Jigsaw Massage Review – Affordable Theragun?

Today we take a look at some offerings from Jigsaw Massage. They offer affordable options for self release therapy that easily adapt to most jigsaws. We’ll talk about how they stack up to the competition, including making your own, as well as if it’s worth picking up as a tool.

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LiftingDad says:

I still remember seeing someone offering a free Theragun and the best comment as to why you should win, that person would be the winner.
Top comment (at the time) was: To blast my gooch.

wild bill says:

How do you feel about the Stoic sleeves? And that’s a nice call on the hoodie.

mathc1rca says:

So much marketing on these things yet so useless

Colin says:

SMR is novel stimulation that provides little effect outside of immediate proximity to the lift.

Don Bash says:

Absolutely Not!

Matthew Ross says:

Have you noticed any warping if the actually piece? Mine looks to be wearing down or even bending and I don’t use it much at all. I have the same thing as in the video just the corded black and decker jigsaw.

Anthony Tran says:

I also dropped almost all mobility work and haven’t noticed any difference except now I have more time. Massages might have helped with recovery and soreness but so does stretching and walking, which are both free. I used to use a car polisher for massages and that did feel good though.

Dan Ralph says:

$47 dollars for a rubber ball on a 3inch metal rod…. or… drill out a golf ball and super glue the rod in….. $3

Made my whole set up with a worx reciprocating saw, attachment, for drill piece, golf ball and lacrosse ball plus 3 batteries for £135.

Dave says:

How does it feel on the gooch, coach?

K1xa says:

dat video quality on point

Anthony Bowers says:

Have you done a video on squatting shorts?

Gorilla Strength Equipment says:

Those are really nice. I have built a few versions playing around in the shop. A chair mounted one to cover your back would be amazing.

Kyle Neese says:

God I love that word…Bulbous

mgarozzoSMG says:

looks decent, i ended up getting the hypervolt on black friday, it seems like a good middle ground option. Its more refined than the jigsaw but half the price of the Theragun. But yeah at the end of the day its a big investment for something that no one really “needs”.

AM Training says:

IMO, mobility is like strength. Takes some time to build, less work to maintain, you only need as much as your goals dictate. I bought my jigsaw attachment from Percussion Recovery and I agree with you, it’s nice if you like that kind of thing.


Perfect timing bout to hit the gym right now

CaptDantastic says:

I was never seriously inclined to do mobility work either. I have a hand massager for when things get tight and a TENS unit I saw my physiotherapist use. Was always curious when people advocated major use of the foam roller or lacrosse ball. Guess I never train hard enough…

Darryl NYG says:

Question Brandon I watch a lot of your videos and follow you on Instagram. Your content is always good and knowledge worthy. I have a question about creatine, Is it okay to cycle off creatine completely when you’re use to having it in your shakes for body building. Like will it have a bad affect on your muscle?

Everything is coming up Milhouse says:

I built one out of a Harbor Freight cordless jigsaw. I think it was $25. Works well but I like the look of their attachments

Martin Gonzalez says:

Reppin the boys at Neversate!

Dalton Robertson says:

Love the hoodie, Brian is a good dude.

MarkReadsReddit says:

I for-see some messiness when some kiddo picks up dad’s “massage gun” in the ole garage.

neseeo1 says:

Lol all that shit is a hammer drill with a nob on it

Peter Lee says:

I’ll be honest. I use a £3 wallpaper seam roller for tightness etc. Love it, does the job

David Whitney Training & Nutrition says:

I don’t know if you’re a sports fan but I think, Speak For Yourself, on FS1, might’ve stole from u today. They had a segment about Alonzo Ball, called “Ball don’t lie.” Unless u took your slogan from someone else these guys must be watching u.

Minoru Mineta says:

Is this your first time buying for some head?

SkyeKingdom says:

pretty sure I saw this ‘theragun’ on pornhub

Candi Soda says:

2:04 heyyyy do a review of that cool looking adjustable flat bench! Or is that a step up thingy, guess it looks a bit short

I always had the perception normal flat fixed benches are non-versatile just because there’s so many options for adjustable benches that does the same thing. But an adjustable height flat bench seems pretty cool

Unless you’re super into “OFFICIAL” dimensions for competition or something. Oh well, casual lifter problems I guess.

BuckySwang says:


Ballsdeep Singh says:

Man up and massage with a jigsaw blade

Tokkie v.3 says:

My legs are always sore, always. But it’s still too expensive.

Colin says:

Alright someone finally reviewed the newest Drilldo!

Adam Marshall says:

Oh come on! This is just too easy! A man using a “massager” in his basement…

Robert Eleven says:

Brandon “I don’t trust myself” Diamond

ATP_Powerlifting says:

Friend made one. Pretty cool

Strength MM says:

Wearing Neversate shirt huh

Shanapee13 says:

Aging like fine wine my friend

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