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Rob Robillard carpenter and editor at http://www.toolboxbuzz.com shares information on their Corded Jig Saw Head To Head Tool Testing.

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First off we’d like to thank Lenox tools for contributing all the blades to this test to keep the playing field as level as possible.

Jigsaws have been around for a while, they were invented in 1946 by an engineer in Switzerland who replaced the needle is his wife’s sewing machine with a saw blade (nice!). The Bosch tool company eventually acquired the company he started and the rest as they say is history.

Bosch may have been the first major toolmaker to produce jigsaws but these days they’ve got some stiff competition.

Top Handled, Corded Jig Saw Comparison Testing

Head To Head Testing: We took an extensive look at the major top handled, jig saw models on the market to see how they compared. With hours of cutting and critical analysis of each saw’s features and performance we are providing readers with a comprehensive look at each saw’s bright-spots and areas for improvement. Please note that all saws feature a 1″ stroke length.

We tested the following jigsaws:

Bosch JS572EL
7.2 Amp
800-2,800 SPM
5.15 lb
6.5 Amp
500-3,100 SPM
6.4 lbs
Festool Carvex PSB 420
4.5 Amp brushless motor
500-3,800 SPM
4.2 lbs
Makita 4350FCT
6.3 Amp
800-2,800 SPM
5.7 lbs
Milwaukee 6268-21
6.5 Amp
0-3,000 SPM
6.4 lbs

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ron abarca says:

Hi guys, the best jig saw I ever had in my hands after working 35 years ad a cabinet maker in the states its the Bosh made in Scintilla Switzerland plant, only those. Dont care for the Boshes made in other places.I brought mine here to Costa Rica and scroll through some really hard exotic woods no problem. .

Edgar Dunlap says:

You took a 270.00 Bosch against a 150.00 Dewalt. Looks to me Dewalt hands down. You should have used the Bosch JS470E against the Dewalt.

Matt Conlon says:

Love my Bosch

FrankyPete says:

Thanks guys, exactly what I was looking for !

laxdude77 says:

Nice honest overviews

Chris K says:

Great article and review Rob. I ended up buying the Festool Carvex (barrel grip) but ALMOST got the Bosch. They are really great tools made with tight specs.

Benny J says:

Bosch wins imo. Dewalt is good but they have trouble with the blades falling out in all jig models. Correct that issue and I think Dewalt will come out on top in almost all categories aside from dust extraction and accessories.

ms3bani says:

how about a cordless jig saw comparison?

Steve Jones says:

The Bosch weighs 12 lbs.  How the hell could it win anything in ergonomics?  Ever try to cope with a 12 lb. brick?

Scott D says:

I found this test invaluable for helping me select the best jigsaw for me. Great work Rob & Team.   Rob you are an superb presenter. Keep doing what you do. And thanks a bunch!



onzkicg says:

How about Hitachi- is it on par with Makita level or lower?

A Concord Carpenter / ToolBoxBuzz says:

@scotty d’angelo  – thank you sir!!

Mani Mani says:

compare dewalt circular saw and bosch circular saw pls

Richard Chalmers says:

I’ve never had a DeWalt tool I liked. The DeWalt jig saw is just a horrible tool and is the last DeWalt I’ll ever buy.

Bosche is the best brand for the money. The Festools are wonderful but very expensive. For the weekend carpenter, Bosche is the best value.

goodall1bay says:

No inclusion of Hilti wsj , they are without a doubt the most refined jigsaws on the market, really really nice, soft start, smooth, powerful, the most powerful on the market, integrated dust extraction, I upgraded to a newer Bosch like the one in the video – gst160 and the pendulum switch is jammed on..

Antonio Carlos de Andrade Mendes says:

Bosch, Festol “Hors concours”.

NorsemanUSA says:

I have used many jigsaws in the last 30 years and so far nothing comes close to a Bosch.
Right now I have two,one is from the early 90’s and is Swiss made,the other is from the early 2000’s and it is made in the USA.
The Swiss made model(not sure model #) is a precision cutting machine and may not have all the modern technology but it doesn’t need it.
I love German craftsmanship,however I see the Festool for the wealthy weekend hobbyist that can afford the tool and doesn’t want the mess. Well when you cut wood with any saw you’re going to have dust so get used to that 80 dollar broom you have hanging next to your vintage solid copper dust pan.
I want a tool to make precision cuts and cleanly- The Bosch does this.
I also have a Bosch drill that is quite heavy but as a furniture maker I don’t cry about a tool being too heavy. The drill is quite heavy but again I am not using it for hours on end like construction workers etc.
As for Makita they are well made and designed to last but perhaps not superbly precision as Bosch.
Milwaukee tools have gone down hill in quality…at least the ones I have used compared to their older stuff.
Porter Cable used to be cream of the crop but the bottom line is that each of these companies make premium tools so if you want the best you just have to buy the tool each company excels at.
Take Hilti for example,if you want a hammer drill for masonry work you won’t find better.

One last note,not a big fan of all this “quick-change-no-tool-needed” crap. Blades falling out?
We have become too lazy,I don’t mind using a screw driver or a hex wrench,don’t mind using a chuck,holy cow stop making tools for sissys. 🙂 (jk)

 This is an excellent review video. Thanks

TheRangeControl says:

Who makes the best Jigsaw-Blades?

Vitalii Macarov says:

Thank you! Bosch is my favorite brand!

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