Could This Be The Best Jigsaw On The Market?

Could This Be The Best Jigsaw On The Market?

Today we are looking at the festool carvex ps 420 jigsaw and its attachments. With the customization, ease of use, and high accuracy could this be the best jigsaw on the market?

Festool has firmly established itself as the innovation leader in jigsaws and jigsaw blades, producing a system that delivers effortless, precise cuts like no other. Coupled with the right blade, high performance motors and MMC electronics will consistently power through virtually any material. Smooth, perpendicular curves, splinter-free cuts, and a sharply reduced need to sand cut surfaces are what you can expect from a Festool jigsaw.

Armed with the most advanced motor technology and every feature you have come to expect from Festool, plus many more never imagined, the Carvex jigsaws will shatter all expectations. Conquer any scribe line and curve with ease thanks to the robust blade guidance system that makes blade drift and deflection a thing of the past. Carvex jigsaws feature a revolutionary base-changing system that adapts to any application, multiplying the capabilities of your jigsaw. Perfect visibility of the cut line is enhanced by the quad-LED, stroboscopic system that penetrates through darkness and dust.

Tackle your most demanding applications with the robust and versatile new Carvex Jigsaw. It features multiple optional base plates for cutting wood, wood-like materials, plastics, and metals, adapting to your most challenging tasks.

SYS 1 T-LOC Systainer.

Variable speed blade speed with extremely fast max 3,800 strokes per minute
Tool-free base and base insert platform for expanded capabilities
Triple blade guidance for perfectly perpendicular cuts and splinterguards for tear-free cuts
Stroboscopic high-intensity LEDs for high blade visbility
Brushless motor technology for light weight, more power and longer service life

Let us know what you think of this jigsaw in the comments below and which one is your favorite!


Richard Garner says:

Campbell that was a awesome video you did there

chipshot442 says:

Vince, you are stepping up brother. Thanks for the video my man.

FTLAUD 911 says:

Wow..that is some serious attachment selection. Great video editing.

Chris Konkle Vlogs says:

Those are some serious attachments. Festool is always impressive and it seems there’s always something new to learn about the tools.

paul w says:

i never heard of festool till a few months ago, when i was helping a freind out he had about 5-6 festool tools includeing the vac that attaches to tools , i was impressed!

paul w says:

when i was working with a freind with festools, we were working with brass , cutting and polishing, if u ever done brass before u know what a pain clean up is and shavings are, the vac made clean up safer and easier, and there was no problem cutting or sanding i was truely impressed

Scott Johnson says:

Nice review, Nick! Well done.

Robert Sand says:

I thought the camera frame rate was making the blade look like it’s not moving

Chris Konkle Vlogs says:

NICE I’m the first to like and comment. Love your videos you guys bring all the best tools to us viewers and we love you for it!!!

paul w says:

maybe next tool wars we could have milwaukes new m18 jig vs festool! lol

Lou Cifer says:

Mafell makes a better jigsaw

Gregory Londos says:

I want to jig saw that cuts niw… Not something that you have to play with all day long just to find the right attachment to make the job done right.
I prefer the Mafell P1cc Jigsaw…

Dapper Dan says:

I’ve never thought of using strobe light . Awesome

SEABASSINS Tool Reviews says:

Comparison against the Milwaukee? Great vid Vince

Jeremy Novak says:

Its the only Festool tool I own and I love it! I cant find another jigsaw that will beat it’s power… it really shines with the 6 inch blades. Excellent video by the way

Dan Soderholm says:

That’s freaking awesome! The possibility with that……..

Klaics Peter says:

*Very rugged saw.>>>****   Definitely has some weight to it but remains easy to manipulate. First use of it was to cut 4+” dia holes in several pieces of particle board. Piece of cake. No issues with flying blades as some have experienced. The blade remained almost perfectly vertical even through constant turning of the tool to cut circles. Has more power than my Dad’s old Ryobi JigSaw.*

Eddie Smallhorn says:

That jigsaw is a BEAST…especially if you are doing cabinet work.

Renaissance Man says:

Yeah Nick, nice work. I know the work you put in to make that video. Good job man.

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