Festool Carvex Jigsaw Review – The Perfect Jigsaw?

http://homefixated.com/festool-carvex-review/ We give a detailed overview on the Festool Carvex jigsaw and optional accessory kit. We cover the tool itself, the bevel base, circle cutting kit, specialized shoes, splinterguard and more. We also discuss who should consider buying this tool and who should not.


Robert Hiday says:

what a nice presentation! thanks for taking the time. you answered a lot of questions.

Charles & Hudson says:

Love my Dewalt but this Festool looks sharp.

maginashun says:

I’m just getting into Festool products and the 420 is appealing. The comment about the back bevel/scribe is confusing. Couldn’t you just adjust the base in the opposite direction so the base now keys off the good side? That is as long as the majority of the waste has already been removed.

R AD says:

Nice jigsaw but still behind Mafell P1cc which is still the best jigsaw on the market by far.

Octavio Octavius says:

Yikes!  Really super duper thorough.  Great work!  Subscribed and facebooked.

ronin4711 says:

Good video to promote this tool.
FYI, at 1’50” (one minute fifty seconds) you mention the “Pendulum” action.
I imagine that you mean ORBITAL action, not pendulum!

David Jordan says:

Great review, very thorough. I had concerns about the plastic blade release as well since the one on display in my local shop seemed to have worn down and didn’t function so well. Festool does offer a good warranty and has quick repair, so when it wears it shouldn’t be an issue to replace it.

I wanted to comment on the back-scribing you say is not possible with this saw. If the counter top is cut to length first, the the foot can be adjusted to an acute angle, say 80 degrees and you can cut a nice clean 5 degree back bevel on the edge. The overhanging edge of the foot should actually keep you from accidentally swerving into the finished top.

That being said, if you are dropping the coin on this particular jigsaw, you probably also own the TS55 and/or OF1400 and can use one of those to cut a nice clean, square edge on the end of the counter tops so you have perfectly mating surfaces. Assuming the cabinets were installed level you shouldn’t need a back bevel 😉


Have you discovered yet that it won’t cut straight while using a guide of any kind?, sent mine in for repair, still will not cut straight using a straighr edge no matter how you adjust blade guides.

R. Schreckengost says:

15 minutes and you didn’t cut a single thing with it. I’m assuming you got that for free.

ron abarca says:

Cut the bs the best corded jig saw is made in Scintilla Switzerland by Bosh but only the ones made in the scintilla plant.real professional and durable.

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