Ryobi 18V One + Orbital Jigsaw P523 R18JS-0 Review

Review of the Ryobi 18 volt orbital jigsaw with the blade saver feature that extends the base to access the unused teeth on dull jigsaw blades

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Filmed with:
Panasonic G6 Camera http://amzn.to/24Jjc5r

Lenses used:
Panasonic 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 http://amzn.to/1qctNX6

Audio input:
Sony Stereo Mic http://amzn.to/1rFeasw

Video editing software:
Sony Movie Studio http://amzn.to/1T4D9fE


Whiskeylung - The Guy who... says:

Man Havier you do an amazing job with these videos. Subbed.

ReaganPatriot says:

Another great review!.. Thanks

Tracy Buford says:

Thanks for this. I just left Home Depot where the guy gave me u shank blades. Smh. Guess who is going back to Home Depot right now? Uggggh

Patchcable says:

U shaped blades

Nick King says:

Awesome review love your channel I plan on getting one at some stage

sam Habeger says:

Can you review the ryobi 18v miter saw

JF Brunet says:

Nice review

truckpilot01 says:

I really enjoy your reviews. You are very informative and know what you’re talking about. Keep em coming. Subd

NERemodeling says:

I don’t use ryobi myself but man its hard not to like them.. they seem to be coming out with better and better tools and the price point is amazing, like unbelievably good prices. Really great review as always. You killed it man

Chief says:

does it have a battery included?????????

TheBearuk1 says:

Great review Javier, I’m really impressed with Ryobi’s line up! I think for the price, their quality is a cut above, they are a budget brand without feeling or performing like one. Great info and great in-action video, have a great weekend bro! Oh and love the new website as well, great job!

T Tone says:

Thanks alot

Ted Thomas says:

Good review – very informative. Bought my P523 out of a “return” bin, so did not know about the “blade saver” feature (no manual). However, none of the T-shank blades sold by Home Depot would fit! Had to modify Dewalt T-shanks by hand to get them to fit, and have just ordered a 20 pack of blades from a distributor in Manchester, England… 😛

Blades not available in the U.S. anywhere I can find. Normal T-shank blades DO NOT FIT.

Brian Morris says:

Why didn’t you compare it to the Ryobi corded jigsaw.
I own a Ryobi cordless model and am more than happy for it doing quick jobs where I don’t want the bother of getting my safety power cord…it peforms better than expected for me on curves, circles or just straight…my old one is upside down in a jigsaw table that I made.

Brian Morris says:

Mine had an 18vlt battery included…forgot to mention that…but I have used the lower voltage battery if the other one has run out, just to finish the job…so far I also have the smaller cordless circular saw and sander too…all three have performed well for the jobs I needed done quickly. I do have a ryobi corded drop saw…but looking at that cordless version too. Am n the process of making a mini saw table to take my cordless circular saw…sadly the small cordless won’t take a dado blade, but for the price and convenience, am very happy.

Jeremy Neill says:

Being a dewalt guy I have the 20v jigsaw which I love but I have to say I am very impressed by this TTI machine. My saw does not even have an led and cost over twice as much. Thanks also for the explanation on the blades and I think I know what my new rap name will be- TShank

Charles J Gartner says:

Definitely the era of the battery. The only corded equipment I have is my table saw, and chop saw (both ryobi). Even those I can’t imagine will have cords in the future.

raynicle says:

thanks for the review bud. im a beginner at electronic tools but this tough me tonnes!

xvSHOCKWAVEvx says:

Awesome video, Have you done a review on the ridgid jobmax jigsaw attachment?

sabry my says:

How much ryobi pay u for this video? Lol

Streeters Garage says:

Great Review as always!!

Brian Morris says:

Anyway, comparisons or not …have a great Christmas…

Brien says:

Ryobi is starting to impress me but I’m not about to make the switch. It’s a good choice when starting out. Good job J-Dog.

Charles Moore says:

Great review. I tried using the wrong blades and KNEW it needed T blades, but seeing this closed the deal. Thanks for the great review.

The Guyver says:

Thanks for the review.


great review! challenges Lincoln’s GETTYBURG ADDRESS!!

Cody Robertson says:

Great review! Hope to see more Ryobi tool reviews.

MiJaK123 says:

I love Ryobi 18v tools. I have a reciprocating saw, a vacuum, and a drill and have had only good performance from them. I can’t wait to buy more of their 18v tools.

Love2boat92 says:

I think the next thing they’ll come out with is dust collection for jig saws. Great review!!

Gorgeousbronze -Madison- says:

Dude you rock! You get right down to business. No playing around. Love your channel concept.

MrRideutah says:

One of the best tools I own

Paul Bialozor says:

I started construction a few decades ago with Ryobi Blue and I still have it today, short of the batteries being dead, the tools themselves are still usable unlike a few other systems I bought along the way. This new Green Line is impressive to say the least and I am sure this is a step up on the Original Blue Kit…

You make wonderful videos, thanks for sharing….

Christopher Scafidi says:

Great review! Other video reviewers could learn a lot from you.I look forward to seeing other reviews from you. Keep up the great work Bro!

martinmuunk says:

T-shaped blades. T-shaped blades. T-shaped blades. T-shaped blades.

Chris K says:

Great review Javier. I only have the one tool from Ryobi, the Airstrike brad nailer, and I love the gun.

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