Top-Shelf Jigsaw Review

Woodworker’s Journal Contributing Editor Sandor Nagyszalanczy tests some of the best jigsaws on the market for the June 2011 issue. See how they stack up in this video and in the print magazine.

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Ed. B. says:

Pretty useless just for the test. But, if you’re actually working for prolonged time, the jigsaw blade moves so fast, you won’t feel being cut. I heard about someone who cut off his fingers and noticed that by them falling off…


Festool is nice but way overpriced anyone of those jigsaw will perform just as well as the festool and cost half the price

Dell Xps says:


Dan O says:

Thank you very much! Very helpful…
I’m considering a Bosch Barrel Grip jig saw. How do those compare with a D Handle?

Dole Bandit says:

All of them are too expensive, Notice his attempt at deflective narration right from the off, Besides, He never mentions the obvious blade quality issue, The merits of all these jigsaws are all hinged on that, Wrong type for the material, Or worn blade and it`s like cutting through concrete with a bread knife, Good review all the same though

Mike G says:

makita is the way to go in my un asked for opinion 🙂 , never been disappointed

Charles A Berg says:

Hi Slap Stick.  My saw is a Craftsman; I bought it in the ’70s or early 80s.   It is a fine tool and I have used it all the time since I bought it.  I have forgotten to bring in the model number so many times that I hope having sent this reply will remind me to get it today.  I am in process of moving my wood shop to another, larger space, and every time I go there I get absorbed in the work and forget about the saw.

Hope to have the info to you soon.



Bogdan Pashchenko says:

Thank you, very nice review!

roman soldier says:

great reveiw / info . wondering if anybody has an opinion on this cheaper bosch here : Bosch JS365 120-Volt Top-Handle Jigsaw Kit . i pasted thee entire title from amazon because til xmas its $25 off for grand total of $78 in case anybodys buying one . last thing is which wins : bosch js365 vs dewalt dw331 ?

TheRangeControl says:

I went to lowes, and all of their Bosch Jigsaw Models started with a “J”…


Please reiterate the full/specific model number, so that I may order for my father for Christmas.

Thank You. 😀

IronMike425 says:

Very helpful review. Thanks very much for posting. I was between the Makita and the Dewalt. I think I will go with the Makita based on your recommendation. .. Cheers.

Joe Walshe says:

Good to see comparative reviews.
Came on Youtube today for advice on changing blade on my Milwaukee jig saw. Releae clasp is stiff and I can’t get new blade to catch.

Zubair Khan says:

how did you recorded you voice, which microphone did you use. very very good sound please share….. good review and nice video.

Ed. B. says:

They had a press release on a new, more powerful version of the supposed replacement JS470.

Jeff Stanley says:

Check out the newer Festool Carvex.

lgttb1 says:

they are very very nice ! they fit into tighter areas and you will find you have more control over a d handle model. i have used ever model made in the last 35 years on construction sites and 95% of the trim carpenters i work with would chose the barrel style .

sworddice says:

Hitachi’s looks really cooooool :O

Nature King says:

any transformer loving fans in here who is interested in the hitachi….

4444ga4444 says:

most látom, hogy egy magyar szakember volt a tesztelő

4444ga4444 says:

festool the best ?

Rock Star says:

Hi please help me I want to know which is better of bocsh jigsaw gst140 or gst150 or gst160 , n where is the difference in between ?

allnovieveryday says:

Now that the bosch is discontinued what should we buy?! Everyone is saying the new bosch stinks they removed the external blade guides.

jenny fillius says:

Thank you for this. I just ordered the Makita one from Home Depot. Thanks so much.

taino1952 says:

I bet you’re also a guitar player.

victoriaecofurniture says:

Festool already has a newer better saw out!

tom says:

had three of the bosch great performance but they cannot take the hammer

WV591 says:

HITACHI need to fire that fucking moron tennis shoes designer that has turned these tools to a joke. what is he/she a 12 year old?

WopaCupaProduction says:

where is the black&decker

J King says:

Does anybody know what blade he was using to cut the 4×4 with?i looked everywhere and cant find it.

LaTrisha Rankin says:

This is the absolute best jigsaw review that I’ve seen. Thanks!

AngryPunish3r says:

You have black and decker work bench but no black and decker jig saw? ….


The reason the dewalt was the slowest is because it use a flat piece of metal instead of a tube which causes more friction then with a tube thus slowing it down quite a bit more

Namin Nooman says:

This is how reviews should be done. Thank You so much.

The Lowmein says:

Some of these are out of production in 2017, maybe time for a new review?

bss1 says:

buy a Mafell jigsaw she is better than Festool

ishortland says:

The Mafell P1cc is THE BEST jigsaw.

James Wolf says:

Yankie junk! yankies need money too .Bosch wins again I work for Bosch in my early days great people ,You can throw Milwaukee against a wall it still work .

Learner-Learns says:

Agreed. Mafell makes great tools, and it often seems Festool copies Mafell innovations.
The newest Mafell jigsaws do not have a blade guide, because they do not need them. Instead Mafell has a perfectly aligned reciprocating mechanism and uses super rigid thick blades. If you get a chance to try one, they are superb. By far the most powerful, accurate straight-cutting jigsaw I’ve ever seen.

Richard Cowtails says:

where would you put the dewalt in everywhere?

Yehuda Goldberg says:

Now that Bosch has discontinued the recommended jigsaw it seems like the Makita is the best bet.

Slap Stick says:

Why is it so hard to find a scrolling jig saw.

whitebear26 says:

You use “black and decker” table ,
but no compare ” black and decker ” jigsow?

mcnuggs says:

The Bosch EVS 1590 cuts wood like butter. It’s a shame it was discontinued and replaced by a weaker 6 amp model.

Ross Williams, DC says:

Mafell P1cc best ever but pricey

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