Use & Review of Harbor Freight 2500 PSI Gas Powered Pressure Washer – Item #62201

I recently bought the Harbor Freight 2500 PSI Gas Powered Pressure Washer – Item #62201 — The cost along with 2 fifty foot length heavy duty garden hoses was about $300. It worked well and I am very happy with it. I washed a number of trailers in my park and made a few bucks.
Features include a 4 HP (160cc) Predator Engine, 2.4 GPM flow rate, Five high-pressure quick-connect tips, and a soap tank and Chemical/detergent injector on pump.

Link to Pressure Washer:
A comparable Power Washer on Amazon:
Extra set of Nozzles:


CRAMOSinnovations says:

Thanks for making this video. I was thinking of buying the cheaper plastic one. I used to own a northern PW that set me back 1200 this one looks very comparable to the one I used to own. The only thing I see. Is it looks like the attachments for you water hose to the pump are cast aluminum and protrude past the frame. I could foresee that being a possible breaking point. Eh I’ll probably buy it anyway and make a guard for it. Thanks again!

chadj79 says:

Just picked this up yesterday’ on sale for $259. Ran it for about 3 hours, checked oil and it seems abnormally black. Going to change it to full synthetic and hopefully nothing is wrong with it.

melvin arias says:

i am sure it will do a better job if thr rv was sprayed with some kind of cleaner and have it seat for a while before hiting with the water all and all it looks like it can pay for it self $25 with in the first few minutes haha

Tyler ward says:

Is this self priming? Can i use it from a tank without a pump?

Robert North says:

The trigger doesn’t lock open because it’s a safety issue. I haven’t seen one that does lock. Maybe the really old ones did. I used to work for someone who rigged the trigger, so that it would stay on. It’s probably a bad idea to do that though. I don’t recommend it.

Harry Stover says:

After a bit of trial and error, its better to use bleach.

Jeff G says:

I know what is said about not using BLEACH as a cleaner, because it supposedly damages the seals in the pump. I have run Clorox Bleach through a Comet pump powered by my Honda GC!60 engine for the last 6 years and it is still running fine. Anyone else care to comment on the use of bleach and the claim of damaging internal seals on the pump? Thanks!

Richy516 says:

Can it be any liquid soap

William Williams says:

If I add a detergent…and then I need to use it without the detergent…Do I merely switch the nozzle or do I need to pour it out? In other words…can there be detergent in it if I need to switch uses?

Billy says:

You should never run a power washer without water running through the pump

godfather06969 says:

Great cleaning power. I have one of these little boys too

BIGGBULLxxx says:

HI thanks for the video I just bought one same as yours how do you drain the pump for storage, I see nothing about pump draining or prepared for winter storage. Thanks

G.Sarjos says:

I am wondering if a ” Pre-soak” solution applied before power washing would remove the mildew easier?  it looked like a nice machine, Will you upload a video of the rv completed

Bubba 101 says:

If you wash early in the morning when theres a big dew the midew will come off better

mortie806 says:

jeez I cringed so bad when he started it up brand new with water. the pump has ceramic plungers that need water to compress or they will be destroyed

lucabrazi36 says:

letting it idle too long without pressing the trigger will wear out the pump faster

ratoneJR says:

Some “Mean Green” brand soap and a soft brush would have saved alot of time and water. Pressure washers are great ( I love mine), but this is not the correct use for that tool. ” Mean Green” is cheap and would be very effective for this application. Plus, it kills the algae. A pressure washer will make it look clean, but the live algae remaining will grow back.
I learned this the hard way

godfather06969 says:

Harry please send me an email to Thank you sir

Mary Valentine says:

I got a kick out of the bonus “argument” with the other dude toward the end. Thanks for posting this, though.

Connor 448 says:

Do you need pump oil

Ozzie Alarcon says:

I cringed the second I watched this person run the pump dry. Oh dear Lord…….. 🙁

yoster77 says:

Poor pump – running it dry 🙁

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