WORX Hydroshot – Portable Cordless Water Power Cleaner – BEST REVIEW

This is the MUST Have tool – Caution – DO NOT LOAN TO NEIGHBOR. In this video you will see this baby run at full power and get to see an awesome hack – ENJOY!


oh just quit it says:

Lol, ok now hack it to work from a backpack with a bladder in it. The bladder would contain little or no air and with the feed hose full too it should flow with the gun in correct position,aka upside up.

TlC Lobato says:

gay fucker

uTubed007 says:

Good follow-up video. This will turn out to be one of your signature videos like the mega blower test vid. TYFS

Turbo-Seal says:

I wish someone would test spraying other than water through the bottle or hose drawing from a jug. let’s see strong degreaser, solvents or acidic liquids (obviously diluted) so we can see if the seals, ‘O’ rings or plunger parts are affected by chemical exposure. BTW You’re 2 liter bottle hack has been out there on youtube already.

Carlos 500 says:

I want what he had for breakfast

Tim Line says:

I just bought the hydroshot yesterday but I watched your video now and I already love it haha..

j says:

Super soaker.

One thing I don’t like about this is, battery and water.
They should have had a water proof case that you have to unhinge to take in or out the battery.

Brandon Stevens says:

Examining the foam he is using, it looks way thinner then what he shows you he is using.

nick poverman says:

They make a 2 L bottle adapter that has holes in the top of the adapter so you don’t have to work upside down with the Hydroshot.

Ty Broes says:

piece of garbage

J⃟O⃟N⃟A⃟T⃟H⃟A⃟N⃟ S⃟C⃟H⃟U⃟L⃟T⃟Z⃟ says:

It like has the power of my hose

Bry Tube says:

heres a review of the new Bluetooth cordless hose, 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzBW8tVauYE

B Am says:

WA4038 HydroShot Bottle Cap Connector with Draw Hose, is available thru WORX’s website for $6.99 plus free shipping. It fits any 2 liter bottle and you do not have to punch a hole in 2 liter bottle.In addition to this: soap dispenser, water squeegee and brush for HydroSHOT are also available.

K Black says:

Lol great review and I laughed a lot at your enthusiasm. And wow….great experiment and it really showed the exact difference between the hydroshot and hose. Loved the hack too!!

Gb812 says:

This thing goes for $80 avg. for that you can buy an electric pressure washer and have 1500 psi. Who would buy this?

JoeWayne says:

Bro, I believe that u have tapped into something here. I was thinking about getting the worx because of it’s portability. And to see your two liter bottle hack just amplified my desire. No time to sleep now. Come up with an adapter or a way for u to use any 2 or 3 liter bottle without it leaking and patent it asap. Do that and u will be a millionaire before 2018. good luck.

alex korn says:

I will stick to my gas pressure washer.

Doris Cartee says:

I put the short nozzle on now I can’t get it off

heresteven says:

That could be the hot item this Christmas if Worx promotes it.

Weekend Toast says:

Worx also offers an adaptor for $6.99 if you have the first model. I purchased one and called them about it after seeing people in the infomercial use the 2-liter bottle.

Louis Y says:

nice hack!!!

Brandon Martin says:

Another hack that I discovered: When the water hose is directly connected to the Hydroshot then you can barely squeeze the trigger and water will be dispersed without using any battery power. Then simply squeeze the trigger all the way to get pressurized water. This is perfect for washing a car and when pressurized water isn’t needed on ever spot!

Channel 6133 says:

How much water does this Hydroshot use?

Allen Royal says:

Love my Worx Hydroshot! That thing will empty a 2 liter bottle of water in just a few seconds!

193001 kiplssd says:

stock jeep wranglers come with a hollow bumper..many on youtube have drilled holes and mounted a pump underneath and ran the wiring to a switch and the battery

BUT i’m thinking about drilling ONE fill hole in my bumper (holds 7 gallons) just wide enough to accept this hose. now i’ll have running water for clean up at the beach or campsite!

Gotallofthem1 says:

I got a Turbo nozzle for my HydroShot and it works awesome for washing cars.

B1 Battle Droid says:

try filling it with gasoline (using the 2 lite adapter) and light it while spraying

Kim Daniel says:

Gr8 hack

Charles Bailey says:


Gotallofthem1 says:

Hey, what happened to the hack of making the unit have the higher pressure, even without using the “long” lance?

WORX Tools says:

Thanks for showing off the Hydroshot Andrew! That’s a great demo and tool hack. People loved the idea of using a bottle so much we created a bottle connector! It’s now available on the WORX website: https://www.worx.com/hydroshot-bottle-cap-connector-with-draw-hose-wa4038.html

Danny7618 says:

Whats the PSI?

Simply Tuned says:

Lol your funny. Thanks for the bottle hack

Alberto Garcia-Mendoza says:

Not enough pressure.

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