WORX HYDROSHOT – Cordless Water Cleaner – Camping Fishing Beach Pets Gardening – BEST REVIEW

Who needs a hose? This portable water cleaner can use ANY water source to wash away all of your problems (slight overstatement).


Ken May says:

And i quote “there is no water anywhere around” Your boat is in the friekin water!

rafael santos says:

Bro.before hose

New Movie says:

I need this device

David Crandall says:

Great, but where did you get the at shirt you’re wearing at 6:27? It’s beautiful.

92645246ddz says:

*One of the best power washers I have ever used. Highly recommended>>>**https://t.co/PmVlPumnxL**  and with many accessories for all types of jobs.*

breaking324 says:

beautiful background with all the birds chirping

Jack Of All Trades Master Of None says:

I seriously can’t be the only one that picked up on it.
At 6.30 he is down cleaning his boat and he doesnt have any water.

It’s in a lake so it’s fresh water.

Frank Hoffman says:

A commercial for Chinese plastic cr@p

big rod says:

Will it clean my dick

SK Kahi says:

Hey you have a nice backyard

Chris Flaherty says:

you know it’s weak when she has a safety!

James Jensen says:

What about a big rig

Tajamal Mod says:

I need one

Cesar Suarez says:

You know how stupid you sound no water source near your boat , just to let you know boat go on water fuck the salt just clean the shit

Ananda Rosant says:

For one full of battery how long it can take how many hour?

Nedialko Batilov says:

Много добро

Michael M. says:

You could have easily wiped the little bit of dirt off that boat with a paper towel. And that bucket of fresh water is not enough to clean the entire boat. Not sure I see a purpose for this thing

Gulam Ali says:

Am an Indian like the video and wish to buy this product tell do you have any agency in india..plz help to buy this…hope u do best..

Anthony Llabres says:

Can I spray 30′ red pepper trees with herbicide and detergent solution? Is it powerful enough for that>>??

Jeremie Mattox says:

He didnt even show example of using lake water and the floating ball on waterline. If your going to promote a product you should show ALL of its features. I do like this tool but am curious how well it works when floating in water versus from bucket or hose from house.

Nak says:


TheCamaro5 says:


Hank Howey says:

Sorry product. False claim on the pressure!!

Neej Ntxhov Vwj says:

That is buul shit only

hunter says:

had one , they are crap , don`t buy and waste your money



heresteven says:

The 40volt version is out now.

Jerrod Smith says:

What a piece of shit

alexis betsky says:


classicdell says:

Why didn’t you use the high-pressure function?

agil permana says:

banyak omong..

zhixiang qian says:

this one better than yours :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dE9GOJWEGQ

RCbashing the KRATON says:



How much Price & where is available.

changmin A says:

When i piss it has more pressure

Frank Stocker says:

Do you sell vacuum cleaners as well?

Jesse Becerra says:

So….. Can you “pump” gas with it?!

William Fischer says:

This is made for a college idiot

Playin Hard says:

Wheres the soap?

Codi Francisco says:

I wouldn’t use that with salt water

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