Milwaukee M18 Fuel Jigsaw vs RIDGID OCTANE Jigsaw (Tool Duel) Episode #1 Which would you choose?

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welcome to the first episode of the Tool Review Zone Tool Duel Series. Today we put some of the newest, most powerful #jigsaws had to head to see what features stand out the most. We have full reviews on both of these tools which show their cutting power and performance, but the Tool Duel dives deeper into these tools and looks at things like price, specs, pros and cons to help you make a better buying decision.

we want to to look over these tools and let us know what you think. Which tool would you buy over the other, and what you would like to see improved on, if anything.


Aaron Repper says:

Milwaukee because of there tool line up, but if you’re already with rigid go with the rigid if you with Milwaukee go in the Milwaukee.

Andres Pedrego says:

Milwaukee owns rigid, your comparing Chevy to Cadillac…both are fine that’s why their so similar.

liviu rabet says:


David Neuzil says:

I’d take the Ridgid for the constant “on” feature. Milwaukee should have it but doesnt, someone goofed.

David Baxter says:

Ridgid is $129

Bert Veldhuizen says:

I buy nothing but Ridgid power tools, nobody can’t beat their warranty!

uncletoy says:

there so similar because their both owned by the same company. TTI is a Japanese company that also own Ryobi, Homelite and Empire as well as other stuff. Ryobi and Ridgid are the experimental products that if they succeed thenyou will see it in the Milwaukee

Cory Davis says:

Ridgid all the way

Trey Jones says:

the biggest difference and plus for the ridgid is the variable speed knob allowing you to constantly hold the trigger for a continuous set speed rather than trying to keep even pressure on the trigger and paying attention to your work. Kick some butt today!

VCG Construction says:

I’d go Milwaukee all day!!

jonathanesley says:

Ridgid all day!!!

Nature King says:

Milwaukee ofcourse,team # *red* #

Txvet Dan says:

Can you use the ridgid old batteries? I have so many batteries already. I use the job max jigsaw mostly. Have you done a jobmax review?

Martin Godinez says:

My real concern is how jig saws cost over $100… Without a battery.

GEO5252 says:

why ask us? you have the tools….cut with them and show us

Richard Garner says:

trz I still can’t buy the ridgid jobbox metal cutter head because it still says it is sold out on the home depot website

Thomas Carroll says:

Both are good in there own way now if there was a way for both brands to. Have the. Best from each that would be a definite plus for me I don’t know how true this is but I was told buy a rep The Ridges going to sell for $10 more than the current one on the market bare tool

Ben Hinton says:

Ridgid for me

Michael Helton says:

Great Review. i have sub’d you. I like Milwaukee, but it leads me to the same conclusion as usual: Milwaukee is great, but Ridgid is almost as good (better warranty) and at a significantly lower price. $70 less!

Thomas Carroll says:

I’m waiting for Ridgid to come out a barrel handle Milwaukee’s got one

pat melanson says:

Ridgid would be the one for me!


I own the Milwaukee and absolutely love it! With that said looks like rigid did a nice job. Don’t see myself really using the trigger lock. Milwaukee wins for me, and yes it’s because I already bought it:)

snakedog says:

I hate decisions! I’ll take ‘em both!

SEABASSINS Tool Reviews says:

First and I choose nothing but Milwaukee I bet 10 million dollars



Doresoom Reviews says:

I really like Ridgid’s design of the separate LED light switch on the handle. They have it on some of their other tools as well, and I wish other manufacturers would pick it up as a feature.

Richard Garner says:

trz the ryobi brushless jigsaw does not use a hex key like the ridgid octane jigsaw does and trz I am still going to buy the ryobi brushless jigsaw that is going to be out in the home depot store next month

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