Review of the DW317 Dewalt Jigsaw

Review of the DW317 and DW317K Dewalt Jigsaw Kit


Bangkok Homes says:

Well explained, thank you
Mike BKK

bobby redondo says:

super good review. very detailed. you covered everything that I would want to know. Thank you for sharing. I am subscribed now

SmarT Odd says:

gotta change your “Toolamanjaro” sound bite – doesn’t help your good review

Leonard Ledoux says:

What a piece of junk. In no way is this “tool less blade change” a robust design. Purchased one week ago and while the saw sort of performed okay, the roller blade guide is wimpy as well, today the plastic blade retainer broke. Of course I live in Ecuador and so the warranty doesn’t apply to Latin America. Adding salt to the wound is the fact that while this saw sells for $99 with free shipping on Amazon, down here it cost me $165 and it is just money pissed down the drain. Look for a saw that uses a screwdriver to hold the blade in, they last forever.

skulledmonte84 says:

Hitachi CJ110MV Variable Speed Jig Saw is a really great saw i used to to cut mainly 1/8 inch to 3 /16 aluminum.How well does this Dewalt cut aluminum ???

02061980d says:

thanks for the review 🙂

Red Beard Carpentry & Woodworks says:

Thx for the honest review!

Danielle Simone says:

Cord fits in the case fine. Coil it a bit tighter & it stays in place

GettingDustyWoodWorks says:

I have the same tool! But mine came in a bag :/

remaundo stewart says:

hey. thanks for making this. i was trying to see the pros and cons and you answered all of my questions! great video, very informative and i appreciate how you conveyed the information intelligently. and again thanks…

a7salem says:

I hope if you could comment on the 2 guide holes in the Jigsaw shoe? Thanks and very good demo…

Ryan says:

Awesome review. Good to see you talk about pertinent qualities of the saw.

charlie Bee says:

great thnx

D Dillon says:

Thank you for the quick review of essentials, i couldn’t find directions and found your site, it was helpful.  Would like to see a close up of the actual blade inserted, that would be great.  Thanks again.

Joel Gunter says:

Thanks, very clear presentation and explanation.

Toby F says:

Just got this model jig saw used and wanted to know what type of blade it took.  Thanks and nice review!

Alan Silva says:

What would you recommend as your first choices for perfect 90 degree cuts?
Could recommend some models and brands?

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