Worx Hydroshot Review

Link to the Video I did vs the garden hose. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PMcW0dn8WE


bongoboyj says:

Yeah I’ve bought 2 battery powered weed wackers in the past month. I figure you can bring in the battery in winter, pop in back in during spring and go. No need to yank a cord to start, no gas, no oil mix, no corrosion. One of them is the 40v Worx. Pretty decent.

bekir kurt says:

you should of treat the dirt with some chemical before hand you could get a lot of better result

Stayshtum68 says:

I am a big fan of the Worx range of tools. As someone who likes some bang for their buck,this product review has sold me. I would only be using it for cleaning my mountain bike,cleaning gardening tools,and I think this would be a great tool for people that like camping. I just love the fact you don’t need a dedicated water supply,just a bucket and a nearby stream and you can get the job done. Fantastic!

Fred Edmondson says:

We took this to the graveyard and washed off his parents tombstone. And it did a great job in a matter of minutes! It’s a really handy little tool to add to any man or woman’s tool shed!!! Love it!!!

mukund deodhar says:

would like to have in India. do you any one selling in India? Please send contact details

Ed James says:

nice that a pressure washer

Jenny Mcbride says:

Got one of timer Does not work for me .Not happy with it .

003 3 says:

I have one and like it. I use it to clean of window screens,trims and it has just the right pressure not to damage things.
It is good for camping ⛺ to wash stuff.

Nolan Bronsard says:

You did not use the soap bottle

James Millar says:

Not very good. Poor pressure. It’s back in its box and being returned to Home Depot.

B1 Battle Droid says:

anyone ever had the idea turning one of these into a flamethrower, buy getting the 2 liter attachment and filling it with gasoline?

Gotallofthem1 says:

Any way to have this connected to the wall to get more than the allotted time on the battery?

K Black says:

Nice review, very helpful. Thanks!! : ))

Lane McCarty says:

Can you spray chemical through it like bleach?

MediaWatchDawg says:

Soon to be at a yardsale near you!

Ed James says:

hey hankssmallengine repair please subscribe to my channel check out my vintage bicycle

Job38 Four says:

Great review, no nonsense or foolishness, a straightforward first demonstration with some specs. Next try the that soap accessory on a car and with degreaser on a engine block just to see how much it would take off. Also do you think it would take off caked on grass on under side of a lawnmower deck? Thanks for sharing.

D Fields says:

Another reviewe, converted water Src to be a 2 liter bottle.

Charlie Zellner says:

Definitely a tool for very specific use. There are definitely times when I would opt for it over my gas or electric washers. It’s such a pain to drag out the machine and the water hose. I may have missed it but was that pure water? Does Worx mention using Purple Power type cleaners in the water? Thanks for sharing this one Hank

wmg33 says:

I live in an apartment and don’t have a water hose hookup. This will be perfect to wash my car drawing water from a 5 gallon bucket. Does this washer have enough power to wash a car with ?

Kiel Uyttenhove says:

IMO, this is a waste of money. I do like their battery powered edger, though.

paradoxdesigns says:

seems a little pricey when you can get a cheapy pressure washer for a few bux more. but eh, for light jobs.. why not?

Squirrel Killa says:

Is that a quick disconnect right behind the spray head?

JR The Hyundai tuner 2000 says:

I’ve never seen a pressure washer that won’t remove paint lol

5065ca says:

thanx dude nice video, very informative… I’m not wasting my money on this thing unless it’s about $50.00

Caliber 22 says:

Hiya, can anybody tell me if you need an adapter of some sorts to connect to the garden hose? Or is everything needed already in the box?

Edgar Dell says:

Could you compare the usage to a standard Garden Hose ??? So we can see the difference?

Sikorik 99 says:

I guess if I receive one as a gift it would be ok but don’t see myself buying one. The only use I see for this is camping, some sites are often so gross when you get there. Or to keep muddy shoes from getting in the r.v..

Bng210 says:

Good review video, thanks… I just might buy me one of those now.  Appreciate the time you spent making this video and sharing it.

Dmitri Chergibayev says:

don’t think it has enough power to power wash siding

MediaWatchDawg says:

Save your money. Get yourself a Nerf Super Soaker or decent hose nozzle. Even the “Hydroshot” TV infomercial superimposes a “cartoonish” much stronger stream.

Hank's Small Engine Repair says:

I did a test of this vs a garden hose. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PMcW0dn8WE

Im Your father Respect me says:

Is it good for washing a car?

rogertopful says:

It looks like it would be great for cleaning a car. Not enough pressure to hurt paint or seals. I saw it on a infomercial and they have a foam cannon attachment for spraying detergents.

Alan Marshall says:

Nice! I’ve been looking at these, thinking about buying one.

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