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MasterCorruptor says:

wouldn’t a broom do this job way faster. And then you wouldn’t have to think about wasting all that water as well 😉

avery etheridge says:


brian silva says:

haha u almost said shit

chechnya says:

LOL @ reporting lie to the “proper authorities” No one cares about you or your qualifications.

Carol Binnie says:

Thumbs up for the product. VERY BIG thumbs DOWN for the *reviewer*

Augusto Schunck says:


Tous Shong says:

Thank you for the great review. You just save me $8 on eBay. LOL…I’ll just use my power washer and that works great….so looking at the commercial…I though I can just buy this POS and not have to use my power washer. LOL It’s a JOKE! I hope people comes and review it on YouTube for decided to buy one. Hahaha

Joey M says:

I have always wondered. Do you have a main job and this is just a hobby for you? Don’t want to get too personal, just wondering.

AllPro777 says:

Out of 6? Never heard of a 6-star rating system before…

Kaiti Grace says:

Mannn… but im okk…

HanumanGoku says:

Im interested to get one. Im living in an area with high pressure tap water. I think this works only when the water pressure id high. Otherwise it drips like pee.

Lori Fergie says:

Thank you! You just saved me $20.00!!

Russell Tanner says:

the produce i got is not the same as shown on TV

Jonathan Elias says:

At harbor freight you can get a 8 set sprayer with JET and fan setting that looks like it has more power then the Water jet and the HF one has a mix setting and a resevior for soaps and plant feed. only $15 too…

dgb751 says:

yep that thing sucks just like i thought it would, it is not a compressed air substitute.

Richard Tucker says:

This device cannot increase water pressure.  If the municipality is providing 90psi, then it’s 90psi.  So then what is happening?  You are increasing the VELOCITY of the water exiting the hose at the nozzle, that is all.  Go ask your local firefighter about “nozzle velocity versus water pressure”.  A smaller nozzle increases the velocity of the water flow, not the pressure.  If I made the nozzle hole even smaller would the pressure increase more? No.  If you think yes, then you would have to say that by closing the valve completely the pressure would go to infinity!

A pressure washer is “noisy”, as they state in the infomercial, because it has a pump that IS increasing the water pressure. This device is only changing the shape of the water stream to concentrate the existing energy of the water in the system to a smaller area.  I can do the same with my thumb on the end of the hose.  If the water pressure is 90psi then I can stop the flow of water with 91psi of backpressure with my thumb sealed over the end of the hose.  If you have low water pressure at your home, then this device will not work for you at all.  Buy a pressure washer.  

Romulo Uy says:

nice review… im not buying this.. not much difference to my ordinary hose..

jeepman4life says:

Very nice video review! I was considering buying one of these, because on the commercial I was blown away. Your review showed me the Water Jet isn’t all that. Thanks!!

jopoy456 says:

Doesn’t the water pressure depend on where you live? Correct me if I am wrong.

Ken Leung says:

even my piss was stronger than that piece shit

Kaiti Grace says:

How do you get all this stuff??? ALl the items u review are quite expensive!!!!!! I want some of those products!

Marco Antonio says:

haha hear from time 9:04 to 9:09 haha he said it long and dnt even have to bend down! thumps up if its funny!!!

PaulLonden says:

You can get that effect on a simple garden hose nozzel.Better to get the high pressure cleaner you always wanted.

Ben Reaume says:

The leak probably causing it to not spray as hard as on the infermercial.

Michael Carroll says:

Yes your right water pressure does depend on where you live. But most of the time its between 50-160psi. A real power washer uses between 1000-10,000psi. A garden hose attachment like that can not come close to the cleaning power of a real power washer.

HuasoPodrido says:

you get what you pay for.

John PALMER JR says:

Thanks for exposing the fake product!

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