw just because I’m a beginner.

Mitchellman says:

OMG HELP THERES A…Microjig maker of the grrr-ripper

Alejandro Scanlon says:

What’s better for beginners codless or cord drill?

Spencer Boaz says:

This is not the tool to go cheap on . Buy the best one you can afford and you will be glad you did .

Tanya Mireles says:

CONVINCED!!!! I just got a set to start DIY/crafting consisting of a drill, reciprocating, circular saw, and work light. Now I wish I’d gotten a jigsaw!!!! Guess what I’ll be asking for for my birthday!!!!! Thank you so much!

Ade Perdana says:

Hello. I watch this in May of 2018. I already have my first jigsaw, and realize that my jigsaw uses the U-Shank Blades. Is it possible (and safe of course) for me to use the T-Shank Blades on my jigsaw? Thanks in advance. And thank you for this video.

Maung Moe says:

Does DeWalt make the best cordless jigsaw? I’m thinking of getting one.

Bruce Pate says:

When a blade cuts on the upstroke it holds the saw firmly against the work surface allowing you to relax a litle more while cutting. That´s what I think anyway

Tom Smith says:

Bosch is the best!
left of the line…right of the line…
the line…. practice!

Nats Yessam says:

Thanks Steve…

Billder Inbaja says:

Steve: What’s your favorite jigsaw?

Alistair N says:

All done more easily and cleanly with a router, no?

Alvynn jethro Evangelista says:

Did you know The Jigsaw is famous for being the name taken by a villain

Guy H. says:

I’m sorry sir, but I’ve NEVER had a blade fall out of my U-Shape blade jigsaw. Other than that, great tips!

Prasanta Sarma says:

I personally thank you for this video. I have purchased one Jigsaw AGNI 570Watt Indian. When i was cutting 1.5 inch wood in stratght line it stops at interval of 4″ with blade running, i have to turn on/off the switch then only it cuts, orbital is ON, speed is 6. The wood is wet, is that the reason? And is the wattage ok?

Yash Gadhiya says:

That was very informative. Thank you.

Tobias Nielsen says:

You cut on the upward stroke to avoid the saw needing downward force to counter act the teeth gribbing the saw upwards. Isn’t that pretty logical?

GeoFagus 123 says:

can i cut 3/4″ plywood with a jigsaw? straight cut

Mitchellman says:

I’m starting to like these… microjig maker of the grrr-ripper work safer work smarter… commercials

Rugged Rick Rude says:

good clear informative vid…….friend from high schools son signed with RAIDERS about 2 months ago,was with DALLAS

Dandy Squirrel says:

As a newby, this vid was tremendous. Thanks.

muster seeds says:

great learning tip thank…steve.

A Ron says:

Skill saw is the one saw to rule them

Piotr Nowak says:

och dang! I’ve just bought u-shape jigsaw ;/

Pamela Schlegel says:

Thank you!

Random Projects at Home says:

i know this is an old video, but i’m going to ask: is there a reason why the blade bends so quickly? i’ve looked and there’s no blade calibration feature on my jigsaw. i wonder if it’s the blade roller guide. is this a possibility?

Zack Brumis says:

Good presentation

nanaki85 says:

I wish I knew how to do this stuff, I wouldn’t even know where to begin or what tool to buy, trying to just make a simple name stencil out of wood for my girlfriend and her mom’s garden

MIKE Mike says:

lets all get jiggy with it

VintageHQ says:

Thank you SIr

Slash Kuki says:

It can be use in Jigsaw movie



Lisa Mathis says:

Will this work for cardboard projects?

sheldoor says:

i even brush my teeth with my jigsaw XD what i mean is i use if for so many things its amazing. thanks for the video


What a great channel!!!

Larry Markham says:

You forgot to mention a router

Michael G says:

Nice tips. Go raiders

909sickle says:

I must have a crappy jigsaw. If I try to cut faster than 1 cm per hour, it attempts to launch itself through the roof.

an1matty says:

great video, exactly what i was looking for as someone who’s interested in getting into woodworking but doesn’t know the first thing about it .

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