The new Festool Carvex 420 Jigsaw – the best jigsaw technology available

Tackle your most demanding applications with the robust and versatile new new Carvex 420 Jigsaw. It features multiple base plates for cutting wood, wood-like materials, plastics, and metals, adapting to your most challenging tasks.

Precise – With automatic blade guidance, stroboscopic lights, and zeroclearance Splinterguards, the Carvex lets you cut straight and true, with virtually zero tearout!

Versatile – A revolutionary tool-less base change system delivers the most versatile, adaptable jigsaw cutting system you’ve ever experienced.

Durable – Brushless motors and a robust design ensure that the Carvex can handle not only your toughest materials, but the toughest conditions as well.


Learner-Learns says:

Dear Festool,
Good work on this new jigsaw and for this new video format. It is a MUCH better way to describe the salient features of your tools than those annoying music videos.

But please do not say this is “There’s no other jigsaw in the world like carvex.”

Mafell jigsaws have all the features of this (except the strobe light) and come with all the accessories. Since Mafell was offering their superior guide-less system years ago, It’s obvious Festool merely copied Mafell.

TheKets16 says:

You can buy it already

boxatricks says:

Fair enough. Send me a free one and I’ll road test.

Shawn Strauss says:

F’n Festool. They keep vacuuming money out of my wallet.If you’re gonna do it, do it all the way with Festool.

Timothy Shevel says:

Agreed. Mafell. jig saw, simply the best. My carved sits on the shelf. It will not cut a vertical cut.

goodall1bay says:

No other jigsaw except the Mafell p1cc., which is more powerful, precise and better engineered.

Luke Randall says:

Although I like that light!

Big Daddy says:

worst ergonomically jigsaw on the planet it felt horrible in your hand and cheaply made

Adam Lynch says:

Another vote for the mafell P1CC everything else is just a toy

Boris Polsek says:

But is the Mafell P1cc better?

Festool says:

James, yes, the cordless model will share the same brushless motor technology with the same power and capabilities. Thanks!

Steven Fritz says:

I have never had this happen to me after buying festool, I was used to having the opposite feeling after trying the tools out. I hate to say this because I usually rave about festool and always recommend festool to the guys I work with. A few of them tried my sanders,track saw, domino, etc. and have purchased their own. The base that allows for beveled cuts is a good idea but simply does not work for scribing to a uneven surface.

boxatricks says:

Im in Ireland. It may be worth your while sending me one, then I could a perspective from the Irish owner. No? Ah well, worth a try.

arnan540 says:

Totally agree with butterfly base. Seems like a (not completely) useless attachment. I agree, bevel shoe should be the standard. Especially bevel base offers common angle stops.

Tiffany Hill says:

I would love to do a review on this new jigsaw. I want to build dog beds with bone shaped cut-outs. Hubby said I needed a jigsaw to add to my tool collection (mainly drills, sander,etc). Feel free to contact me if interested on ease of use. I was featured in “This Old House” magazine for a chair I made from pallets. breakfast-with-tiffany

Steven Fritz says:

I am a carpenter and have used the bosch for years also. I recently bought the carvex to replace my bosch.

David Shwartz says:

Where can I buy your products in Israel?

Jerry Sateriale says:

Can’t wait for this one ,

Kesha Borja says:

I’ve found great handbook on woodprix website. Good solutions for everyone I think

David Shwartz says:


My Gabby says:

How much does it cost ??

begoodenblues says:

I quit watching porn now that I’m watching Festool videos…

Steven Fritz says:

In order to cut with the blade angled in to the finished piece of trim you are forced to ride on the waist side of the cut. This is awkward and not accurate as the waist can be and usually is not wide enough to support the saw. This is the opposite using the track saw for instance. I think that a base similar to the bevel base now should be offered but instead of a butterfly design… the micro adjust knob should simply tilt the whole base and not hinge in the middle.

RC Ward says:

That is funny!

AskWoodMan says:

The blade synchronized light and changeable base system is pretty brilliant. My only problem is my Trion still runs like a bull even though I have worked it really hard. The dust collection is really good on the Trion with the blade cowl in place, but it restricts the vision of the cut line. Strobe light. Problem solved. I also do a lot of metal work and my base is pretty chewed up so I end up having to make temp skins with laminate to protect work pieces. Quick change bases are money. Congrats

Steven Fritz says:

My one complaint is that to do this type of cut I set the bevel to a angle and cut towards the piece of wood I’m saving. This gives a clean, tight joint. I originally made the switch from my bosch jigsaw to the festool because I was under the impression that it would do this type of work better. I have picked up many festool products. I rely on them everyday. I was very excited to try the saw on a scribe cut but when trying to use it for this I was simply let down.

Dmitri Moore says:

Very nice choice. You will never regret it.

James alt says:

Awesome light idea! Cordless version SAME power??

SenneyKuel says:

Dont need…want pretty bad though.

Joshua Gagne says:

That is one sexy piece of machinery.

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